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Korean Retail PTR News

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Another PTR update:


[Test Server] 2013-08-21 Updated guidance (more)2013-08-20 17:16 | 6692 Views

Good afternoon.
ArcheAge (ArcheAge) is

August 21, 2013 will be notified for updates.


<Wheat fields waving battle>

Enpissi of each camp has been changed to their respective allies.
- Depending on the state of national friendship between the forces of displacement enpissi the country for a user friendly state, or hostile state.

National forces veterans Ryan "allies become" quests while "joy of winning" will be able to receive a buff.

Displacement Coalition Relic of each technology is not applied to the physical recovery has been changed.

Each of the automatic cannon Union seriously is not applied to the physical recovery technology has changed.

Displacement of each Union to strengthen auto cannon, the maximum increase in physical defense and magic resistance in 5000 was changed to increase.

Waving wheat fields of combat-related NPC drawing skills have been removed.


Estates being built in the tooltip of statues 'current level of progress' contents have been added.

Lord's command quest to know the title of the quest rewards have changed the title.
- "The lord's command: honor, 200>, <0 shares of the command: honor, 500>, <lord's command: Honor Points 1000>
- "The lord's command: Life score 400>, <0 weeks of instruction: Living Score 1000>, <lord's command: Life Score 2000>

Lord's command to activate the quest board compensation (honor, life score) representing the icon has been added.

Quest for the lord's command, the lord of the area or the king, but to enable improved.

0 shares Quest steps 2 and 3 to receive payment at the end of life with honor points have been raised.

<Luxury Goods>

Added the ability to change sex. (More)
- Hair to the NPC through interaction can proceed.
- Gender change at the end of "The Star onigiri" is consuming 12 races will be changed to the default appearance.
- Automatic entry to the Salon after sex change, and change the appearance as well as the existing use of the salon "star onigiri" to 5
Will be consumed.

Luxury Goods to buy luxury goods in exchange for decorating clothes 'packed racing suit set' 3 species have been added.

Luxury Goods Vehicle Equipment available from high pitch three kinds of racing helmets, caps two species have been added.

Summer was able to purchase a limited edition sale of 48 kinds of swimwear has been removed.

<Beauty Salons>

Beauty Salons sound effects have been added at the end of use.

Salon has changed the background of the screen.

Hair salon charge for character creation and I> Details Settings> smiley face items have been added to the description.


Head to be able to display the goods packed craft 'embraces ornaments to know' how to build have been added. (Crafts / jewelry three Tech)

Sewing head to be able to display the goods packed 'embraces plush hat know' how to build have been added.
(Sewing / Hari Haran, sewing machines)
- When using the probability of various hair ornaments items can be obtained.


When composing liaison function has been added.
- Liaison of the '&' character is over.
- Even when you type 16 and also 4 'also' sound of sixteenth notes, quarter notes and sounds like one note leads are output.

Auction finished the score has been changed to enable the transaction.


Item 'traveler campfire installation tools' have been improving.
- Store the purchase price in gold 5 silver 50 years of age have been changed.
- Required for certain fire change of state has been reduced material consumption quantity.
- A fire can get in step duration and the effect of strengthening have been raised.
- The use of a specific number of steps has been increased bonfire.

'Twelve gods and heroes story' book items have been added.

Item of the island escaped punishment 'Liberty' and the show has changed the visual effects.

514 kinds of items related to the production and manufacturing of the information has been changed in more detail.

'Farmers for the production of "a room with permission of pomegranate household items" master character "" in all of the characters in your account was changed to ".

Aug. PC room offers additional rewards 'firm determination Potion' item has been added.

Reina and Glen Boss Monster armor items have been added to 14 paper.
- Glenn 7 kinds, Reina seven kinds

"Recites the curse scale head Chakra 'unique loot monsters have been added.


Yield Differential cross the plains by changing the location of the pier has some NPC.

Mirage Island, the NPC technique using firecrackers teoteurigi cooldown has been changed to 2 minutes.

That is generated at a specific time, the NPC just disappear over time if you are fighting to prevent the reinforcing effects have been added.

'Glen' and 'Reina' Monster has a unique skill set.

"Recites the curse scale head Chakra Monster has a unique skill set.
"Recites the curse scale head Chakra Monsters have unique effects and sound effects set.

NPC rocks, trees, etc. will not be generated while stuck improved.

If more than a certain number of monsters all communities to have effect has been changed.
- Damage to receive the monster who crowded the effect of 80% reduction.
- Instant dungeons, haseulra primeval force, a sign of a break, in the fog of war created a monster that will not effect the community.


Growling on the island of 'semi-obscured moon Mission "and (Weekend Dungeon) was placed in the entrance to the island of eternity.

I Neckar Nord (Weekend Dungeon) Eternal peace to the area around the entrance to the island have been added.

Recites the curse scale at the entrance of the Abyss monsters head was placed Chakra.
- Recites the curse scale generation of Monster Head Chakra has set hours.
- Game time: 6:00 a.m. created / removed at 24:00

Glen and Reina in the fields of solar monsters have been placed.
Glen and Reina has set the creation time of the monster.
- Game time: 6:00 a.m. created / removed at 24:00

Falconry some trees growing on the plateau have changed the amount and type of placement.


Quest to move to another area to move, so that you can easily see local people has been improved.

Race for the smooth progress of the main quest by quest completion NPC is placed on information that more people were in Cebu.

Adventure Quest "freedom" and "growling" island has been improved.
- Quest progress zone (degrees of freedom position, growling island) has been changed to display.
- Quest rewards have been added.

Catch Mandragora quest has been improved.
- Acceptable level was changed to 15.
- When acquiring a hammer, so you know right from the top of the screen has changed.

10 kinds of combat skills to achieve all of the 50 levels, you can get on the title and item quest has been added.
- At least one proficiency level when the level of the 50 skills managers can accept the quest.

Labor-consuming and labor-consuming, some quests have not changed.

Gardening Mariano platform has improved the progress of the quest.
- Quest target has been added to the Quest sign.
- Melt Officer Angela's metabolism has changed.

6 kinds of support has been improved beginner quest.

One Church on the continent emerging quest bosses have been added.


That use of the battlefield as soldiers 'rate increases' enhanced description of the contents have been added to the casting speed.

Placed on the battlefield, destroy the enchantment of each side bangeotap features have been removed.


1280 X 720 resolution, has been added.

The climate of the zone map that appears when you open a little more easy to identify improved.

Regardless of the level of daily quests Quest Quest reminders have to look at the white.

Change the appearance of materials produced sub-items when trying to change the appearance-related information to be output to the disappearance of the guidance for
Been changed.

Image of the login screen and character selection screen and the button has been improved.


Durability character death decreased 2% from the existing 5% reduction has been changed.

Customization of women in Tampere mouth has been added to preset 1.

Is provided to the user in the community special title has been added.

Auction number in the search field / colon (":") / Hangul and English as a combination of the words can be searched item has been added to.

Displays the name of the relevant information-processing has improved.

Strengthening, weakening the effect of the movement in the state has improved the operation processing.

Even prisoners vehicles, ships, tanks have been changed to summon.
- But the most useful technology of the machine can not be used.

Have been shown to optimize the character look.

'Infinite imaginary dye' icon of the applicable items have changed the background color to green.

<Bug Fixes>

Main Quest 'towards the top of the city' typos in the quest reminders appear when the output has been fixed.

"My hand making hand armor: Materials' quest to achieve the goal of NPC 'squirt meat' quest for a description of the contents of that confusion
Has been modified.

Prisoners helm of the ship is not available error has been fixed.

Clients vary from time to time information differently, every day is different the error has been fixed.

Cross Plains by magma ocean can pass down the error has been fixed.

When using a moving summoned minions summoned minions to escape, escape into the air to move the summoned minions that the error has been fixed.

New upgrade the vehicle damage is put at less than a certain strength, destruction sound effects and the error does not appear
Has been modified.

Land of Song 'drunken rice "a street light installed on the phenomenon of the light does not turn off has been fixed.

"Easy nalteul of the goddess' s' Invincible Flight 'technology in use Land grip" technology that is released by the nalteul error has been fixed.

Patrol Captain Julius NPC crown four two intermittently into the landmark error has been fixed.

Other items such as external appearance, which could change the error has been fixed.

Golden Plains climate and residential areas in the map display overlapping error has been fixed.

Luxury Goods Machine maintenance management of the head with the ball floating over the icon NPC located in different locations the error has been fixed.

Some background water roaring of the island looks like a flashing error has been fixed.

Mariano's training platform embedded in the terrain from the top of the PC seems the error has been fixed.

Bands of meadow in the meadow of the Conqueror's airborne grass background error has been fixed.

Lost in a sea of ​​waves crashing rocky treasure box is placed in a residential area, the error has been fixed.

Stone plains garang "Guardian, sirs, to me, the power!" NPC quest to go find an error that incorrectly states the name of the
Has been modified.

White forest "who opens the door of the underworld" quest to go find the NPC's name is incorrect, an error that was corrected me.

Hell in a residential area of ​​swamp rock crops can not install the error has been fixed.

Hell, some of the residential area of ​​swamps in the area of ​​building houses the pool after the error has been fixed.

Due to differences in shades salon face when using left / right errors that may have improved look different.

The land of the bones Blacksmith NPC "enjoy frozen" during the interaction, sound does not output the error has been fixed.

Some adventure quest underway, PC ambassador the error has been fixed.

Give up some time in the adventure quest, the quest does not only remove the item the error has been fixed.

To go on the island of Innisfail NPC "sister of the goddess fuse" two different NPC and hit a standstill with the error has been fixed.

In certain situations, playing music that can be seen during the instrument vanish the error has been fixed.

Graphics Settings "low", "medium" or chaswi taught at Monster "twisted dueoksini" seems to be an error with the appearance of abnormal
Has been modified.

Risk item "kitten fed Yata" after use "Yata seduce chicks' effect disappearing NPC" Cubs Yata "followed by the error continues
Has been modified.

'Tiger Spine Mountains "located in the" tiger takes stake' near 'Hungry Tiger' npc close when the 'trap operation takes a strengthening effect
Has been modified to display.

Reinstated in the salon check out button is pressed, the window has been fixed typos.

Tammy Cat fall in nearby villages haseulra not just to bust the error has been fixed in the terrain.

Is stopped when the Queen's magic article looks unusually output error has been fixed.

When the battle spread down the heat wave shot wheat output, which is the name of the error has been fixed.

Some kind of monster unnatural output error has been fixed.

Pere woman wearing armor of the type species headband hair looks unusually error has been fixed.

Hell swampy areas in the camp of the tree, Stephen extreme NPC 'complete change of the tide van' who is not wearing a costume, the error has been fixed.

Hari Haran man race "persecuted martyr's headband" wearing hair looks unusually error has been fixed.

Union victory celebration, each refusing to aid the error has been fixed. (Modified)

Received a lot of quests in the quest log window scroll state falls down a list of quests you do not see the error has been fixed.

Threat unleashed a monster hit levels you can not get a quest contribution the error has been fixed.

'Bugsy coinage of Lulu "sold more than 2000 at the cost of sales is not normally acquire the error has been fixed.

Terminus Nord in Innisfail Neckar Bunyola placed on the armor merchant based error has been fixed to be floating in the air.

Tree felling at the completion of the re-dokkijil sound output error has been fixed.

If you follow the path of penitence quests that appear in the history of the trial, a total of crimes reported to increase the number of the error has been fixed.

History of the crime and the trial, often with a history report that shows the error has been fixed.

UCC applicable items in the car when applying bleach sentence awkward system message that displays the error has been fixed.

Unaffected races clothes suit every man wearing an old-fashioned appearance items shown abnormally error has been fixed.

All the men wear clothes at peoples home decorating items plainclothes appearance looks unusually error has been fixed.

When all men wear ethnic clothing items jeongbibok unaffected appearance looks unusually error has been fixed.

Elf, Hari Haran species antique dress unaffected women wearing clothes seems to be an abnormal appearance of the character error has been fixed.

Ornamental species jeongbibok all women clothes unusually visible appearance when worn item error has been fixed.

Some species 'strength of the rope Nond Bed' wearing the character's appearance seems to be abnormally error has been fixed.

Attack of the continuous rise in technology, improve the speed of the technology have been activated.

Hack is installed in an unusual position error has been fixed.

Car summoned order when you upgrade to the car display stand can not display the error has been fixed.

'Nord Fayette mantle of the family offering' items that apply to the UCC phenomenon of the sentence awkward size of the image has been modified.

Hari and the glory of Kerala's tooltip of the item has been modified.

Screen out some long, invisible tooltip error has been fixed.

Of emotions '/ sit' technology skills is seen in two other unused error has been fixed.
- However, to shorten the window has already been registered on unused technology must manually remove it.

Circle technique 3m or less in height to be summoned summons on the ground that the case has been resolved.

Off the yoke of bondage techniques grappling skills described the effects of immune contents for vertigo that were missing have been added.

Jeongbibok unaffected wearing clothes "of the soul mechanic 'enhanced appearance of the icon displayed incorrectly error has been fixed.

Yangsonchang 'trust of salvation' abnormal appearance of the item seems to be the error has been fixed.

Small sailboat when the telescope in use, vitality, even using recovery technology, that does not heal the error has been fixed.

Second floor of the snake disappeared peheo uncomfortable in certain areas to move the error has been fixed.

In certain circumstances, with no change in the face consumes five rice balls to complete the salon use the error has been fixed.

Backpackers 'put down stone package' will be destroyed in one day time, which is displayed the error has been fixed.

Falconry is placed on a plateau 'young birch tree' awkward size of the error has been fixed.

Ship does not appear on the UCC error has been fixed.

Also break down the remains of holy holy is not producing the error has been fixed.

The recalled vehicles off the inside walls of the building, others to enter the error has been fixed.

Displacement of each of the sacred union of the error has been fixed to move by train.



Also, you can now switch your gender for the price of 12 labour point cookies.




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