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ArcheAge has had three distinct brand identities, counting the current one.
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Latest Shouts
Wanderer (01 Jan 2016) I still care. :)
PsychoPigeon (01 Jan 2016) All those years ago, we all hoped, we all dreamed, and now no one cares about this game.
GangstaSora (19 Oct 2015) hide yo wife
TrueHull (19 Oct 2015) hide yo kids
ArcheAdmin (17 Oct 2015) Expect downtime on 10/22 while the server host does some hardware upgrades.
ArcheAdmin (13 Oct 2015) I let the domain expire. Should go up for grabs soon. Probably will get grabbed by a squatter, but whatevs. I wasn't actually using it.
ArcheAdmin (07 Oct 2015) ArcheAgeOnline.com expires soon. Not ArcheAge-Online.com. Would anyone like to have it?
GrungeMPK (29 Sep 2015) Thanks gangsta, I will give a shot!
GangstaSora (25 Sep 2015) I would say buy materials from the auction house and make trade packs. Other people like fishing but in my experience trade packs are better
GrungeMPK (25 Sep 2015) Hey guys, whats up? Anyone there have any tips for a non patron about how to use labor the best way possible in order to make gold?
Valadhiel (21 Sep 2015) :(
ArcheAdmin (20 Sep 2015) FUCK I just found out Origa died this year from lung cancer. Sad. She sang Aion's intro song.
ArcheAdmin (14 Sep 2015) And Alasondra, I hope the fires in CA don't come anywhere close to Sactown.
ArcheAdmin (13 Sep 2015) By the looks of things, I'll never be travelling to Germany again for Gamescom. I wouldn't be able to survive among the masses of immigrants. Good luck Fido!
Valadhiel (12 Sep 2015) Sup?
Tillaz (12 Sep 2015) heyyyyyyyy guys, long time no see!
ArcheAdmin (11 Sep 2015) Bumped.
LlexX (11 Sep 2015) BUMP! http://archeagesourc...ge-anniversary/ :)
Valadhiel (04 Sep 2015) Seems like so long ago.
Requiem (03 Sep 2015) I remember being so excited when Trion was announced as the publisher, man I was soo wrong.

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