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Latest Shouts
ArcheAdmin (02 Feb 2018) The Russian bots found this website again it seems. B& them.
GangstaSora (11 Sep 2017) I also remember this game
PsychoPigeon (26 Nov 2016) I remember this game
Valadhiel (09 Sep 2016) :)
ArcheAdmin (04 Sep 2016) I'm working on resurrecting one website and have plans for others. Apologies for undue hype.
ArcheAdmin (04 Sep 2016) It wasn't. I planned on something else but hid the thread until I'm finished. :)
GangstaSora (02 Sep 2016) I would not have thought that updating the server software would be "something fun to announce"
ArcheAdmin (01 Sep 2016) Updated the server software, added 1gb ram, sorry about the downtime.
Valadhiel (25 Aug 2016) Cool.
ArcheAdmin (23 Aug 2016) Oh boy I might have something fun to announce in a week or two.
Requiem (06 Jul 2016) https://www.youtube....h?v=Ix40X_-P91E
Requiem (06 Jul 2016) AA 3.0 coming out in KR next week. Dwarves, Warborn, new zones and a new end game area.
GangstaSora (28 Jun 2016) oh my sweet summer child
Testing2521995 (28 Jun 2016) I really want to say something important about archeage ,, like p2w or new content or .. help modders make archeage great again........... but i know as much about archeage as i know about an atom so... HI im new
GangstaSora (04 Jun 2016) Patron bonuses on their own aren't the real problem, it's the fact that you can essentially buy gold from the cash shop.
GrungeMPK (03 Jun 2016) Without those shit AA would be with all servers full till nowadays
GrungeMPK (03 Jun 2016) @PsychoPigeon There are 2 major problems in AA: RNG for regrades and crafting, and patron advantages creating a giant wall between players (hardcore vs casuals)
ArcheAdmin (31 May 2016) Yes I gave Trion a list of people at one time that I recommended be given access to the alphas/betas. I tried to not play favorites but it's hard when you know everyone really well.
ArcheAdmin (31 May 2016) I'm still here.
GangstaSora (30 May 2016) Not sure if anyone still checks this but I was just wondering if ArcheAdmin or someone ever gave a list of active users on this forum to trion because it seems like a bunch of us got alpha access around the same time.

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