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Latest Shouts
Requiem (18 May 2015) Anyone interested in Tree of Saviour ? Spiritual Successor to Ragnarok Online...https://www.youtube....h?v=pjZCASDQZ-o
Alasondra (08 May 2015) Hopefully they will get around to NA sooner, rather than later.
Requiem (07 May 2015) Ooo talking about Black desert online
Requiem (07 May 2015) The Japan Severs are to go into Open beta tonight. Most of the features will be available including GVG and Castle Siege. As for classes the Japan version will start with the 4 basic classes and the Tamer class. Looks like they are spending some money to advertise in Japan, they have a cool new commercial. Japanese school girls hacking each other with swords!!.....https://www.youtube....h?v=Ym5FpO1FlfE
Requiem (07 May 2015) Teaser for AA 2.0. that is coming on May 20th. https://www.youtube....h?v=ea_78S-P2fk
TrueHull (05 May 2015) I d know what to do with all of this free time anymore I always check updates on AA but I have no game to play as non seems worth it
Alasondra (05 May 2015) I can somewhat understand the price gouging if the locals don't like you. But you can't trade with soemone is a little weird. Mail systems are kind of debatable. I for one think they are too much of a convenience sometimes, but that's just me.
Requiem (05 May 2015) oh and in BDO if you are not well liked by the npc's you could be paying as much as a 40% AH tax fee.
Requiem (05 May 2015) The prices are restricted to a min and max price, but those min/max prices change based on demand. If there's transactions of people selling items for under mid price, then the price of the item will go down. If there's transactions of people selling items for over mid price, then the price of the item will rise. I'm not saying it's good or bad, but at least the prices aren't static.
Requiem (05 May 2015) BDO's economy is non - existent. You can't trade with anyone, and no mail system either. They do have action houses in each city, but the prices are dictated by the server admins (Daum), so you cannot list things for whatever you want.
Alasondra (04 May 2015) Sad to hear that BDO isn't panning out. I was really looking forward to that, even if only casually.
Alasondra (04 May 2015) For starters, the new instant AH button in the UI that let's you access it anytime, anywhere. The achievement system with its new currency. New vocation badge items to plant with a chance for thunderstruck. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like a bunch of "make me happy now" buttons.
Lily (04 May 2015) Well BDO looks ruined as far as the economy goes, which was the only thing I was interested in. How's AA's direction looking, are thing improving?
GangstaSora (02 May 2015) what kind of convenience elements? I haven't really been paying attention
Alasondra (02 May 2015) Some good, some bad. Too many WOW style convenience elements for my taste.
TrueHull (02 May 2015) So I haven't seen this many good comments about AA since before launch thoughts on the new patch
Valadhiel (24 Apr 2015) Yup. ;)
Alasondra (23 Apr 2015) We all keep peeking... :)
Valadhiel (23 Apr 2015) I lurk ... but not much going on.
GangstaSora (22 Apr 2015) o/

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