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#17698 Creating a Character (extended version, CBT5)

Posted by LlexX on 30 September 2012 - 12:56 PM

12. Class
Now its only left to chose a class from the four available ones. But wont discuss it under this topic, there are plenty on the forum dealing with it already.

13. Videos
Please check this videos to see how the character creation and costumization was working in ArcheAge CBT5 phase.






14. Conclusion
As you can see, ArcheAge has a rich character creating tool with an incredible number of sliders to get the desirable results.

But this is not everything (i hope), there are many options missing from it, such as: character's height, muscularity, limbs size and length, tails length in case of ferres... and so on.

#17696 Creating a Character (extended version, CBT5)

Posted by LlexX on 30 September 2012 - 12:44 PM

This guide will cover the character creating process from picking a race to visually customizing it.
This guide wont be dealing with class related stuff, there are other topics related to that on the forum.

Quick Look at the Races
During the CBT phases there were 4 races available to play:

  • Nuian
  • Hariharan
  • Elf
  • Ferre

There are 4 additional races revealed to be released:

  • Fairy
  • Warborn
  • Returned
  • Dwarf

The newest rumor revealed that there will be 2 more races added on a later phase to make a total of 10 unique races. Rumor concerning the ten playable races.

Here is a visual look of the 8 races from the official ArcheAge site:

The Races Starting Locations and the NPC Factions
Each race has its own starting location.

The world is divided into 3 continents:

  • Eastern Continent (also known as Hariharan Continent),
  • Western Continent (also Known as Nuian Continent),
  • Northern Continent (uninhabited PvP continent).

And the races are divided into 2 NPC factions:

  • Eastern Faction (Hariharan, Ferre, Warborn, Returned),
  • Western Faction (Nuian, Elf, Dwarf, Fairy).

The Races from CBT5
Want to learn more about the four races from CBT's? Here you go, the history of the races in detail.

Have to say thats its a fast translation by google from RU->EN, so needs some correction, if you have some time, a helping hand would be nice... if not than im gonna fix the translation slowly.




Source: GoHa.ru

Nuiantsy Noyi selflessly serve the goddess. This is evident in all areas. Nuiantsy fascinated indescribable beauty of nature and at the same time masterfully built fortified cities, to develop and distribute their cultural achievements.

They are majestic, it is inherent innate nobility. Stern faces nuiantsev male exudes confidence and strength, and in the high restraint women of this nation, bordering on coldness, coupled with the attraction.

National Idea

Considering themselves followers of the goddess of the underworld, nuiantsy took the sacred mission. They are confident that Noyi continues to bless the whole world. This unwavering and unconditional loyalty to the covenant of the goddess passed down from generation to generation. So fearless nuiantsy to stay next to the gates of the underworld, waging an endless war with the devil incarnate.

The history of the race

Nuiantsy always live, not forgetting about the interests of race, gods and their mission. They hold in their hearts the image of the goddess of the underworld, but their feelings are not like the religious feelings of other mortals - it's more like the love child to his mother, faithful and full of tenderness.

Like plants that fell on fertile ground and, having strong roots, hard for her keep, nuiantsy value their home. After the Great Migration, they were in a new environment - interracial conflict erupted. People remembered the past, to be discussed plans for construction and development, hoping for a better future.

Unlike the human Kingdom Crescent nuiantsy create a more democratic electoral system. To become king, the people's love is not enough. Still need to be tested in a maze, which is under the capital. Also, the new system eliminated the struggle for power. Because of this Kingdom Crescent could save power for conquering the entire continent Noyi. At a peaceful and prosperous country with a strong ruler has created favorable conditions for the flourishing of culture. Nuiantsy provide economic and cultural impact on the entire world. Shining like a diamond nuianskaya civilization illuminates the world.

Nuiantsam is haunted by terrible memories - the war against the demons. Demonic army was invincible. Crescent kingdom ravaged brutal hordes, and there was no place for people to hide, since all building burned to the ground. Plundered the country, the demons were scattered around the world, leaving the devilish seed in the flaming ruins of the city. This fact gives a lot of trouble then the rulers of the Kingdom of Crescent.

Under the leadership of Queen nuiantsy not forget their purpose - not to retreat before the forces of evil. This warrior, keeping the covenant of the goddess of the underworld to defense from evil forces. Loving nature nuiantsy will sail in search of new lands far from the continent, opening a new chapter in the glorious history of a great civilization.

Start Location - Village Balachi

The village is situated on a peninsula Balachi Svozirid. The slope of the hill can be seen Yini island, which overlooks the lake with crystal clear water from underground sources. Quiet and tranquil village is arranged according to the new customs Kingdom Crescent. Simple-hearted people, and worship of the goddess Noyi - in that environment begins the story of the adventures nuiantsev.




Source: GoHa.ru

They wheat-golden skin, so they are proud to call themselves "people of the sun." Since time immemorial, their flag have crossed swords in the bright sun. Hariharantsy want to conquer the eastern continent, but do not forget that they have to take revenge on his enemies. After the eclipse terrible war broke out. They moved across the ocean to the eastern continent, where once lived the ancient gods. Difficult natural conditions do not suppress their enthusiasm. Gradually, the wild lands grew prosperous empire. Over the centuries hariharantsy purposefully try to return the sunlight on frozen continent.

National Idea

Spurred by the expansion of the passion for wealth and achievements in the blood hariharantsev. After moving to the eastern continent, they were able to quench their thirst for conquest of new lands. North attracts power and treasure hidden by the sea mist. That they will bring the ancient treasures? What challenges hariharantsam will face in the future?

The history of the race

called the daughter of the goddess, led his troops to the southern lands, it was predicted that the total solar eclipse will occur and the light goes out. This destroyed the last hope of the inhabitants of Salem.

After the war actually happened eclipse. Members of the royal family fled Salem to the eastern continent, hoping to return to its former greatness. The new governor called this desert land Harihara and founded a state Hariharudik. After moving, the people of the sun began to call themselves hariharantsami.

Hariharantsy love to build and win. So they can easily and quickly conquered the kingdom of the indigenous population.Rapidly developing, the empire has created conditions for the emergence of Mechanics and magical civilization. Hariharantsy became fabulously rich.

But prosperity was an illusion. The struggle for the throne of the mighty empire grew into a twenty-year civil war. In the end, Hariharudik split into four states. Former power dissipated like smoke. Due to its geographical location and favorable natural conditions, the western kingdom would be one of the most powerful and rich countries.

Not only internecine conflicts threaten peace in hariharanskih lands. Old continent was covered with ice and cracked. Nuiantsy try to beat hariharanskih navigators in the exploration of new routes, which offer great benefit. Will the long trips across the North Sea to the discovery of new lands? It all depends on whether hariharantsam their travels accompany the bright sun.

Start Location - Hatura

Basically, hariharantsy live in small villages, built centuries ago. They are grown for generations. Here, children are born and grow up, only to seek their goals and follow their dreams, a worthy man of the sun. Hatura city like a pearl in the desert, seeing sunrise at dawn, when the bright disk of the sun rises from the dunes. Caravans always come to this center of trade with its busy streets, finding refuge here from the desert heat and a place to sleep. They looked forward to the next birthday of the sun.




Source: GoHa.ru

Elves are known to all other races because of the fabulous beauty, mystery and outstanding achievements in the study of magic. They are the descendants of a long line of noble Ifuna, which belonged to powerful magicians. This race could enter only one who possessed extraordinary powers. Unique memory to store knowledge of the events that are taking place all over the world, so the elves can remember a piece of the huge flow of time. Mourning the death of their king, they leave the forest to break the ice that covered the old continent.

National Idea

King's death and the opening of the gates of the underworld most clearly etched in the memory of the elves. As they saw for the royal blood stains on the ground for thousands of years elves obsessed with revenge. They live long enough to plan everything properly. They know that the king killed the god of war. When the continent was split, the elves went to the north, singing songs about revenge.

The history of the race

Code old continent began to break down, mourners elves hit the road, playing dirge. Led by the goddess of the underworld Noyi, they made ​​their way through the gates of hell in the New World.

But no one, even they did not expect that, during the Great Migration of the elves lost their impartiality and become violent.The royal court during the passage through the gates of the underworld gone, disappeared into the depths of the place.Memories of King's life turned into crystals, which flew through the underground kingdom. Passing through this world, the elves of the collected particles to his memory had become for the whole race a sad reminder of the history of their ruler.

After the Great Migration of the elves quickly got out of the original alliance to settle deep in the dense forests. Since then, people find their terrible as much as mysterious. Elves are not afraid to let a mysterious force noxious breath of the forest.Gradually, they become alienated, scaring the other races and the sides of their societies.

To the west and east people day after day struggling to recover their former power states, and then began to create a new history. But all this is of little interest to take refuge from the world of hermits. They do not like human vanity and desire as soon as possible to restore civilization in its present form. While world events still imprinted in their minds, however, the elves live in the past, wanting to be saved among the ashes of history.

Start Location - Camp Harfa

Many years ago in honor of the great masters of the elven ancestors cut down from the rock great harp and made ​​sure that her beautiful music did not stop. Over the years, weathered rock, and beautiful sculpture has changed beyond recognition.Then this place was called Songbirds hills on which the camp Harfa. The new generation does not understand the high elves, who sadly are looking at an old broken statue. Only occasionally by the touch of the wind that stirs the leaves sound magic melodies, telling of his native land.




Source: GoHa.ru

Ferret are descendants Fengshena (Aeolus). Their tribe is based on blood relationship, as they constantly roam the prairies.Ferre-men strong and sturdy build. Prominent nose and cheekbones make them fierce face like tiger muzzle. In women, almond-shaped eyes, neat ears and a tail. They are a shining example of the natural wild beauty. Ferriytsy most often used as a weapon, daggers and bows, as well as deftly jumping and climbing. Throughout their nomadic way of life on the prairies Ferre accompany snow lions.

National Idea

Ancient race Ferre is the epitome of the prairie wind. The tribe has survived countless trials and suffering. Ferre eagerly awaiting the appearance of a brave young warrior who will lead them to Fengshenovoy (Aeolian) tower Yang to regain the name of the "Scourge of God." They are trying to revive the lost nomadic culture and return to the spacious meadows.

The history of the race

When hunting in the prairie, the soldiers are Ferre onions, white lions, like the wind, chase game.

Yellowed pages of manuscripts left only in the memories of Ferret. Many of these long-forgotten traditions of the tribe.Struggling for survival, Ferre and took risks, he found himself in the desert, to hire the service of the people of other races.

Ferre constantly moved around the continent. They are not only the nomadic civilization of a thousand years of history, but also the reputation of brilliant conquest. Ferrer fought with other races and almost always won a glorious victory. Legion commanded Ayfu Lindadzhuna earned big name "Scourge of God."

Although children prairie proud and brave, their fate is very sad. Ferry, who led a nomadic life, had to leave the steppe due to adverse climatic conditions. The once mighty empire Timi mired in the depths of internal strife and war, and then completely fell apart after the massacre of the royal family.

It seems that the gods turned against Ferrer, dooming them by a long way, sprinkled with blood and tears. They were scattered around the world, not knowing where their house. Settle whether Ferrer somewhere like the other races, or will continue to roam?

Fortunately, Sokolinoe plateau lives ferriytsev tribe that had not forgotten a free spirit prairie. They follow the ancient tradition of self-improvement through continuous training, allowing hone skill. These ferriytsy still tame fast, like a prairie wind, white lions that accompany their life. Protecting Fengshenovu tower Yang, they are probably the last hope ferriyskogo tribe.

Start Location - Wind Tribe

The territory of the tribe of the wind, who lives in the northern part of the Hawkeye plateau, is the spiritual home of ferriytsev.There is a circular felt yurts with a wooden frame, among the grasses dominate pitted ritual stone pillars, and run around the beautiful wild white lions.

Since the tribe is the most famous, it is natural that it contains a rite of initiation. Need to decorate the stone pillars bones bull. Every young ferriets must prove that he is a great hunter. Then he will get the recognition of the tribe and become a full warrior.


The Races Revealed
While there were 8 races planned for the release, we had the chance to play with only 4 of them during CBT's, but there have been 2 more revealed: Dwarves and the Warborn. Sadly about the Fairies and the Returned still no info can be found.


[spoilers=Dwarf]Dwarves in ArcheAge are similar to Dwarves in other games. Really, any other kind of Dwarf would probably cause Tolkien to rise from the dead and kill us all. They’re stubborn people who love precious metals and gems, but they’re also skilled warriors who will stand valiantly alongside their friends in the face of danger. They prefer to live in mountain caves, building complex villages and structures while mining for anything that shines.


[spoilers=Warborn]Warborn are neither demons nor humans, but a gigantic race who excel at killing things (such as dragons). No one knows for sure where they came from, not even Warborn elders, so they’ve joined the effort to discover the lost history of ArcheAge’s world on the northern continent in an attempt to learn more about themselves.

#6096 Translations and info

Posted by pathosgray on 04 December 2011 - 12:49 PM

I didn't have much time to translate them, but here is one. I am working on the second one. Right now, I am working from the least important to the most important (I know, naughty right? ;D) so it'll be a while before something actually noteworthy will come out. But at the same time, I'll also organize the information I've gathered as well as rumors.

Warning: I Americanized the translation as it is hard to find certain expressions in English language that exists in Korean. Also it'd end up being a horrible run-on...

Overview of 4th CBT

Graphics and Etc.

Interview with Jake Song from inven. There are images and videos on the original site.

In detail of what you could/should expect from CBT4

Information/rumors; warning; Not all of them are confirmed.
Rumors have (?) next to it.
These are only info regarding CBT4. Not OBT, not the final product.

There will be no instant dungeons.

Labor Points;
If multiple characters, it will no longer regenerate at the same time. It'll only regenerate one character at a time.
A system is implemented to 'buy' these labor points.
No item will be created that increases labor points in any way. (?)

Small, middle, and large.
There is a very large and expensive 2~3 floor house.
If you fail to pay tax, it will be sent to your mail box.

Spoon item will allow you to escape.
There is a soccer system implemented. However the scores must be changed manually and players use 'kick' action to kick around the ball.
It is also possible to escape by killing a guard or bribing a guard. (?)

Refined items and certain drops from monsters.
Cannot be stored in inventory.
If dropped from monsters, NPCs will give you lots of money for it.
Cannot run with the package on the back. This also applies to mounts. But it does not apply to public transportation; ex: carriage.
Cannot use warp/teleport/etc. while the package is on the back.
When killed or logged out, the package will drop and another player may take possession of it.

Created by refining Akium.
Treated as a 'package'.
Needed to purify 3rd continent and ownership of land.
Castle walls can be built only on the 100m area around the core.

3rd Continent;
There will be no NPCs there. (?)
There will be no way to refine Akium until the continent advances.
There may be hidden areas where cores can be inputted. (?)
The lowest level mob will be around 45.
It is possible to swim there.

There is a full sized adult Kraken roaming around.
It is most likely that there will only be one full sized adult Kraken and it will be obvious.

It can destroy a boat. (?)
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#7452 [Lore] The First Expeditionary Force

Posted by Wanderer on 26 January 2012 - 01:09 PM

The First Expeditionary Force
The Tale of 12 Important Figures, Thousands of Years Ago

Posted Image


For some time, the official Korean ArcheAge website has been posting more and more content under the "worldview" section of the site. This information has not yet been brought over to the English mirror. Out of impossible curiosity, I embarked on a bit of a quest to try to make sense of the stories beyond that of simple Google translations. Bear in mind, that as I do this, I don't speak any Korean. My methodology for "translating" these stories, so to speak, lies in cross-referencing both Babylon translations, and Yahoo!'s Babelfish translators. I am also using several references for Hangul-to-Romanized Korean to locate proper nouns and refrain from jumbling them in to some kind of jumbled sentence (though I admit I might have slipped up and missed a few).

The "translation" I'm providing here may not be entirely accurate, but it will at least, hopefully, give you an early glimpse in to some of ArcheAge's Lore. If anyone here does speak a substantial amount of Korean, I very much welcome your corrections and will edit accordingly. My "translations" do include some literary embellishment that might not accurately reflect the original Korean text, just to give the story a little bit of a narrative flow.

Please note that I have already posted this information to ArcheAgeRolePlay.
I strongly encourage people who are interested in lore and/or roleplay to visit the site, sign up, and watch for updates there. I will continue to "translate" the stories of the important historical characters as they appear on the Korean website. It's not certain how long it will take me to cross-post to ArcheAge Source.


Link to the Official Korean site, and the story of the First Expeditionary Force Posted Image


The First Expeditionary Force

A strong gust of wind surged forth from the cavern in the ground. Dust and pebbles were kicked up by its sudden force. In to the vast and infinite sky they drifted, then vanished. Everyone looked up. Then they looked down... Just how deep was this cavern?


Gene spoke without meaning to, realizing too late that Tahyang had overheard him. He sheepishly rubbed his neck.

"If you say that out loud, it only becomes more true."

"Never in Delfinad1 have I heard such nonsense. You'll make him faint."

Lucius said, approaching the edge of the sudden steep decline in to the deep cavern. This startled Eanna in to reaching for his collar and yanking him back, fearing he would fall in. At this, Aranzebia laughed loudly.

"And here we have the fearless poet."

"I wouldn't say fearless, per se. He was like this in Delfinad."

Eanna let go of his collar, then slowly swung a mock-punch up at Lucius's jaw. Lucius fell, playing dead, then Tahyang asked.

"What did you see?"

"'See,' my ass. There's fog everywhere."

Just then, Gene picked up a stone and threw it in to the cavern. They listened, but heard nothing. Gene blinked, then Tahyang began to pick up stones and throw them with incredible force. Despite the strength of the Ferre's arm, there was still no sound. Gene said.

"I'd guess it's deeper than two-hundred meters."

Gene understood the strength of his friend. As the colleagues spoke, they moved on to a narrow ledge around the inner edge of the cavern--a bridge, leading down in to its depths. Aranzebia cried out in bewilderment.

"Where are you going?"

There was no answer, then Aranzeb stepped forward and silently nodded to the rest of the force to follow along down the path.

"To measure the uneven width of the ledge."

Kyprosa, who, until then, had been lost in thought, lifted her gaze.

"Are you trying to figure out the radius of the entire cavern? Go a little further if possible."

They set off to pinpoint two positions along the curvature of the cavern's walls, so they could measure its radius, in order to calculate its circumference, as they had learned in Delfinad. Aranzeb then grinned.

"Of course, there is no guarantee, but."

"No. This rough circular cavern. Are we at the center of the world?"2

Both of the mages present understood what he was saying, but it seemed the others did not. Kyprosa didn't say anything but looked to the two men. She took hold of Lucius's hand and shook it.

"Mages have a general understanding of the cipher. Let's continue moving. Do we happen to know how to make the lift emerge?"

"Isn't there a handle for the lift?"

Olot said and Lucius laughed loudly.

"Indeed! Perhaps we'll let the girls lead."

The twelve adventurers soon began their expedition further in to the cavern, along the ledges. To their right was an endless wilderness. To their left, the infinite darkness of the cavern, captivating them with such contrast, emanating in their hearts. The simple fact that they were present here now, was nothing short of miraculous. The world had many hidden secrets, and they had to be revealed someday.

Finally, they happened upon something. It wasn't a lift, but floating stone stairs. They could use them like stepping stones. One step at a time, descending further in to the cavern.

"Oh boy."

Eanna was pressing on, admirably, but she continued to glance down with fear. She looked to Melisara when the latter said.

"It cuts off."

Melisara had amazing eyesight. She was peering down at the stairs, overlapping in some places, but clearly broken in others. Having even better eyesight, Tahyang came to her side and also peered down.

"No. It joins back together towards the bottom."

Ferre eyesight was more than twice as strong as human eyesight. What Tahyang saw was invisible to everyone else. Ollo stroked his beard, looking uneasy.

"Is there anywhere from here to go but down?"

"If you're worried, I'll let you hold on to my skirt and you can follow me."

Aranzebia teased. The female elf didn't seem to be in the least bit worried about the stairs.

"How will you get down there? It's blacker than night, you don't even know if there's a floor there. You might not be able to come back up."

"Even so, will you not go?"

It was the first time anyone heard Inoch speak since beginning the expedition. His tone was almost excited. His voice was always so calm, it was strange to hear it crack a bit with excitement. Then Aranzeb spoke.

"I'm going."

All eyes turned on to him. Lucius nodded and muttered.

"I don't know if we'll ever return from this. Hell, my world's been turned upside down just by the mere proof of the existence of this place. I want to experience it, for future generations."

Anyone who was that concerned for their own well-being wouldn't have come so far. Suddenly, Gene gave the rock he was leaning against a friendly pat.

"Want to leave our names? Carve them right here?"

That was a strange day. No one argued further about different opinions for where to go, moved by the child-like proposal of carving their names in to a rock, never to be forgotten. Aranzeb bent down and picked up a stone from the floor, casting a spell on to it.

"This should do."

The stone was glowing on one end. Kyprosa was the first to take up the glowing rock, and carve her name in to the wall. It carved through the wall with ease, like drawing in the sand on a beach. She handed it to Orchidna, who sloppily and lopsidedly added her name, then handed it to Tahyang as the Ferre laughed.

"Let's see."

Tahyang awkwardly scribed his name in the official language, like everyone else, simply to make it collaborative, he claimed. Gene wrote his name with some difficulty. Gene handed the stone to Melisara. Melisara hesitated for a moment, looking a bit detached. It seemed that Gene, somehow, had never heard Melisara's name before."

"Come on, I'm next."

Lucius was growing impatient with Melisara and eventually snatched the stone out of her hand and wrote. Then Eanna. She wrote her name neatly, then handed the stone to Aranzeb, who said.

"Teacher's turn."

Aranzeb wrote, then passed the stone to Aranzebia, who also wrote before passing it to Ollo, and he too wrote. Inoch's had a short name to write, then turned around.

"I will write a name for you."

Naima didn't speak the language. She couldn't write.

In the beginning, the Mother created the twelve ancestors, and future generations returned to the place they discovered. They walked a long road back to that world, to the Hill Forgotten3.

The carvings in the rock were left for thousands of years. Since then, those who come across this rock will see this.

Kyprosa Daeior


Tahyang Kahlzit

Gene Evernight

Melisara Livolla

Lucius Quinto6

Eanna Nimush







"Delfinad" is my bad guess at the romanization for the term "Delpinadeu," which was the name of the capitol city on the Continent of Origin / Lost Continent, where all races lived together in harmony 2,000 years ago, before the great Nuiyan / Hariharan schism.

2 "The center of the world" will more than likely be named something unique upon localization. It seems like the mages in this story regard it as something significant enough to where they have commonly studied it.

3 "Hill Forgotten" is a translation I'm completely unsure of. I think that there's a proper noun in there somewhere. If I recall correctly, there are ruins on a hill on the Lost Continent that apparently play a big role in ArcheAge's lore. I'd bet that this is supposed to be the name of that location. But, again, I can only speculate.

4 "Orchidna" is my rough guess of what "okideuna" will translate in to upon localization. Okideu does translate to "Orchid," so this is a somewhat educated guess. I don't know if Orchidna is a male or female. I've referred to this character in the story as a male but it is unconfirmed. EDIT: Orchinda confirmed as canon name.

5 Tahyang's first name is spelled differently in two locations on the official English site. I used "Tahyang," arbitrarily. The last name in Korean is Kaljiteu, which I've guessed is just "Kaljit." This website makes the same guess, denoting it, of course, as just a guess. EDIT: Tahyang Kahlzit confirmed as canon name.

6 Lucius Quinto is a fairly educated guess on the romanization of Rukiuseu Kwinto. Researched separately, the Hangul "Rukiuseu" brings up articles on men named Lucius, and "Kwinto" brings up results about people with the name Quinto, each in their roman spellings. This website again makes the same guess. EDIT: Lucius Quinto confirmed canon localized name.

7 "Anna" may be incorrect, but I went with it for ease. Since simple names like "Gene" also make an appearance, I thought this might not be a huge stretch. "Nimos" was derived by separately researching the Hangul for "Nimuswe." Her name in Korean phonetics is "Eanna Nimuswe." This website once again also has a guess, but it's different than mine. This author guesses her name will be Eanna Nimush. EDIT: The author was right. Canon name confirmed as Eanna Nimush

8 The Korean phonetic for Olot is "Ollo." I did independent research on the Hangul for his name and found references to a city named Olot. This character is assumed to be a male because, if the translation was right, he was described as bearded. Possibly means he's a Dwarf too. No idea. EDIT: Canon name confirmed to be Ollo, and he is a dwarf.

9 Naima is the Korean phonetic of this name. It's hard to tell how they might localize it. Naima is a Western name, as is Nayma, and other similar names. The scene where Inoch writes for her suggests this child doesn't speak the common language. It's possible she's some kind of other race... or maybe she's a fairy, and Inoch wrote for her since she was so small. EDIT: Name confirmed to be Naima. Not sure if she's a fairy still.

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#29775 [56k/Phone warning] Personal Review - What you should know about ArcheAge

Posted by KeksX on 18 June 2013 - 11:55 AM

Since ArcheAge 1.0 (and actually already before that), this review is NOT ENTIRELY ACCURATE ANYMORE. Many things have changed, for better or for worse, and are not explained in the new detail in here.
This thread still gives a decent overview over most mechanics and gameplay aspects, but it ignores 1.0 changes.
Also, as I'm just a person, this has a lot of OPINIONS. If you disagree with those, just ignore them :)
ArcheAge Review 
What you should know about ArcheAge
Post 1:
 -> Combat
 -> Classes
 -> Conclusion: Classes and Combat
 -> Leveling
 -> Conclusion: Leveling
Post 2:
 -> Conclusion: Ships, Vehicles and Mounts
 -> PvP
 -> Factions
 -> Liberty Island
 -> Northern Continent
 -> Sieges
 -> Battlegrounds
 -> Honor Points
 -> OpenPvP Problems
 -> Conclusion: PvP
Post 3:
 -> Crafting then and now
 -> Fishing, Mining, Composing, Trading and Education
 -> Conclusion: Crafting, Farming and Professions 
Post 4:
 -> Piracy
 -> Housing: Starbox, Ollo Cinema
 -> Economy
 -> Conclusion: Housing and Trading
 -> PvE
 -> Kraken
 -> Gliding, Exploring and Traveling
 -> Conclusion: PvE and general stuff
Post 5:
 -> KR Community
 -> Stories from Korean ArcheAge
 -> User Interface & AddOns
 -> Graphics
 -> The Problem with Free To Play in Korea
 -> Link list
 -> Conclusion
 -> Closing Words
Hello guys,
after all the years I've been waiting for ArcheAge I finally got the chance to play it. I'm playing the game since about march and have had a lot of fun with it. Because Trion is now finally starting to get at least some information out, I decided to write a review about the game for all the new players that are becoming more and more interested into the game.
This is a try to get rid of all the misinformation about the game and to educate new community members. This is not a detailed guide about every gameplay aspect, it is meant for those who don't have a chance to play it but still want to know what this game is about.
I'm currently enjoying the game, even though it has flaws I'm going to point out, and that means that everything in this review will have a positive bias. Although this is a personal review, I will try to be as objective as possible, but as most of you know this is pretty hard, so please excuse me if there is anything wrong.
Also, as the game progresses and more updates are incoming, I will try to keep this review as updated as possible. Things can change and I will acknowledge that. Same goes for  commpleteness: I will update this review with more and more content and even re-write certain parts depending on feedback.
Another important point: I don't claim to know everything, I tend to make mistakes as any other human being. If you find any flaws, please point them out and I will change the review.


The ArcheAge World 
The endgame starts at level one
To give you some perspective about the game, let me tell you about what ArcheAge is about. 
Generally, ArcheAge is your typical MMORPG. You start the game, level up as you do quests, kill monsters and strengthen your character. You team up with friends and meet new, stronger enemies as you progress. And then you chill out in the cities and craft new stuff for you and your group. There is nothing really special about that.
However, in every gameplay aspect there's a little more depth in ArcheAge than in your usual MMO. You level up through different activities: crafting, grinding, questing and everything that is fun. Even while exploring you still get further in a way, even if it's just knowledge or gold.
You also don't just upgrade your character just as everyone else, you get to choose out of different trees and combine them to make your own class that best suits your playstyle. With a total of 120 combinations you really have the ability to pick what you like best. And even then, with limited skill points to spend and way more skills available, once you've chosen a combination of trees you still have to choose which skills to use, so the combination you use might be the same someone else uses, but you can still have different abilities.
When you've chosen your character's faith regarding his abilities, it's not written in stone. You can change your trees anytime and readjust skills as you wish. You don't lose any progress in your old trees and can go back anytime. So your friend that was the healer last time could be your tank tomorrow - after a lot of work of course.
There is also a big dynamic world out there that doesn't wait for you and moves on. While you craft your gear and gather goods to trade, other players prepare too. And not all of them want the best for you. Instead, they want your best. Your money.
There are other players, pirates or just an enemy faction, that don't care about how you just spent 2 hours planting the materials and harvesting them 10 hours later, now expecting some nice profit. They draw their weapons on you and force you to either defend yourself or lose your profit and investment.
After you've lost all your goods, you start to team up with more people. You form a guild, you start protecting yourself. Start seeing others getting attacked, and offer help. In return they pay you for defending them and you just founded a mercenary guild. 
That's a simple thing that can happen in ArcheAge and this is just a major "feature" that is not mentioned by XLGames explicitly. And that is what ArcheAge makes for me:
There are so many features and even though it is not a pure sandbox game, you are free to do whatever you want to do and you wil have fun with it.
To take this point a little bit more literally, the world of ArcheAge is best described as medival steampunk-fantasy. 
I know, this does not really make sense, but in a way it's the only way to describe the world. You have swords, magical fireballs and shining armors.
But you also got steampowered cars, tractors and casino slot machines.


The ArcheAge world: "Ark"



Combat System
The most criticized topic in ArcheAge is the combat. It is a simple tab-targetting combat system with no player aiming involved. Everything is pretty much standard, but combined with the class system which I will explain later it is a neat system. People say it's boring, stale and not state of the art anymore, but I don't agree with that.
While the combat system is indeed not very innovative, it has all the good stuff that you could think of and if you put some time into it, it is really enjoyable.
But lets take a quick look at the details:
You target via clicking/tabbing. You lock a target and begin to cast your spells. The melee range is pretty close, so you have to really take care of your movement. 
There's enough gap closers for you to take care of your mistakes though and a big variety of other skills can help you out in any situation.
There's also stealth in the game, but unlike in other games where you can not be seen by anyone if you stealth, you get revealed if you get too close to your target. The detection range is around 8 meters and gets higher or lower depending on the lvl difference between you and your enemy.
On the technical side it is also pretty advanced. You have not only a collision detection with players which enables neat things like body blocking, but there's also an obstacle detection for ranged which is pretty accurate for the most part. On ships though there are some annoying things; if you fight between package slots you can still hit ground-aoes while ranged skills won't work.
The combat system also heavily favors good movement. You have to face the target to attack and with proper movement and skill usage you can avoid dmg or break combos simply with being in a better position. Together with the synergy system which allows instant casts, extra damage etc through the use of specific combinations of skills, you have a really complex system that has yet to be fully understood.
You can also attack via glider(bombs, arrows), ships(cannons), tanks(cannons) and mounts(different depending on which mount you have). There are also combat pets you can use to support you in a fight! 
Considering the lag we have with our connection to Korea, the combat system feels okay. 
However, there are some things that need to change:
  • Skill lock. Once you've began casting a skill you don't stop if your target runs out of range.
  • Obstacle detection should be improved.
  • Ground-based AoEs ignore any kind of detectiion - they work even through houses.


Here are some video sources on the topic
Korean PvP video, shows general flow of fights
ArcheAge has a really simple class system that gets more and more complex the further you dive into it.
There are 10 trees of active and passive skills and in the beginning of the game you can pick 3 of them. The tree you pick at creating your character has to be a fighting tree, so that you actually have the ability to defend yourself.
The next trees at Lv5 and Lv10 are your choice completely, and after that you can change the trees or just reset the skills in a tree as often as you need - it only costs money!
There are no status points you can pick or level up, everything is based on character level and gear, which includes basic boni from gear, lunar stones and so on.


The character system actually gives you the opportunity to create a class that best fits your playstyle.

For example, if you like to tank, there's the Fortification tree which has powerful shield and self-support skills together with some CC. Combine that with Combat and you got a decent sword and board character. Now you only need to ask yourself: Do I need more damage or do I need more utility? This will decide what third tree you want.

But of course, this doesn't mean that everyone with Combat and Fortification is just a pure tank. The Predator, which is Combat, Calling and Fortification, is a powerful CC burst class with the ability to tank as well.


Some trees live up to their own and could potentially be good even if you don't use any other trees, but you will never use your full potential if you don't combine different skills. Heck, you could even combine a melee weapon tree with a magic tree. Just try it, I've seen it deal some massive damage.
If you have a tree selected, it gains XP just as your character does. Those 2 are different kind of levels: The level of the tree changes what skills you can pick and how strong they are, your character level changes what gear you have, what basic stats you have and so on.
Replacing a tree with a different one will not delete the progress you made on that tree. If you switch back again you will have the same tree level you had before.
10 different trees and you can have 3 active. There are no restrictions on what you choose meaning that theres a total of 120 combinations.
On first glance, this seems a bit too much. And sometimes I think it is. I think that there could very well be worthless combinations, but so far I didn't find any. Personally I have a Predator and my other charcater is an Apostle, which is Death / Devotion / Will. On this character I'm currently trying to get all my trees on Lv50, starting with Magic, Calling and Artistry. Just by doing this I get so many more combinations I can try. The Grim Reaper, the "Death March Performer" etc... all powerful classes.


To "stay on the carpet", as we Germans like to say: there are cookie cutter builds. As you can imagine, the Predator is a really popular class because of it's powerful CC and burst combo as well as the Grim Reaper, which has really high magic burst that is hard to avoid. You can do a lot with gear and proper skillpicking though. You can react to "the meta", however there will be always someone that has the perfect combination against you and you will end up dead.

But when this happens, groups come into play. The current system in ArcheAge heavily favours players that work together and build up so called synergies in their trees to get the best out of their combinations.
Synergies are extra effects, buffs or debuffs, that you get through using skills of different trees. A quick example:
The Will tree has magic shield that heals you everytime you receive magical damage. While you have the shield buff, you can instantly cast the first skill of Devotion, which is either a healing skill or a magical damage skill, depending on whether the target(including yourself) is friendly or not.
There are a lot of synergy effects in the game and if you know how to utilize them, you can create powerful classes that are stronger than most others - but don't let yourself be fooled: Just because there is a synergy in a class you don't have to use it. When in a group, you can build powerful combinations even without using most synergies.
If you want a detailed topic about synergies, please refer to Rip's Guide I linked to at the end of this section.
The combat system together with the class system has the potential to be something really, really fun. I'm enjoying it in Korea very much now that I found out how to properly build gear and a build, and I highly recommend you to play around with the things you have once you get your hands on the game.
However, there are some things I want to point out:

The combat in pvp is really gear dependant. If you are Lvl50 and face another Lv50 that has better gear than you, it feels like you are Lv1 again. This can be very frustrating for players not in a guild or dedicated group, but personally I don't have a problem with this. The real problem is how hard it is to get to that gear, but I will talk about that later.

You could also argue that you are forced to play specific combinations or pick specific skills to be able to survive in pvp/pve, so when you want to do some serious pvp/pve you are much more restricted in the class you want.
But this is only a possibility, I have yet to see someone asking for your spec or anything like that, however I can see that being a big problem in EU/NA. I'm talking about things like DPS meter or stuff like that. The game itself allows for really different combinations, but it's up to the community to handle it properly.



Conclusion: Classes and Combat System


The class system definitely has the possibility to become one of the best we've seen in the past few years. There are some issues still, such as the cookie cutter builds that take away from the feeling that you can truly do anything, but that is only a minor problem in my opinion. With the current combat system, you really have the opportunity to make many things work that look weird or even bad on paper.


The gear dependancy can be seen as either bad or good. In my opinion, it is okay, but it is way too hard to get highest tier gear. For more information on getting gear, see the crafting section



With synergies and the heavy focus on group play, we have a nice system that rewards players thinking for themselves, doing things that are not just standard and general smart play. Tab-Targetting doesn't hurt the game at all, as with the current featureset(collision detection etc) it feels advancade and it works pretty well in any situation.


Both systems are definitely a strong point about ArcheAge.

For more detailed views on classes, check out those links:
(Outdated skills, still useful to get an idea of the skilltrees.)
(General character status information)
(ArcheAge english skill calculator – thanks to the german Impact guild!)
(Synergy list by Rip)
Good example of the stun lock Predator (keep in mind that this is a grim reaper, the perfect example of a glass cannon.
Nice pvp video
Don't Worry PvP Guild Movie - Really good Naval Warfare!
Leveling is really quest-heavy in ArcheAge, there's no doubt about that.  
However, with so many other things involved in the game such as crafting, exploring and  the obvious grinding, it's hard to ever only do quests.  If you're not a hardcore-thempark player, you will find yourself doing so many other things: Chopping down trees, farming ore and stone and refining them, craft packages and sell  them, craft constructions etc. 
All that stuff gives you XP and lets you forget about leveling for a while, while still giving  you a nice reward for your work. 
If you don't want to do that, you get rewarded for grinding as well: there are kill streak quests that give you bonus XP and some potions that make you stronger for a while(can  only be used up to a certain level, not exploitable).
As someone that hates questing, I really dislike the fact that without doing them, I don't  stand a chance to catch up with the guys doing it. Yes, grinding is rewarded, but not as  much as questing is. With quests you can easily grind a little bit to still get the grinding rewards and the amount of money and xp you get from each quest is insane. 
Although the quests are quite fun sometimes, the majority of them involves running around, pressing F and killing monsters. No other game does it differently, however I just wish the alternative, grabbing some friends and grind the *§$%&/%! out of some monsters was just as worthwhile.
But talking about the positive aspects of questing: The story of ArcheAge, and thus the quests and storylines, are based on a famous korean novel by Jeon-Min Hee, that means that even if gameplay-wise the quests might not be wonderful, if you are into lore there is a lot of stuff to read and explore. There are currently 2 books about ArcheAge and many short stories about the lore – so it's not your typical MMO without a soul. 
While leveling, you will also have the possibility to go through several dungeons that are, I have to admit, a fun relief compared to the open world that is sometimes lackluster. You also use those dungeons later on to farm pet or mount gear.


The difficulty of leveling is in general pretty low. The record to Lv50 is currently 12 hrs 34 mins(source: Fido). It is much harder to get all trees on Lvl50 for the simple reason that you have fewer quests available.

When you make a new character, you also get a lot of help from the game such as better Lvl20 gear and Adventurer's Potions that really boost your overall efficiency. You don't have all that in high lvl and thus have to work hard for every bit of XP, making Lvl50 something not really worthwhile if you don't aim for "high end content" straight away. The real deal is getting all trees on max level.




Conclusion: Leveling


Leveling in ArcheAge is nothing unique, but it is also not bad. You have plenty of stuff to do. Whether it is crafting, sailing or simply just grinding on a spot that looks lovely: you will rarely get bored in the open world. However, the same old quests that are absolutely needed to do can get boring if you are not interested in crafting or doing anything else. Dungeons are a nice change for those players, but I would rather see a better open world questing system.


If you are like me, someone who enjoys the open world much more than the instanced world, you will have fun as long as you try to take everything ArcheAge gives you. Take your time crafting, farming and participating in the open world and you will have a blast leveling. Rush through the game and you will be burnt out pretty quick if you don't know how to level to 50 in <24 hrs.

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#17697 Creating a Character (extended version, CBT5)

Posted by LlexX on 30 September 2012 - 12:50 PM

The Character Creator (step by step)

The process of character creation is elaborate and complex, even tho that it was still a beta. Each facial feature can be fully customized according to your preference with an impressive number of sliders, helping to create a set of unique individuals. Cosmetic options (especially in female characters) are highly diverse, with the game there are several types of facial coloring. The options for hair is somewhat limited.

Face decorative touches as tattoos or scars implemented in the game pretty interesting way. After selecting a desired item, which will be decorated with the face of your character, you can change its size, position, and direction.

Now im going to walk you through the character creation process and showing all the options available for customizing the appearance of your characters.

1. Race and Gender
First you have to chose one from the available four (CBT5) races, and to play as male or female.

Each race have different bonus passive skills: Source: Racial Skills


Missing Picture
Missing Picture

Posted ImageRessurection buff (the one buy-able from NPCs at respawn points) is more effective (apparently 20% instead of 10%?).

Posted ImageCan build houses and castle related buildings faster by 50% (The countdown timer when you place the ressources is shorter, but they still need the same amount of resources).
Missing Picture
Missing Picture

Posted ImageTimer of "return to your last binding point" skill is shorter by 30%.

Posted ImageCan cut and dig ressources faster by 30%.
Missing Picture
Missing Picture

Posted ImageCan hold breathe 2 times longer underwater.

Posted ImageCan memorize more teleport locations to 10.
Missing Picture
Missing Picture

Posted ImageFalling damage is reduced by 30%.

Posted ImageClimbs on trees and ladders faster by 30%.

2. Customization and Presets
After selecting the race and the gender, a new menu shows up, where you can customize the look of your character's, sadly only to change the look of the face and the skin color were available during CBT5.

Posted Image

On the right side there are 9 presets available, under them there is a button, and by clicking on it new options will be available with lots of sliders for tweaking your character's face.

Some races have additional sliders available compared to the rest. For example the elves and the ferres have additional sliders for the ears.

3. Eye Sliders
Posted Image

4. Nose Sliders
Posted Image

5. Mouth Sliders
Posted Image

6. Face Sliders
Posted Image

7. Hair
Here you can chose the:
  • Hair style
  • Hair color
Different styles and colors are available for each race, as well as for male and female.
The number of available options to choose from hairstyle were relatively little during CBT5.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image

8. Eyes and Eyebrows
Here you can chose the:
  • Eyes color from a color picker
  • Eyebrows style
  • Eyebrows color from a color picker
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image

9. Eyeliner, Beauty Marks, Facial Hair
Here you can chose the:
  • Eyeliner style
  • Eyeliner color from a color picker
  • Beuty marks such as powder, birthmark, fleck in case of a female
  • Facial hair in case of a male
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image

10. Age and Skin Color
Here you can chose the:
  • Age of the skin
  • Skin color
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image

11. Face Makeup and Tattoo, Scar
Here you can chose the:
  • Face makeup, mask style
  • Tattoo, scar style
  • Tattoo, scar position on the face
  • Tattoo,scar size
  • Tattoo,scar direction
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image

#6451 Starting with the Meat: ArcheAge Newbie Features

Posted by dengar on 17 December 2011 - 12:12 PM

A quick disclaimer: ArcheAge is still in beta and several things can change before the game's launch. However, while the quests to give out these items are easy enough for a non-Korean speaking player to obtain, they are set in areas of the game where it makes sense to present them (such as receiving the boat next to a lake with an island in the middle of it), leading me to believe that it is the creators' intent that players experience these features from the start. If this does not make it to launch, feel free to remind me that I'm an idiot.


I know my articles are usually devoid of visuals, so hopefully a short little montage of what I'll be discussing helps folks out a bit.

Questing and "End Game"

Now, to be clear, I can't read Korean. I can barely remember any words in Korean unless I hear them, and most of them are things like "hello" and "thank you." I also have a limited play time; the Korean beta is not open 24/7, but at certain times, which for me are 11pm-6am, which is usually when I do this thing called "sleep." I also tend to tell friends, family, guild mates, and strangers not to judge an MMO until you get past "level 10", which is usually when you get out of the starting zone, except for Darkfall (to which I always say, "Find a guild first, then try it, because it drastically changes your game play experience"). Starting zones tend to be very different from the rest of the game, in that they're very boring. They may introduce a few combat mechanics, like multiple schools, AoEs, or combos, and if you're lucky, you may get to experience a higher level feature like vehicle combat, but it's not something you can have yet. No, you have to go out and earn the right to see the rest of the game, and it's usually pretty different from what you get at the end.

Most MMOs have something called "end game." There's a reason it has a special title- the game you experience while leveling up is rarely the same game you end up with these days. I never talked about "end game" in, say, Asheron's Call, but once developers made easily achievable level caps, people started to realize that without leveling, they had to find something else to do. This was also around the same time questing was changed from something fairly epic into the dirty word I'd previously described.

I'm not going to lie, though, when I tell you that ArcheAge isn't changing this. The leveling process for me is much easier to do in TOR than AA simply because during or at the end of the quest, I get a little "choose your adventure" video experience, sometimes shared with my friends. It's simple most of the time, especially if I use my map and read the quest, but it isn't quite as simple as WoW or Rift quests. However, with TOR, I always have this nagging voice in the back of my head that says, "What happens at the cap?" Voice acting and cut scenes take time to create. I know I can't quest forever unless I go at a very slow pace or try to play through all the character stories and options (which I won't; I'm getting too old for alts).

The exact opposite is true for ArcheAge. Quests are usually very simple because there's arrows everywhere that tell you where to go. If you're collecting an item on the ground, it'll have a blue exclamation point screaming at you to touch it. Maps give you a vague idea of where to go, using maps and large icons that even your mother should be able to follow. A few quests are harder to figure out due to the language barrier, but none of the ones that give these features are like that (well, the glider took a bit to figure out that I had to press a hotkey button to deploy it, but that wasn't so bad). It's very boring and unchallenging, but in all honesty, even single player RPGs are like this today. That's why we have story to try to hide how boring the task it. However, I'm not worried about the end game. Heck, even the quests tend to have the option for me to complete them for doing some work rather than all of it (other players, for example, said they got their glider at level 6-7, but I got it at 4 because I hate questing). The whole time I'm thinking things like, "OO! If I had some friends, we could build a forest maze." These aren't things like raids or group quests, affording the highest tier of loot for this content patch, etc. It's things I get from sandbox games. Leveling is honestly a means to an end, rather than the meat that strings me along until I meet up with this strange "end game" concept. It's not like Darkfall that throws everything at you at once, but it's different from WoW because it doesn't misguide you about what the game is about. It's in the middle, and it's very refreshing, which is why I'm breaking my usual "level 10" rule.


It always happens. You're out questing with Jim and he needs to answer the phone. You need to kill 10 rats, but you just cleared out the spawn and want to go over that hill to kill the rest. The problem is that Jim won't get credit. Lame.

Solution? Multi-passenger combat mounts! It won't always be the fix you need, like if he needs to pick up 4 of the tails, but it's a start. Get his butt on the back of your mount and you can do the quest and move him.

But what happens if you have to go afk? Jim is ultra casual, and multi-passenger mounts tend to cost a lot in game, even other sandbox titles like Darkfall. This is where ArcheAge pleases us once again: you get the mount for free as part of a quest at level 2-3. Yes, you'll need cash to pimp it out, and it needs to gain levels too, but at least you get to keep it, unlike WoW's combat vehicles that are tied to a zone or quest (and in some cases, need to be re-earned). It's a happy compromise between the two: easy access to the feature, but you have to work to improve it.


I still remember when I got my raft in Darkfall. It took me several days to gather the materials, but I didn't use it often. I was so afraid to lose it. I won't lie, I once drove 10 minutes to the local coffee shop when I had a power out, just because I was worried about someone finding my raft and taking it while I was offline (which was a real possibility in DF). I have a lot of stories about that raft that I won't have about my AA boat, but that's not a terrible thing.

My boat in AA, as you can see, if mainly for travel, much like my raft. However, it also makes me want to create a bigger, better, badder boat. One with canons and a sail and such. Controls were not what I was expecting (I had to hold "back" to go forward, which makes sense), but that lets me know that ArcheAge isn't going to make ships glorified mounts. Something is different about them right from the start, and my little row-boat only makes me want to see more of this.


I'll be the first one to talk about how problematic flying is in World of Warcraft. It's a fun feature for a single player game, but in MMOs, it brings more problems than solutions in my mind, especially when only high level players have access to them. I'm sure WoW pvpers who weren't the first to the level cap can recall someone dive bombing out of the sky to kill them. Other may remember setting up an ambush, nearly killing the assailant, only to have him get out of combat and fly away while you stood there, jaw on the floor, knowing that he was going to get away and there was nothing you could do about it for several more levels, and even then, your character's aerial combat options were closer to different ways to suicide than ways to get retribution.

Gliders are yet another happy compromise. Going from a high to low place, it's not bad, but when you land, you're down. Gliders only go down, so if you see a tree you wanna chop down, you have to ask yourself if you want to walk the rest of the way. The same goes for anyone that attacks you. If they want to land and kill you, their escape options are the same as the victims. If there's a nearby cliff you can use, they can use it too. If there's no jumping points, you're both stuck there.

Now, for WoW players, you're probably thinking, "What about the level difference? Flying is usually restricted to higher levels or, in some cases, the highest levels." While this is true for WoW, I was able to get a glider at level 4. No taking my lumps for 60 levels without the possibility to escape or get friends to follow the ganker as she runs away. The sort of freedom the glider gives is very liberating in general, and experiencing it at such a low level makes sight-seeing more viable, and a hell of a lot of fun!

World Building

Let's get to the meat of the situation: I was growing a small grove before leaving the lowbie area. It wasn't instanced. Anyone could have chopped it down, or helped to add to it. It's still in the game world as far as I know, and there wasn't any kind of blue-print that said "add seeds here to build!" such as in games like Horizons/Istaria. When my saplings grew, I was so excited! I made a real impact on the world. A place that was once barren now had life, and as I traveled around a bit, I'd find other areas with grape vines, apple trees, and other plant life, and I'd ask myself, "Did someone make this?" The fact that even the lowest level of players (because, again, I did this before hitting level 10, without guildies or even spending a lot of money) can make their mark on the world in a way that others can interact with it is... there's no words for it. I can't think of another game that's allowed me to do this. The closest would be Animal Crossing, and that's, at most, a 4 player game, and time travel can make that feature seem trivial. As someone who only had about an hour a night to play, this feature felt very rewarding to me.

Final Newbie Thoughts

I hate questing. XL GAMES' quests aren't going to change that. I'm still going to tear at my eyes, even if I can kill 1 rat instead of 10 to get it over with. However, I love the features. I wasn't in thinking "get to end game and then see if this is a good game" like I have to do with almost all other MMOs. From the start, I was exploring and building and being rewarded, not so much with in-game trinkets, but a sense of wonder and pride, something I can't remember feeling in an MMO since... maybe Star Wars Galaxies (sorry TOR, you're fun, but your big brother's features were funner. RIP SWG). I still haven't figured out how to kill my fellow lowbies, seen prison, the pirate faction, the third continent, castles... but it's ok. The newbie introduction has been enough that I wait for 11pm to roll around, every night, just so I can have one blessed hour with a game that actually shows itself to me as a new player.
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#7865 Racial skills.

Posted by Amaterasu on 30 January 2012 - 07:34 PM

Racial skills for your pleasure~



If you enter a post-ressurection state, you receive the blessing of the Goddess Nui (a buff that increase HP/MP by 10% ). The lenght of the Goddess Nui's Comfort effect is increased by 100%.

The time required to build houses and castle-related construction is reduced by 30%.


Underwater breathing time is increased by 20s.


Your swimming speed is increased by 5%.


The cooldown timer on your recall ability is reduced by 30%.

Tree-felling and herb collecting gathering time is reduced by 10%.


Damage from falling is reduced by 20%.

Can climb trees and ladders 30% faster.


Note: All skills are passive.



CBT4 racial skills.



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#22405 I'm fluent in Russian

Posted by Seatbelt on 29 January 2013 - 03:18 PM

Translate the important stuff from this video.

I would like to preface this by saying that this is pretty much everything Garro says in the video, other than the introduction and some jokes. At first I wanted to transcribe the entire video but pausing after every sentence in order to translate it and write it down proved bothersome, so instead I only transcribed only the parts in which he discusses the game mechanics. I put some of my personal notes in square parentheses "[ ]" in order to help the text be understood better. Please let me know if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes or if something doesn't make sense. Enjoy and don't be shy to let me know if you want anything else translated.

The likelyhood of you getting a part of a top 50 set with decent item rarirty and a low crafting skill is incredibly miniscule, and you are about to understand why. From levels 20 until 40, there are 5 sets for each armour type. For those of you who aren't familiar with the system, a set is a collection of equipment and when a player wears a certaing ammount of equipment from the set, he acquires special bonuses. For low-level sets all you need is akhium and the neccessary resource (leather, ore, etc.) After you've collected the needed materials you make the level 20 set and upgrade it gradually up to level 40. In order to do this you'll need a gradually increasing ammount of akhium, resources and jars. that can be crafted with resources that are gathered from farms. All of this is fairly simple.

Hardcore crafting starts with the crafting of the level 44 set. There are 4 of these sets for each armour type
[light, medium, and heavy]. What's really fun, is the fact taht when you upgrade your set, you don't know which of the 4 set options it will turn into. As you can see in the video [2:15] when I upgraded my set from level 40 to 44, I got 2 items from the 1st set, 2 items from the 2nd, 2 from the 3rd and 1 from the 4th. And now in order to collect the rest of my desired set I have to repeat the process and pray to the Great Gods of Korean Random Chance that I will get the items that I need. Obviously players can trade these set items amongst themselves in order to collect the set they want, but certain sets will be more popular and easier to obtain than some others. This is only the first step in hardcore crafting, so let us continue. There are no level 48 sets, but instead there are low level 50 sets, a middle level 50 sets, and a high level 50 sets. In order to craft the lowest level 50 set you'll have to get a certain level 44 set, meaning that out of the 4 level 44 sets, only one can be upgraded to level 50. Those level 44 set items that can be upgraded to level 50 have 3 stat bonuses, while those that can not only have 2. There are 7 low level 50 sets, only one of which can be upgraded to it's middle level 50 counterpart, of which
there are also 7, out of which also only 1 can be upgraded to the high level 50 set. But the complications don't end there. It is also important that the crafter is high enough skill level so that the set items are at least blue, or preferably purple or gold
[item rarity].

To upgrade the level 40
[medium] set to level 44 you need 21 blue akhium cubes, which can be farmed on the Northern Continent, bought from the Auction House or grinded from mob drops. You also need 28 improved leather. If you chose to get the leather yourself from your own pig farm, you'll also have to upgrade the leather yourself. You'll need 3 regular leather to make 1 processed leather. In order to make one improved leather, you'll need 10 processed leather and 1 red jar, which is crafted out of 25 rice and 15 corn. This is specifically for medium armour, and in order to upgrade sets of different armour types you'll need different colour jars made from different plants. After fathering all the improved leather you will need dye [amount not specified, I assume one per each item in the set], and 7 round red jars, on per each item in the set. These jars are also made using resources from farms. For a single red jar you will need 25 peanuts, which take a while to grow, 20 wheat, 9 seaweed from an underwater farm and 1 special [I think he might have said thunderstruck, but I'm not sure] rice, which can be acquired randomly when farming regular rice. The chance of a player getting the special rice depends on his or her farming skill level. A mage will need 1 special clover leaf for a yellow jar, which is used to upgrade cloth, which means he would
have to have 2 skills - farming and picking herbs - at a decently high level. The simplest of plants grow around 2 hours, while the more complex ones like seaweed and peanuts can grown for 10 hours.

The higher the level of the crafted item, the more complex the resources get. Level 50 sets require items that can only be dropped by mobs and have a fairly low drop rate.

Weapons adhere to a similar upgrade pattern. There are 4 level 44 weapons of each weapon type, only one of which can be upgraded to the low level 50, of which there are 7, and out of those 7 only 1 can be upgraded to the middle level 50, of which there are also 7 and of which also only 1 can be upgraded to it's final high level 50 form.

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#12861 Game downloads and registration

Posted by spider0804 on 11 May 2012 - 02:27 AM

What they mean is there is no download, there are no players.

Most of the videos you see came from closed beta 4 which ended a while ago.

No servers are up

Closed beta 5 is speculated but you prolly have to of played in 4 to get in so tough tits there

<---new member who can read.
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#8299 Artistry skill tree.

Posted by Amaterasu on 04 February 2012 - 07:57 PM


Posted Image
Lvl 1; CT 1.5s; CD 3s; range 0~25m
Deals damage on target.

-[Target under "charm" effect]: confuses the target (same effect as fear, ie victim will run around).

Posted Image
Lvl 2; CT instant; CD 12s; range 0~20m
Inflicts paralysis for some seconds on target and adds the "charmed" effect.

Posted Image
Lvl 6; CT instant; CD 4s; range self
Song, AoE, for 15s, increase movement speed of caster and allies in a 15m radius around the caster. The longer the song is played, the better the effect. Will be cancelled if caster use another skill.

-[Charmed target]: Reduces movement speed.

Posted Image
Lvl 10; CT 1.5s; CD 18s; range 0~25m
Reduces target's melee damage by 40%. Effect last for few seconds, victim is damaged when effect wears off.

-[Charmed target]: damage increased by 70%.

Posted Image
Lvl 14; CT instant; CD 4s; range self
Song, AoE, for 15s continually heals HP and MP of targets and caster in a 15m radius. The longer the song is played, the better the effect. Will be cancelled if caster use another skill. MP recovery effect is only added at rank 3 of this skill.

-[Charmed target]: will continually loose HP (magical damage).

Posted Image
Lvl 18; CT 1.5s; CD 6s; range 0~30m
Gives a buff that decrease casting time for 30mn.

Posted Image
Lvl 22; CT 3s; CD 1mn; range self
AoE, sings for 10s, and put ennemies in range to sleep for 20s.

Posted Image
Lvl 26; CT instant; CD 4s; range self
Song, for 15s increases attack (both physical and magical apparently) of allies and caster in a 15m radius. The longer the song is played, the better the effect. Will be cancelled if caster use another skill.

-[Charmed target]: decreases victim's attack.

Posted Image
Lvl 29; CT 1.5s; CD 7s; range 0~30m
Buff that increases Intelligence of target for some minutes.

Posted Image
Lvl 32; CT instant; CD 4s; range self
Song, for 15s increases defense (both physical and magical apparently) of allies and caster in a 15m radius. The longer the song is played, the better the effect. Will be cancelled if caster use another skill.

-[Charmed target]: decreases victim's defense.

Posted Image
Lvl 35; CT 2s; CD 30s; range self
AoE, Sends a shock wave that deals damage and push back ennemies.

-[slowed/snared target]: damage increased by 50%.

Posted Image
Lvl 41; CT 5s; CD 1mn; range self
Creates a "non-fight" zone where no agressive actions can be taken. Shuts down combats that were ongoing in the area.

Passive skills

Posted Image
Lvl 10
Cast time delays when hit is decreased.

Posted Image
Lvl 20
When player successfully lands a magical crit attack, he will receive a buff that increase his magical crit rate by 4, and his magical crit damage by 2 or 4.

Posted Image
Lvl 30
Increase the range of songs' effect to 25m.

Posted Image
Lvl 40
Musical instruments' cooldown is reduced by 50% (description isn't quite clear but I'm guessing it applies to all skills that requires instruments?).


Didn't find any complete and up-to-date video for this tree. If you find one, please do link it. Thanks!
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#8140 Magic skill tree.

Posted by Amaterasu on 02 February 2012 - 12:20 PM

Time for some magic!

Posted Image
Lvl 1; CT 1.5; CD 0s; range 0~28m
Deals magical damage and add the "burnt" effect on the target.

-[frozen target]: damage increased by 30%.
-[burnt target]: adds a strong burning effect (description doesn't say what this effect does, but i'm guessing DoT?).
-[Conjury: lvl 2 skill DoT]: Absorbs 50% of the damage dealt into MP.

Posted Image
Lvl2 ; CT 2.5s; CD 12s; range 0~28m
Deals magical damage on target and freeze it for few seconds. The target's speed is then reduced for some seconds. Also adds the "frozen" effect.

-[Burnt target]: damage increased by 40%.
-[Frozen target]: adds a 30s long freezing effect.
-[target under sleep effect]: damage increased by 30%.

Posted Image
Lvl 6; CT 2s; CD 45s; range self
Creates a shield that absorb a fixed amount of damage. Also allows caster to see stealthed players.

Posted Image
Lvl 10; CT 3s; CD 15s; range 0~25m
Deals magical damage and add the electrocuted effect on target. Will then deal periodic damage on target and mobs/players 2m near the target.

-[Death: Lvl10 AoE paralysis]: damage increased by 85%.
-[Electrocuted target]: damage increased by 30%.

Posted Image
Lvl 14; CT 2s; CD 30s; range self
Summons a circular glyph on the ground. Magical attack of the caster is increased while standing on it.

Posted Image
Lvl 18; CT 3s; CD 1mn; range self
For 7s, every footsteps leaves ice crystals behind, that freeze anything upon touching for some seconds.

Posted Image
Lvl 22; CT 1.5s; CD 1mn; range self
AoE, creates a zero-gravity space around the caster for 12s. Everyone (except caster) in that zone will be lifted in the air and unable to move.

Posted Image
Lvl 26; CT 2s; CD 18s; range self
Channelled (cancelled if target moves), AoE, creates a rain of fire in a 15m radius around the caster.

-[Frozen target]: damage increase by 50%.

Posted Image
Lvl 29; CT instant; CD 24s; range self
AoE, deals damage to all targets in a 8m radius around the caster. Also has a chance to root them for some seconds.

-[burnt target]: damage increased by 40%.
-[Frozen target]: 100% chance to root.

Posted Image
Lvl 32; CT 2s; CD 24s; range 0~25m
Throws a lightning bolt at target that will deal magical damage and then jump from target to target in the nearby area. Will hit up to 5 targets.

-[Electrocuted target]: Damage increase by 20%.

Posted Image
Lvl 35; CT 1.5; CD 45s; range self
Makes a barrier of fire in front of the caster. Will burn targets upon touching.

-[Frozen target]: damage increased by 60%.

Posted Image
Lvl 38; CT 2s; CD 45s; range self
AoE, creates a stationary lightning storm. Will deal magical damage, that gradually increase over time.

-[Death: Lvl 10 Aoe paralysis]: damage increased by 100%.

Posted Image
Lvl 41; CT 5s; CD 30s; range 0~28
AoE, summons a meteor that deals damage and knock down the targets for some seconds.

-[Frozen target]: damage increased by 30%.

Passive skills

Posted Image
Lvl 10
Increases maximum MP by 7%

Posted Image
Lvl 20
If the player successfully "resist" a magic spell, will reset cooldown of magic skills.

Posted Image
Lvl 30
Will increase the range of Magic skills by 4m.

Posted Image
Lvl 40
Reduces the MP consumption of Magic skills by 12%.

Posted Image
Lvl 50
Increases magical crit rate by 5%.



Video is not mine, all credits go the author (many thanks to him).
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#7752 Conjury Skill Tree

Posted by Amaterasu on 30 January 2012 - 09:55 AM

List of conjury skills~

Posted Image
Lvl 1; CT 1s; CD 15s; range 0~25m
"Roots" the target. Also damages the target when effect wears off. Has a chance to break on damage.

-[Target under "bubble"]: Increase duration of root by 5s.

Posted Image
Lvl 2; CT instant; CD 18s; range 0~25m
Deals magic damage, and then damage over time for few seconds.

-[Target under "fear"]: Deal 120% extra damage.

Posted Image
Lvl 6; CT 1.5s; CD 24s; range 0~20m
Traps the target inside a bubble and lift it in the air for some seconds. Can be used on self, friendly targets and ennemies. Effect is cancelled if target is hit by magical skill.

-["burnt" target]: will be lifted higher
-["electrified" target]: damaged over time.

Posted Image
Lvl 10; CT instant; CD 45s; range 0~25m
Inflicts "fear" on the target for some seconds. Effect has a chance to be cancelled upon damage.

-["burnt" target]: duration of fear is increased by 2s.

Posted Image
Lvl 14; CT 1.5s; CD 18s; range 0~30m
Removes harmful effects from target, and increases magic defense for some seconds. Can be used on friendly and ennemy target.

-[Melee skills locked (sort of a silence for physical skills)]: silence for some seconds.

Posted Image
Lvl 18; CT instant; CD 3mn; range self
Channelled (effect cancelled if caster moves), feigns death. Increase recovery rate by 30%.

Posted Image
Lvl 22; CT instant; CD 24s; range 0~25m
Increases target's casting time by 50% for some seconds.

Posted Image
Lvl 26; CT instant; CD 9s; range 0~20m
Gives immunity against sleep and fear for some minutes. Can be used on others.

Posted Image
Lvl 29; CT instant; CD 18s; range 0~25m
Target hit by this is slowed down for 3s, and then falls asleep for some seconds.

-["frozen" target]: sleep last 6s longer.

Posted Image
Lvl 32; CT instant; CD 1mn; range around caster
AoE, inflicts fear on all targets around caster for some seconds. After fear wears off, targets are stunned for 2s. Has a chance to break on damage.

-["burnt" target]: fear last 3s longer.

Posted Image
Lvl 35; CT instant; CD 18s; range 0~3m
Removes all buffs from target and deal some damage. Doesn't damage if the target has no buffs.

Posted Image
Lvl 38; CT instant; CD 18s; range 0~5m
AoE, pushes back target in front of caster and deal some damage.

-["electrified" target]: deals 150% more damage.

Passive skills

Posted Image
Lvl 10
Decreases casting time on all skills by 12%.

Posted Image
Lvl 20
Gives back 5% of the damage dealt into MP.

Posted Image
Lvl 30
Increases magic defense by 15% and magic stability?(not sure what this is, it's not in the character stats) by 500.

Posted Image
Lvl 40
Increases duration of root/bubble/fear/casting time debuff by 20%.



Video is not mine, all credits goes to the author (please give him some thumbs up~).
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#24303 What's the deal with players riding in circles?

Posted by Razerka on 21 February 2013 - 12:55 AM


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#22962 business model for western audience

Posted by 0badiah on 03 February 2013 - 01:22 AM

die hard fans of archeage is one thing, but spuring interrest outside of this group is what i speak off, because u have to admit the archeage fans aren't a mass community that will hold up a game like archeage, and tbh the only road block i hit when spuring interrest in the guild for a game like this is the potential of the subscrpition based model.


P.S. GW2 is doing realy well with there cash shop system because you just don't need £8 a month to run a game now a days also they rely on expansion pack revenue asmuch as anything else, only problem it has is keeping players playing


Bro, who do you think is keeping the backbone afloat for the last 25 years?



Many of us "oldschool" players, have kids on their own and playing MMORPG's..   Heck, half of silicon valley was playing Ultma Series and not too many people had internet connection when Ultima Online came out, let alone Meridian. What is $25/month to a 40 year old? I don't even have to play for months on hand, if I don't want. Who cares, right?


So, most 18+ year olds don't have an issue with the $300/year to be part of the ArcheAge Story, or the Norrathian Story (oops).



The backbone (pre-WoW) doesn't have to be verbally loud. They are too tired to vote by mouth. But, make no mistake, most of us oldsklerz have no problem voting with our wallets, for a premium experience. 



Coincidentally, there is at least 1,000,000+ people in the united states, that would be willing to pay $25+/month subscription to the right game. That a solid sum of money/revenue, that would essentially be locked up for years, because oldschool people don't like to jump to game-to-game.. to game..


Once the world is proven to have worth, player's sink-in for the long game. Wouldn't take long for others to come sniffing.






Design & mechanics:

Many forget that an EQ wizard had to med 11+ minutes to get full mana..?  Often, that was because you took on too many killer wasps and had to win by force, etc. Point is, not every wizard had the same 8 spells memorized. Spell selection is what made each character/person different, yet in the end... most uses the same spells. such a shame people forget the subtleties...

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#22431 ArcheAge PVP Poll

Posted by Sephiroth on 29 January 2013 - 07:19 PM



MMORPG: How will PvP work in the game? Is it an open system?

Jake Song: The answer is half yes and half no. In ArheAge, players can attack
another player if they wish and can steal crops that the other user
raised. Such sandbox features can give fun, but it can create conflict
and disputes between players, and might damage the game play. Especially
free PvP is favored by some but hated by some others. So in ArcheAge
there is the trial and jail system. Players who kill another player
will be put under a trial by the other players and be judged whether the
activity was reasonable or not.


[Source: http://www.mmorpg.co...72/feature/5367 ]



Massively: Some Western fans have asked for PvP servers, and many of our commenters are very interested in

ArcheAge but are turned off by the fact that it has open PvP. Most sandbox games
default to free-for-all PvP these days, leaving these sandbox PvE fans
with nowhere to play. Are there any plans for dedicated PvP servers or
will it be left up to the players to avoid FFA areas on all shards?

Jake Song: I know that some players like PvP and some don't. ArcheAge
features a half-open PvP system. If a player kills another player of the
same faction, he/she will get penalty points. If a player's penalty
points (blood prints that appear after killing a player work as evidence
of a crime which leads to penalty points) reach a certain level, he/she
will be summoned to court, will receive a trial, and might be
imprisoned. Though ArcheAge is half-open PvP, it is not the
main fun feature. It will be developed as a game that PvE-lovers could
enjoy too, while also enjoying the PvP system.


[Source: http://massively.joy...ensual-pvp-inf/ ]




As the poll says. I'll change the options up if people want more.

Please +1 (green arrow on the right) if you feel like this poll is creating a healthy discussion on the PVP debate. ------>

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#22265 Hariharan Large Scarecrow Quest Chain

Posted by Acina on 28 January 2013 - 02:05 PM

So after completing the initial life quests and receiving the plans for a small scarecrow you will also get a quest that rewards a Delphi Star Coin - this is the start of a chain of trade route quests that reward a donkey mount (30% increased movement speed while carrying a pack) and the much coveted large scarecrow.

First quest:
Posted Image

So on to the fun part, sort of!

Two quick points to note, you have to make special trade packs (they have a Hariharan flag poking out of the top), these can be made a Trade Caravans that are dotted around the different maps:

Posted Image

and you will need to hand them in at special merchants that are also dotted around the different maps:

Posted Image

The NPC marked with the red arrow will reward Delphi Star Coins and the other NPC (yellow arrow) will reward gold coins.

1st Trade Route Quest:
Turmeric from Rainbow Fields to Falconry Plateau

So you need to make a Spice pack (1 Work order and 50 Turmeric)

Posted Image

Turmeric = 심황 (for growers it is on the last page of produce seeds, and looks like a potato)

Work orders can be purchased from general goods vendors for 50 silver (they are also sold by an NPC close to the Trade Caravan.

So the route starts in Rainbow Fields (Hariharan start zone):

Posted Image

and ends in Falconry Plateau (Ferres start zone):

Posted Image

2nd Trade Route Quest:
Cotton from Falconry Plateau to Rainbow Fields (rewards a donkey mount)

Next you need to make a Bedding pack (1 Work order and 200 Cotton)

Posted Image

Cotton = 목화 솜 (for growers it is the very first seed at the produce vendor)

The route starts in Falconry Plateau:

Posted Image

and ends in Rainbow Fields:

Posted Image

This rewards the donkey mount and I would suggest that you take the time to grow it ready for the next quest in the chain :)

3rd Trade Route Quest:
Stone from Tiger Spine Mountains to Ostera

Next you need to make a Brick pack (1 Work order and 30 Stone)

Posted Image

Stone Bricks = 석재 (refined from Rock - 암석 at a rate of 3 to 1)

The route starts in Tiger Spine Mountains:

Posted Image

and ends at Ostera Port:

Posted Image

This is the longest over ground route you will have to do and even though you now have a donkey mount it is far easier to use the taxi service - it starts just over the road to the west of the crafting station and you need to change at Hariharan City!

4th Trade Route Quest:
Bananas from Mahadevi to Solzreed (rewards the large scarecrow)

Next you need to make a Fruit pack (1 Work order and 15 Bananas)

Posted Image

Banana = 바나나 (can be grown on a banana tree, but it is far simpler and fairly cheap to purchase from the AH)

The route starts in Mahadevi:

Posted Image

and ends at Cresent Throne Port in Solzreed (Western/Nuian Continent):

Posted Image

This one is best attempted in a decent size group (with an armed escort if you can) the trade point is generally camped by pirates and members of the Nuian faction, also you will have had to survive the boat trip over as well.

Point to note you don't actually have to hand this pack in to get the scarecrow reward, you just have to get to the landmass where the hand in is!
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#11757 ArcheAge Soundtrack.

Posted by Fido on 13 April 2012 - 12:21 PM

At your service, Amaterasu :)

Here´s the package from our page:
http://archeage-onli...ge CBT4 OST.rar (66,4 MB)

Featuring the following tracks:

ArcheAge Ancient Forest Theme
ArcheAge Cradle Theme 1
ArcheAge Cradle Theme 2
ArcheAge Elf Theme
ArcheAge Ferre Theme
ArcheAge Garangdol Theme
ArcheAge Gweonid Theme
ArcheAge Hawk Hunt Theme
ArcheAge High Price Victory Theme
ArcheAge Instant Camp Theme 1
ArcheAge Instant Camp Theme 2
ArcheAge Login Theme 1
ArcheAge Login Theme 2
ArcheAge Mahadevi Theme 1
ArcheAge Mahadevi Theme 2
ArcheAge Marianople Theme
ArcheAge Nuian Theme
ArcheAge Silent Colossus Theme
ArcheAge Solzreed Theme
ArcheAge Two Crowns Theme
ArcheAge White Forest Theme

You got many of them already featured in your starting post.
There are still some missing like Golden Plains Theme...

Have Fun with the music, it´s totally adorable. :)

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#10352 Wild skill tree

Posted by Amaterasu on 11 March 2012 - 09:32 AM

Posted Image
Lvl 1; CT instant; CD 12s; range 2~25m
Deals ranged damage to the target and applies the bleeding effect. Target will lose some HP over time for some seconds. Damage is increased if the player has "awareness" buff.

-[Target under bleeding effect]: Bleeding DoT is increased.
-[Target under poison effect]: Damage increased by 100%.

Posted Image
Lvl 2; CT 1s; CD 18s; range 0~18m
Deals ranged damage to the target, and stun while also pushing back.

-[Target under stun effect]: damage increased by 85%.
-[Target under bubble effect]: target is knocked down.

Posted Image
Lvl 2; CT instant; CD 3s; range 2~25m
Deals ranged damage to the target and has a chance to apply an effect that reduces magical accuracy. Can be stacked up to five times.

Posted Image
Lvl 6; CT instant; CD 24s; range self
Roots enemies in a 5m radius around the player for some seconds.

Posted Image
Lvl 10; CT 3s; CD 30s; range 5~30m
Deals ranged damage in a 6m radius around the target, and set the ground on fire, damaging enemies standing in the area.

Posted Image
Lvl 14; CT instant; CD 1mn; range self
Buff, increases the ranged attack stat of the player for 30mn.

Posted Image
Lvl 14; CT 0.5s; CD 9s; range self
Buff, increases the ranged attack stat of the player for some seconds. Effect is cancelled if the player moves.

Posted Image
Lvl 18; CT instant; CD 1mn30s; range self
Lifts the player in the air, and increase the ranged of skills by 50% and damage by 30%. Player cannot move, and the skill cannot be used if under the root effect.

Posted Image
Lvl 22; CT instant; CD 30s; range 2~25m
Add the "mark" effect on the target for some seconds. Marked targets have their movement speed lowered and receive 30% more damage. Each physical ranged attack increases the amount of mark stacks (and thus of damage received).

-[Marked target]: adds 50 stacks to the target (Yes I realize how crazy this sounds, but i don't think every stack = 30%).

Posted Image
Lvl 26; CT instant; CD 1mn30s; range self
Buff, increases movement speed, attack speed of ranged weapons, ranged critical rate, and ranged attack stat for some seconds. While the buff is active the player is immune to fear.
After the buff wears off, the player's movement speed, attack speed and casting speed is drastically lowered for some seconds.

Posted Image
Lvl 29; CT instant; CD 1mn; range 0~20m
Creates a circle of bones around the target, trapping it. The bones can be destroyed, and disappears after 10s.

Posted Image
Lvl 35; CT 2s; CD 45s; range 5~40m
Deals ranged damage on the area selected (AoE).

Posted Image
Lvl 41; CT 2s; CD 3mn; range self
Creates a static tornado that blow away all players and mobs upon contact.

Passive skills

Posted Image
Increases movement speed by 10%

Posted Image
Increases ranged weapon attack speed by 10%

Posted Image
Increases dodge rate of ranged attack by 7%

Posted Image
Increases the range of bow attacks by 5m, and the ranged accuracy by 2%

Posted Image
Ranged critical rate is increased by 2%, and critical damage by 50%.

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#11727 ArcheAge Soundtrack.

Posted by Amaterasu on 12 April 2012 - 09:58 AM

Hadn't been on the official KR site for a while and it turns out they added a section with some of the soundtracks. I know many (me included) really wanted them on their latest Ipod v104 1TB, so here is the link:


Track 1: Nuian theme
Track 2: Elf theme
Track 3: Ferre theme
Track 4: White forest theme
Track 5: Marianople theme
Track 6: Gwionid (elf starting area) theme
Track 7: Inistel theme (the new lvl30+ map on hariharan continent)
Track 8: Ancient forest theme
Track 9: Two crowns theme

I also took the liberty of extracting them, and made a .rar file that you can get here, with the 9 tracks.

They obviously didn't add all the tracks we could hear in-game yet, but hopefully they will at some point. Enjoy~
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