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Latest Shouts
Evangelion (28 Feb 2015) accepting free items, land, apex, everything you have on salphira server
Valadhiel (18 Feb 2015) Yeah, I might have been on really early in the morning when I said there were 3. I can't recall what time I checked.
Alasondra (17 Feb 2015) It's not too bad. I checked just now and there are 16 streamers.
ArcheAdmin (17 Feb 2015) Wow that's kinda sad.
Valadhiel (15 Feb 2015) I see 3 people currently streaming AA right now on Twitch.
ArcheAdmin (14 Feb 2015) What, are you having issues streaming it yourself? Or is AA so unpopular that no one is playing it live?
Ekakins (14 Feb 2015) Just wanted to get a clear answer. Can anyone stream the game on Twitch.tv? Sorry if this question has already been answered.
GangstaSora (13 Feb 2015) I just asked someone who was in wicked. He said all the officers were unhappy with krogger's leadership. They asked him to step down and when he didn't, they all left.
ArcheAdmin (11 Feb 2015) I don't know anything of Wicked. I know that Mostly Harmless' ArcheAge wing went "unofficial" or whatever. Haven't checked back on their forums in forever.
GangstaSora (10 Feb 2015) I don't care for the entry box being on the side but if no one else cares it doesn't matter to me as I'll get used to it in a week or so
Alasondra (10 Feb 2015) Did Wicked really implode?
ArcheAdmin (10 Feb 2015) If this layout bothers ya'll let me know.
Alasondra (08 Feb 2015) Ahh, I see.
ArcheAdmin (08 Feb 2015) Nvm not restarting.
ArcheAdmin (08 Feb 2015) Actually it's the same script but I chose a slightly different layout.
Alasondra (07 Feb 2015) This is new...
Valadhiel (07 Feb 2015) Testing ...
GangstaSora (07 Feb 2015) you bastard
Requiem (07 Feb 2015) First !
ArcheAdmin (06 Feb 2015) Okay regular members should be able to post now.

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