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Strange debuff when logging in. Bug?

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Hello all,


My friend has had something 2 days in a row now. And we cant figure out what it is. Customer support isnt doing anything either, eventhough my friend is japanese herself.


Maybe anyone here can shed some light on this. is it a bug or.?


She logs out. no problems. normal playtimes.

But when she logs back in. Boom, 5 hour debuff, exactly like the one you get in prison.

Cant use skills, etc, nothing. Cant sell/buy. nada.


Obviously this really cuts deep into the gametime. specially when you have to pay for playing.

And Customer support not even being reachable unless its weekdays during office hours.


So, anyone have any idea why this is happening (2 days in a row)

So day 1, log in, boom, debuff 5 hours.

After the 5 hours, she could play normal.

She logs back in today, boom, debuff again for 5 hours.

She didnt do any stealing etc. or anything to get crimepoints (sp?) so it's not some jail effect either.


please help?



btw, the debuff picture is exactly the same as the one you get in prison. The face behind 2 bars.



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Did you get reported?

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I dont think she got reported? she plays normally and hasnt even gotten to the maps yet where she could pvp. She is just questing around the maps.

Reporting her for anything would give her a 5 hour debuff then?


It just sucks because we can only play together on the weekends. and the total time we can play together is now -10 hours, which kinda makes it pointless to pay for a game if we cant play it together >.<

(also i dont speak japanese so i need her to translate my screen :D)



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the problem is many abuse the "Report" debuff over at ArcheAge


myself had to get it over 30 times (almost every day cause i farmed stone and iron for crafting) but i cant explain why she suffers it two times in a row. thats very strange 

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