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Trade Routes - The Risky Road to Fame and Fortune

trade crafting route gold Delphi coin rich fortune money

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Source: ArcheAge-Online.de - [Guide] Handelsrouten v2 - Mit Vollgas in den Wohlstand

Trade Routes
The Risky Road to Fame and Fortune

One of the great innovations in the CBT5 was the introduction of the trading system. Firstly the production and trade with rare goods should be driven by teamwork, and there should be a role for pirates as well in the world of Ark, and the trading system provides this all.


Explaining in a few words how the trading works in AA would sound like this: you craft a trade pack, transfer it to a delivery location and get payed. But the transportation process is not that safe, and if you get killed the trade pack drops of you and it gets lost, and with it all the resources which were used to make it, but on the other hand the one who killed you gets out with a nice payroll when he turns in that package.

Through many patches there were added many new: trade routes, trade boxes and other options of the trading system in OBT and after the release. This made it indispensable for Fido to renew the trade routes guide. After all, this is one of the core systems of the game and the best way for earning Delphi Coins (Delphinade Coins, Delphi Stars or Gold Coins) and gold (ingame money gold/silver/copper).
The trading system is based on several factors. Like making the goods and transporting them, but also factors such as climate zones and the open PvP in ArcheAge have to be considered. 

First and foremost, you have to work together as a group or Expeditionary Force (guild), so that you can master the first trade route successfully. Also it is very important to have already gathered sufficient experience in crafting. For this purpose you should looks at Types of Professions and Crafting and especially at the planting guide Planting (Crops and Trees) and Breeding Livestock (on the Open World). These guides serve primarily the general understanding of game mechanics, which act on the trade route system. 

Before we look at the system more closely, I post here a custom map, so you can imagine graphically, how this system would work..
craftingstation.jpg= Special workbench
craftingtba.jpg= Special workbench (not yet implemented)
ancientgoldmerchant.jpg = Dealer for gold and Delphi Stars
But how does a trade route runs exactly? At the beginning, of course, only one specific product is available for making, called a regional specialty, later you can make more exclusive goods using specific crafting stations in the area of origin of the goods. Since you obviously can not get rich with the transport of a piece, you should work to eventually produce all the goods charges. This pack of goods doesn't fit naturally into the inventory of a player, it has to be carried on the players back (like a pack of wood) or in a suitable container of a transport ship, tractor etc...

You need materials from a variety of professions for each of these specialties. The dealer itself is then responsible to the station for processing these materials into a package. The trading profession is enhanced as all other professions through production and exchange and has 10,000 value corresponding to each LP benefits such as reduced consumption or increased crafting speed. 

There are now 3 different types of commodity: common, uncommon and rare goods. For the production of a transport box always needed a so-called trade certificate. This is to be purchased for 50 silver at each crafting dealer. These 50 silver set as the basal metabolic rate for each trade box.

About the different type of Trading Goods
[spoilers=Common Goods]
From these products, there are two possible boxes of goods per region. 
Example: Strawberry Jam
This box requires 100 strawberries, you can get through the acquisition and cultivation of about 35 strawberry seeds (70 silver from the NPC). Alternatively you can purchase the strawberries at the auction house.
[/spoilers][spoilers=Uncommon Goods]
From these products, there is one box of goods per region. 
Example: Salt Redder Cart
This box requires 3 sturdy vines, an unusual material that can be obtained in the harvesting of grapes or the lumber of vines. We also need 5 bark of a cypress tree. This can be obtained with a relatively high probability when cutting or felling of all trees in the category "Cypress Family". As always, you have an alternative to buy them from the auction house. 
[/spoilers][spoilers=Rare Goods (Specialties)]
From these products, there is one box of goods per region. 
Example: Willow Thistle Cargo
1. 1x willow wood 
Willow is a rare wood, which can be obtained by cutting down willow trees. An exact drop rate is not known, but you should already have to make something to get ran there. 
2. 3x light goose feathers 
Light goose feathers obtained occasionally during shearing of geese. 
3. 30x iron bar 
Iron bars obtained by the smelting of iron ore, which in this case, the ordinary material.[/spoilers]
Once you have made one or more transport boxes, it starts and the "caravan of merchants" can go out. Now you have the opportunity to deliver this box to various points in the world Ark. The profit is usually determined by the distance to which you carry the box. You also have to consider whether you want to have Gold Coins rather, with which you can buy stuff from the NPC's, auction house, other players or whether it should be the coveted antique gold coins (called Delphi Coins) with which you can buy items on the Mirage Island (Trade Island), soulbound items such as house plans, furnitures, other blueprints, mounts, costumes...
[spoilers=An example to illustrate:]
by Google Translate from German

Produced our (Fido and the gang) Willow Thistle packs in Gweonid Forest. 

We decide to bring the Willow Thistle box and start on a journey through the Gweonid Forest, Lilyut Meadow and Solzreed. Because it is here to airports, we are fortunate not to be attacked and healing come in Crescent throne, the port city in Solzreed. There we get for our crate from the local warehouse manager paid a variable amount of gold, which is based on the 100% quota of 6.25 gold. Depending on how many of these products have already arrived there today, the quota may increase to 130% (absolute demand) or up to 50% decline (lack of interest). Alternatively, we can also choose Delphi Stars. Again, the payout depends on the base value of the goods. 

Suppose we want to attract high profit out of it, but then we also need to take a very long and dangerous journey. It is namely the Western Continent and across the sea to Harihara (Eastern Continent). There we can start the crate in the field of Ferre, like the Falconry Plateau, run the risk of being attacked and have a lot of time. Should we do it but, there is per box depending on requirement (but should be high in Eastern Continent) to get 100 gold at 9.05% or the equivalent in Delphi Stars (at 118%, for example, 7). 

However, if we want really big profits from it, we travel through the entire Western Continent and set sail bound for Liberty Iceland. This pirate infested nest is actually besieged day and night, but there were a whole lot to pick up. For our Willow Thistle we get there or 10.80 Gold Stars Delphinade 8 per box.[/spoilers]
 Trader as a Profession
"Trader" is one of the 21 currently available in-game Professions. Leveling this profession is being performed the same way as any other, by use of LP (labor power points). 

You gain skill by:

  • Manufacture of commercial boxes 
  • Delivery of commercial boxes
  • Trading in the Auction House (per goods sold) 

Trade Skill LevelProducing GoodsDelivering GoodsAH-Trading
<10.00060 LP10 LP1 LP
<20.00054 LP9 LP1 LP
<30.00048 LP8 LP1 LP
<40.00042 LP7 LP1 LP
<50.00036 LP6 LP1 LP

As you see, it pays out to level up the trading profession. The less LP you need, the greater your routes can be, and your profit will be higher as well.

The Profit
In order to make the highest profit, you should go with this system.
Therefore you should consider several factors: 

1. Box Amount
The more boxes you go with the income will be more, it's advised to do trade runs in a group, so that you could protect each other easier when others would want to steal the trade packages. You should also take advantage of merchant ships and tractors which allow you to carry more packages.

2. Distance
Time is money, which is true for this game. Even if there is more gold, the further the pack is being taken, the risk of being attacking is higher as well, and the time factor also plays a role.

3. Bandits Risk
When someone using the safe zones to go to the desired location the risk of being attacked is zero, but the income will be low as a result. If someone dares to go to the other continent or to the middle of the see, the risk of getting attacked by pirates and enemy players is pretty high, and the further you go with the package the risk becomes higher. Thats why its advised to take someone with you, and let him go and scout the area in front of you for pirates and enemy ships.

4. Cost of the Materials
What good is the most beautiful little box, especially when the rare materials added to the time or the budget. The more experienced a character in gathering, farming, the higher is the probability to obtain the rare and coveted specialty materials. Also more free time and regularly checking the auction house can help obtain materials cheaper. 

5. Coin Type
Also a criterion, the decision whether to dare a major investment to fulfill the dream of owning a home or a tractor or better invested in other materials. 

6. Mercenaries
It will definitely be in the game, mercenary guilds that can be hired for a certain fee to accompany you on your journey. Are you still sure you can trust these people? Check if the players have a good reputation and above all a good skill in PvP. A good soldiers can always pay off when the gold receivables are not too large. Actually mercenaries are recommended only when a sufficiently large amount of goods planned to be carried. So if you are playing in a trade-EF, you try early in the game to form an alliance with a mercenary guild. 

You must now set up your own expense, do not worry, after a few "trial runs" you have to bow out safely and know where you can deliver your goods with the best profit.



    The Gym Rat

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Making the Trading Goods 
Keep in mind that the translations are roughly done by google and they might be off at places.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank to Fido and Franmar (on the German forums known as the Black Watch) for the extensive list of capital goods, which I will now set off here with my cost/benefit table. 




Western Continent (Nuia)

Location of the workbench
Merchandise (Korean): 숙성 과실주
Merchandise (English): Ripening Fruit Wine

Merchandise (German): Reifender Fruchtwein

"Only the Nuian wine-makers know how to prepare a sparkling fruit wine from the finest ingredients, which also loses none of its quality over long distances." - Lord Camos

Materials Needed: 
3x Shimmering Strawberry
100x Grape
1x Oak bark

[/spoilers][spoilers=Gweonid Forest]

Location of the workbench
Rare Merchandise
Merchandise (Korean): 버드 나무 화살
Merchandise (English): Willow Arrows

Merchandise (German): Weidenpfeile

"The elven craftsmen through centuries-old writings can improve their skills in the use of the bow. Arrows from the intact root of the night pastures have proven to be extremely useful." 

Materials Needed: 
1x Willow
3x Light Goose Feather
30x Iron Ingot 

Bronze Rock
Picture material has not yet been released by XLGAMES! 

Rare commodity
Merchandise (Korean): 유연한 금속 주괴
Merchandise (English): Flexible Metal Blocks

Merchandise (German): Flexible Metallblöcke

"My son, while I still can distinguish my hammer of a mug of beer and a few corals have at hand, I'm able to form my metal like I demand it!" -Gwinnie Mokbart, dwarf-smith
Materials Needed: 
5x Pure Copper
4x Pure Silver Ore
30x Staghorn Coral

[/spoilers][spoilers=Lilyut Meadow]

Location of the workbench
Rare Merchandise
Merchandise (Korean): 가벼운 금속판
Merchandise (English): Lightweight Metal

Merchandise (German): Leichtes Blech

"Elves and Nuians united their knowledge in an attempt to dwarf their own lesson in metal processing, the material has not become as stable, but was nevertheless useful..." 

Materials Needed: 
1x Pure Archium
2x Pure Iron Ore
50x Orange Coral

Cradle of Genesis
Picture material of XLGAMES not enabled! 

Rare Merchandise
Merchandise (Korean): 튼튼한 강화 벽돌
Merchandise (English): Durable Brick

Merchandise (German): Haltbare Ziegel

"With my beard, even Gnarly can support this roof. Bring me more of these bricks..." - Damrecht Lim, Head
Materials Needed: 
30x Stone
4x Pure Silver Ore
5x Pure Iron Ore

[/spoilers][spoilers=Garangdol Plains]

Location of the workbench
Rare Merchandise
Merchandise (Korean): 미끈한 식물성 염료
Merchandise (English): Rainbow Dye

Merchandise (German): Regenbogenfarbstoff

"If you want to survive in the desert, you have to have either a strong will and a good idea. Ephram Ionach had both ..." 

Materials Needed: 
3x Large Grain
3x Thickness Narcissus Roots
50x Thistle

[/spoilers][spoilers=White Forest]

Location of the workbench
Rare Merchandise 
Merchandise (Korean): 순백색 합성 목재
Merchandise (English): Snow White Art Wood

Merchandise (German): Schneeweißes Kunstholz

"There must be a way to preserve our forest and yet pretend our business partners that we sell them real wood. John, I have an idea ..."  - Sam Rodethorn, carpenters
Materials Needed: 
2x Birch
2x White Bark
30x Wood


Location of the workbench
Rare Merchandise
Merchandise (Korean): 금 자수 옷감
Merchandise (English): Gold-Embroidered Brocade

Merchandise (German): Bestickter Goldbrokat

"And so the baron ordered to immediately call him the best cutter of Marianople. Can this gold one would have in his dress uniform process..." 

Materials Needed: 
30x Fabric
3x Golden Fleece
3x Dark Irises Root

[/spoilers][spoilers=Two Crowns]

Location of the workbench
Rare Merchandise
Merchandise (Korean): 첫 수확 찻잎
Merchandise (English): The first Tea Harvest

Merchandise (German): Die erste Tee-Ernte

"When the fresh manure on the fields, when the sea breeze rearing in autumn and the sun slowly wears off, it's time for the first and best of tea of the year. Here in Two Crowns we are proud of it ..."

Materials Needed:
3x Fragrant Lavender Leaves
3x Lemon Leaves
50x Mint

[/spoilers][spoilers=Cross Plains]

Location of the workbench
Rare Merchandise
Merchandise (Korean): 부드러운 완충제
Merchandise (English): Highly Elastic Cushioning Material

Merchandise (German): Hochelastisches Polsterungsmaterial

"If my lord burn the butt, it can save lives. Primarily my own ..." - Len Mordington, servant

Materials Needed:
2x Cork Oak Wood
2x Star Rubble Bars
50x Cornflower

[/spoilers][spoilers=Golden Plains]

Location of the workbench
Rare Merchandise
Merchandise (Korean): 곱게 갈린 곡물 가루
Merchandise (English): Organic Mixed Grain

Merchandise (German): Organisches Mischkorn

"The Golden Plains are truly the granary of the Nuias. Yet even the finest grain is refined here again in a special procedure ..."

Materials Needed:
3x Coarse Wheat
3x Golden Barley
100x Millet

[/spoilers][spoilers=Hell Swamp]

Location of the workbench
Rare Merchandise
Merchandise (Korean): 포자 양식 용 목재
Merchandise (English): Molded Wood Spores

Merchandise (German): Geformtes Sporenholz

"It is truly amazing what can cause fungal cultures on trees. This can make it usable, even more incredible ..." - Feywaren Lemmars, biologist

Materials Needed:
2x Bark with Mushrooms
3x Moist Giant Mushroom
30x Wood

[/spoilers][spoilers=Long Sand]

Location of the workbench
Rare Merchandise
Merchandise (Korean): 담백한 수산물 요리
Merchandise (English): Stored Seafood

Merchandise (German): Gelagerte Meeresfrüchte

"In the darkness of the sea, the real hidden treasures of nature. You have to know the only process... My Lord will not forget the next banquet, I swear!" - Stan Couplef, master chef

Materials Needed:
2x Abalone
2x Mussel
100x Avocado

[/spoilers][spoilers=Land of Bones]

Location of the workbench
Merchandise (Korean): 끈끈한 윤활유
Merchandise (English): Sticky Lubricant

Merchandise (German): Klebriges Schmiermittel

"You can not imagine everything you could do with it..." - Vaas Lobrecht, man about town
Materials Needed:
2x Buffalo Horn
5x Joshua Leaves
50x Beans


Eastern Continent (Harihara)
[spoilers=Rainbow Field]

Location of the workbench
Rare Merchandise
Merchandise (Korean): 씨눈 추출 기름
Merchandise (English): Seed Extract Oil

Merchandise (German): Samenextraktöl

"Even in the Rainbow Field, there are mysteries that can only be solved by scientific calculation and the genius of Hariharan-scientist..." - Shin-Hao Tan, farmer

Materials Needed:
3x Fat Sunflower Seeds
1x Large Curcuma Root
100x Cayenne pepper

[/spoilers][spoilers=Falconry Plateau]

Location of the workbench
Rare Merchandise
Merchandise (Korean): 주술 가공 가죽
Merchandise (English): Enchanted Leather

Merchandise (German): Verzaubertes Leder

"The shamans of the Ferre cause bizarre rituals with their hunted wild animals. I refuse to fall for this superstition, and try to discover the secret of their leather processing with the mind of a scientist on the track... " - Shen Zigong, inventors

Materials Needed:
30x Leather
3x Clover
3x Oily Cottonseed

Sunny Wilderness
Picture material of XLGAMES not enabled!

Rare Merchandise
Merchandise (Korean): 훈연 시킨 열매
Merchandise (English): Smoked With Fruit

Merchandise (German): Räucherfisch mit Obst

"My armed service is my life's work. But with an empty stomach is not good fight. Therefore, this new rations were given to us, who are also after many battles in enemy territory still edible and tasty... " - Maksch Tor-Kesch, commander of the 3rd Rotte
Materials Needed:
4x Colorful Cactus Fruit
100x Figs
4x Sticky Aloe Sludge

[/spoilers][spoilers=Tiger Spine Mountains]

Location of the workbench
Rare Merchandise
Merchandise (Korean): 고급 세공 주괴
Merchandise (English): Craft Bar

Merchandise (German): Handwerksbarren

"What these Ferre employ in their rituals with our ores, is unheard of... added, they look amazingly good after that, but the end does not open up to me. Nor, how they can make such that at all... " - Hamoto Len-Shan, mine overseer

Materials Needed:
1x Pure Copper Ore
1x Pure Silver Ore
30x Ore


Location of the workbench
Rare Merchandise
Merchandise (Korean): 최고급 고무 용액
Merchandise (English): High Quality Rubber Solution

Merchandise (German): Hochwertige Gummilösung

"This material is the future, the black gold of the seal Hariharan Maha Devi is already very popular... especially in Northern Countries... " - Chen Lin-Fao, First Science Officer

Materials Needed:
2x Natural Rubber
2x Robust Banana Fiber
50x Yellow Coral

[/spoilers][spoilers=Sunrise Peninsula]

Location of the workbench
Rare Merchandise
Merchandise (Korean): 황금빛 향신료
Merchandise (English): Golden Spice

Merchandise (German): Goldenes Gewürz

"Only on the Peninsula Sunrise reign the ideal conditions to make this produce truly royal spice. Blessed is the man who can cook his rations with it... "

Materials Needed:
3x Golden Saffron Stems
3x Soft Rosemary Stalks
50x Saffron

[/spoilers][spoilers=Singing Country]

Location of the workbench
Rare Merchandise
Merchandise (Korean): 은은한 꽃 향기 곡주
Merchandise (English): The Delicate Floral Fragrance of Grain Wine

Merchandise (German): Der zarte blumige Duft von Getreidewein

"In a complicated extraction, our perfumers is the incredible success: Capturing the elegant scent of our best wines combined with the fruity notes of cherry. The aphrodisiac effect is incredible, so you should dose it carefully... " - Min Haota, Expert

Materials Needed:
3x Shiny Rice
50x Cherry
2x Dark rye

[/spoilers][spoilers=Ancient Forest]

Location of the workbench
Rare Merchandise
Merchandise (Korean): 고밀도 합성 목재
Merchandise (English): Ship Keel Wood

Merchandise (German): Schiffskielholz

"Our ships are thus more robust... and my bed is to be made ​​from it, arrrr... " - Clive Mogenus, Captain

Materials Needed:
1x Pine
2x0 Ash
30x Wood


Location of the workbench
Rare Merchandise
Merchandise (Korean): 몽롱한 향로
Merchandise (English): Perfume "Star Swarm"

Merchandise (German): Parfum "Sternenschwarm"

"The meaning? It beguiles the mind and the body! The prize? Incredible. The ghosts? You honor me muhahahahaha ... " - Shen Timwe, Shaman

Materials Needed:
3x Fragrant Lilies Dark Roots
3x Scarlet Rose Petals
100x Azalea

[/spoilers][spoilers=Lukas Checkers]

Location of the workbench
Rare Merchandise
Merchandise (Korean): 달콤한 증류주
Merchandise (English): "Sweet Spirits"

Merchandise (German): "Süße Geister"

"* Hic * hic * ... * These spirits ish han beschworn the perso ... * this * glurb cats hamm so niiiischts * hic * see below tuuuun ...." Som-Huk Teo, Royal taster

Materials Needed:
3x Spicy Corn Shell
50x Oats
3x The Intense Sweetness of Carrots

[/spoilers][spoilers=Steppe Belt]

Location of the workbench
Rare Merchandise
Merchandise (Korean): 잎사귀 농축 물약
Merchandise (English): High-Enriched Catalysts (Super Fertilizer)

Merchandise (German): Hochangereicherte Katalysatoren (Super-Dünger)

"We came across a method of Ferre in our studies in the steppe, where the vegetation more growth, leaves and fruits were fed... Although wild but very efficient!" - Hon Mao Tofa, biologist

Materials Needed:
2x Moringa Leaves
3x Thick Mint Leaves
100x Potato

[/spoilers][spoilers=Ruins of Hariharlaya]

Location of the workbench
Rare Merchandise
Merchandise (Korean): 전통 방식 발효액
Merchandise (English): Traditional Fermentation Broth

Merchandise (German): Traditionelle Fermentationsbrühe

"In the ruins we found it ... Our ancestors honor us by their deeds!" - Howa-Te Mowal, archaeologist

Materials Needed:
3x Clean Lotus Blossom
3x Oily Peanut
30x Pepper


Location of the workbench
Rare Merchandise
Merchandise (Korean): 초경량 식물 섬유
Merchandise (English): Light Synthetic Fibers

Merchandise (German): Leichte synthetische Fasern

"There is no lighter garments than this. You think you have nothing more... " - Minata Horawa, servant room

Materials Needed:
3x Soft Duck Feather
2x Bamboo Shoot
30x Fabric




    The Gym Rat

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Delivering the Trading Goods

Now we came to the point which you all wish to know, about how the payment for a successful delivery looks like.


After successfully delivering a trading package to a delivery location you can choose from two payment methods:

  • Gold Coins (ingame basic currency, gold/silver/copper)
  • Delphi Coins (Delphinade Coins)

You can deliver the goods to these points:
[spoilers=Western Continent (Nuian)]

Crescent Throne - Solzreed

City of Memories - Gweonid Forest

Marianople City - Marianople

Izu - Two Crowns

Cross Plains

Long Sand

[/spoilers][spoilers=Eastern Continent (Hariharan)]

Falconry plateau

Rainbow Field

Mahadevi City - Mahadevi

Ostera - Sunrise Peninsula

Pipa port - Singing Country

Caio North - Ynystere

Liberty Island

After listing the delivery points, here are the gold incomes from all trade routes.

  • This is the normal trading revenue per trading box (1 gold property value).
  • For uncommon (+1 gold) and rare (+4 gold) simply add the appropriate amount.
  • For the European version will of course give an exact map with gold and Delphi values.
  • Can be converted into Delphi Coins by approximately 1.25 gold per Dephi.

Check Post nb. 2 for the proper English and Korean names of the trading goods.

Explaining the trading system and doing a risky trade run to the Libery Island:


[spoilers=(German) Trading Video Guides] 
(German) A trade route as an example:

(German) Here's another special with 100 minutes travel from the trade CBT5:




    The Gym Rat

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Transportation of the Trading Goods

This chapter will deal mainly with the various transportation options for the trade boxes.


The number of slots available for trade boxes for different transformation methods:

VehiclesMerchant ShipGalleonSpeed BoatTractorCarBusDonkeyWalking
Land or SeaSeaSeaSeaLandLandLandLandLand
+1 means a trading packs on your back


[spoilers=On Foot]


The first trade routes you will probably have to cover on foot, at least partially. You will quickly realize how much you are being slowed down with this box, by carrying a box it prevents your character from running, so your need to walk. With the Sprint skill (level 5) at least you can (as long as the mana is enough) run some short distances with increased speed (50%). Thus it's advised to use a Donkey mount or a vehicle for faster transportation.


[spoilers=Public Transport]


With public transport you can travel faster through the country. If you caught the exactly routes, then you can finish in a good time your trade run. The Airship and the Taxi/Bus will definitely come handy and you will use them very often.


Public transport paths:





[spoilers=The Donkey Mount]


Just get this beast of burden, when you have completed the second trade route quest line. Alternatively, you can buy the Donkey on Mirage Island for 5x Delphi Stars. More infos about the Donkey can be found in: Mounts and Transportation. The Donkey rides with a ground speed of 4.0 m/s, even with a load on his back, other mounts get slowed down while there is a trading pack on them. At level 20 the Donkey gets another important skill for transportation, the "Carrot on a Stick", I present here in more detail in a video:

With the donkey trade routes should go faster, inland.


[spoilers=The Tractor]

The tractor is a true multi-purpose tool for the player. Not only that  you can water the plants and thus grow faster, it has 4 cargo slots and can be used for transporting packages/goods. The driver itself can also carry a pack on his back while driving, which makes it possible to carry 5x packs with a Tractor, but thats not all, with practice there is still room for some more players to tag along for a ride.


[spoilers=The Merchant Ship]

The Merchant Ship is a relatively fast ship, with which one can express his trading goods over the sea. It can accommodate 20 trading packs, has 2 cannons, which provides some defense, has a radar for monitoring of marine activities and has a skill for quick turns.

You can buy the blueprint for 50x Delphi Stars on Mirage Island or wait for a bargain at the auction house. In addition, you still need 300x Wood Planks, 300x Processed Fabrics and 300x Iron Bars, so that you can build the ship on your own dock.

A lot of coordination and nautical skill is required to safely steer the ship in the (partially hostile) port. Also a good crew is important for bringing the trading goods safely across the seas.


More info about the Merchant Ship can be found in: Ships Guide.


[spoilers=The Galleon, Chinese Galleon, Black Pearl]

Warships provides cargo space for at least four boxes.

More info about the Warships can be found in: Ships Guide.



The Telescope (Radar)

An experienced trader can build a telescope with a skill of 10,000. When using, all the ships are getting revealed to the player on the minimap  within a radius of 1km. This allows the player to coordinate as a trading officer a large trade fleet, if not enough tractors are available at unloading the ships, plan your trade routes a bit better.




for Crafters and Distributors

After much consideration, I've decided not to initially publish this chapter. On the one hand is associated with almost every patch a change to the game, which I would ever end up editing here. Secondly, I want to avoid spoilers and I also do not know which version will appear in the Western version of AA.


for Pirates and Outlaws

After much consideration, I've decided not to initially publish this chapter. On the one hand is associated with almost every patch a change to the game, which I would ever end up editing here. Secondly, I want to avoid spoilers and I also do not know which version will appear in the Western version of AA.



ArcheageTrade - An Addon for a Trader
ArcheageTrade (German, Japanese, Korean)

Plant and calculates your next trade tour.
This tool is primarily aimed at traders, so that they can calculate the potential profit of their next trade route with one click. 

  • All trade boxes at a glance
  • Individual route planning
  • AH prices to advanced calculation
  • Including quota-calculations
I hope you can learn important things from this guide about one of the core features of the game. 

This guide is constantly being updated by Fido and the Germans, and by me too :).
Current Version: ArcheAge KR, Season Update 1 Patch 10 

I believe all aspiring pirates, merchants, crafters, and adventurers will have a lot of fun with this system. 

My big thanks goes to Fido, to Fyonn Windreiter, commercial officer of the guild "West Nuia Trading Company" for the creation and release of the Trade List (Translation of the trade boxes)! You can reach him on the German fansite under his Benuzernamen "Black Watch"!



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The German material names on the pictures in post nb.2 will stay as they are, i don't see the need to translate them to English :P.



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Llexx I'm sure you get told this a lot but mate you're bloody awesome.





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Awesome article, good job



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Nice post LlexX, as usual!:)

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How do you find out which place to deliver the goods to after you make the trade package?




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How do you find out which place to deliver the goods to after you make the trade package?

There isn't a set place for them, you choose where to transfer your packs.



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So I just tried at Marinople and got on air ship then I hit load screen and lost package, can you not take airships?



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"The risky road to fame and...."

Safe zones disagree with you sir.



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Awesome guide and much needed, excellent job!


I did find one issue whereas one of the eastern turn-ins do not exist (see screenshot). It was a pity as I was excited that there may be a turn in I didn't know about. =(





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Awesome guide and much needed, excellent job!


I did find one issue whereas one of the eastern turn-ins do not exist (see screenshot). It was a pity as I was excited that there may be a turn in I didn't know about. =(


Interesting, probably it got removed after a patch.

Thanks for the notice, i will update the guide with the picture you provided.



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Added, for better trade route planning:

[spoilers=Public Transport Paths:]








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