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GangstaSora (02 May 2015) what kind of convenience elements? I haven't really been paying attention
Alasondra (02 May 2015) Some good, some bad. Too many WOW style convenience elements for my taste.
TrueHull (02 May 2015) So I haven't seen this many good comments about AA since before launch thoughts on the new patch
Valadhiel (24 Apr 2015) Yup. ;)
Alasondra (23 Apr 2015) We all keep peeking... :)
Valadhiel (23 Apr 2015) I lurk ... but not much going on.
GangstaSora (22 Apr 2015) o/
Gavax (22 Apr 2015) any1 alive in this site? :P
Luxeraph (25 Mar 2015) So like L2, if it is like that there might be a couple "safe" areas were npcs do talk to you, there are no guards and maybe there is a quest to remove karma otherwise I don't see the point of adding pk
Requiem (25 Mar 2015) Yea in BDO, all guards will be red to you if your a pk'er, and there is no safe area. You also drop loot if you die. Nothing is worse than losing that +15 sword you just enchanted...lol
Valadhiel (25 Mar 2015) For BDO? From what I understand, it makes it impossible for you to go into any towns because guards will kill you on sight. So yeah, I guess similar to AA in that respect. But I don't think there's any "pirate island" for you to go to in BDO ... Bikeman on Twitch.tv would know more since he plays it.
GangstaSora (24 Mar 2015) Does anyone know if becoming a PKer gives you any serious disadvantages like how being a pirate in Archeage locks you out of a bunch of content.
Luxeraph (24 Mar 2015) That pvp system doesn't sound that bad but the gender locked classes and the lack of the trinity turns me off
Alasondra (24 Mar 2015) I kind of like the sound of the PvP system. Sounds like it's discouraging griefing and making PvP have some meaning to it. Personal preference I suppose.
Requiem (24 Mar 2015) Personally I find the PVE BDO to be quite dull. Maybe it is due to the lack of a Holy Trinity, but you just zerg everything in the game including mega bosses. So most mobs are nothing more than just HP sponges. Here is Steparu's guild doing the last boss in one of the new Open dungeons, to show you what I mean.....https://www.youtube....h?v=Cn1voEtFV5M
Requiem (24 Mar 2015) BDO has that awful Karma system, you have to grind like thousands of mobs just to get rid of it, if you gank someone. All pvp in BDO is revolved around GVG and Castle Sieges.
GangstaSora (23 Mar 2015) From what I've seen the crafting/trading elements of BDO could be fun for a while, but the combat seems slow paced and dull unless you're really into PvE or something.
TrueHull (23 Mar 2015) I think the bdo community are still trying to get the devs to add more pvp elements, it's heavily guild based
Alasondra (23 Mar 2015) Does Black Desert even hold any promise?
GangstaSora (23 Mar 2015) Before he/she was banned I remember lady zenith saying that 90% of the problems with archeage could be solved in a day if the server software was leaked. It's sad how true that sounds.

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