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Embers Of Caerus (Kickstarter project)

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Become part of a storyline that spans more than a thousand years and change the course of a brutal and dynamic world. Create everything from weapons, armor, ships, shops, and homes, to entire cities and nations. Control everything from local and national laws, taxes, markets, territories and political landscapes. Influence the unfolding and development of the game's storylines and make the world your own. Advance your character in a unique, rich, classless, and level-less skill-based system.
Struggle to survive in a harsh and violent world recently torn asunder by a magical apocalypse. Face challenges that bring new meaning to player versus environment. Encounter natural, magical, and demonic creatures, forces of nature and gods, and other players seeking to advance their own agendas - or simply end yours. Unlock mysteries of the ancient world that can lead to anything, from new skills and spells, to rare resources and valuable items. Discover haunted ruins, fantastic creatures, and deadly traps that can leave you questioning your sanity and your friends' loyalty.
Help restore the temples of the old world's gods, or create your own religion and will a new deity into existence. Spread your patron god's good nature across the world, drawing in support from others - or unleash hellish powers in their name, make others cower before your god's might, and reap fell rewards for your service.
What story will you write into the history of Caerus?[/spoiler]


[spoiler='FEATURES']Medieval low-fantasy MMORPG
Embers of Caerus takes influence from the medieval ages in an attempt to help create a realistic and believable environment... only slightly tainted by magic and meddling gods.
Level-less, classless character advancement
Play and advance your character how you want instead of adhering to preset roles and restrictions!
Massive, seamless, persistent world on one massive server
The world of Caerus is absolutely massive! (approx 44,000 sq km.) It presents countless opportunities for exploration, trade, war, and more! Discover secret locations, hidden treasure troves, dungeons, resources, and absolutely breathtaking hand-crafted landscapes! What is more, it is all hosted on a single world server. Everyone plays on the same server, and has the same chance to shape the world and its story!
"Living World" dynamic ecology
Discover what it's like to live in a world that not only reacts to you, but lives its own life as well! Migrating herbivores, prowling wolf packs, and even roaming bandit gangs share the same world with you!
Dynamic weather and seasons
Weather on Caerus can be unpredictable, beautiful, and sometimes downright ruthless! Each area of the world offers different climates, weather, and challenges!
Rich back-story and player-influenced evolving storylines
Just because it's a sandbox doesn't mean it doesn't have a story! In fact, not only is there a main plot, but also several major subplots and countless small stories to experience and take part in! All of which can have an impact felt by players everywhere!
Dynamic Event Team
We at Forsaken Studios believe nothing replaces good old-fashioned storytelling, and that's why since day one we have planned to unleash a team of experienced GMs to help make the world come to life right before your very eyes!
Immersive first-person view
Not only will you see the world through your character's eyes, but you will experience it as they do! Whether it's a frightening dungeon, or a fight to the death, first-person view puts you in the best seat in the house!
Player skill-driven combat
Make the difference in battle with your personal abilities, not a character level, character age, or a set of magic items you spent 2 weeks grinding dungeons for!
Full loot, open PvP combat
Fight for your own reasons, not just because a storyline tells you your character must hate the other guys, but beware the consequences. Whatever you fight for, don't forget to loot the spoils of war!
Death Hurts
In EoC death hurts, badly. Not only do you drop your gear, but your character has to recover from their wounds before they will be much help to anyone - assuming their body survives their death at all!
Involved, dynamic naval systems
Man ships and help turn the tide of battle! Raise sails, row oars, fire weapons; or just set sail and explore the vast oceans. Beware the terrors of the deep!
Realistic siege warfare
Build siege camps, besiege keeps, castles, fortresses and more with siege engines and tactics. Cut their supply lines and starve them out, or break down the walls and take it by force!
Territorial controls
Claim and manage land, resources, and the towns and cities within! Fight to protect your most valuable assets - your people!
Player-controlled political and legal systems
Set your land's laws as you see fit and have your guards enforce them. Negotiate political agreements with in-game tools, forging alliances, lease agreements, and more!
Player housing and city building
Acquire land and build your home, or perhaps start a town center which could eventually grow into a sprawling city and hub of a nation!
Rich player-controlled market and economy
Nearly every item is either created or supplied by players. Invest in resources, goods, or the businesses themselves, become a rich tycoon, or just strive to crash the market of your competitor to make them an easier target for the local bandits.
Extensive crafting systems
Gather and refine raw resources into usable goods. Create each piece individually with exceptional care that brings in extreme prices, or manage your own workshop that mass produces high-demand goods. Whatever niche you choose, rest assured each and every piece you create has a purpose, and someone out there needs it!
Unique and challenging magic system
Magic is a very rare and extremely powerful tool. No longer are you limited to just combat magic like fireballs and lightning bolts; instead show the world what a real magi is capable of. Just be wary of the dangers that come with being one!
Player-influenced or created religions
Found your own religion and gather support in an effort to will a deity into existence to watch down over you from the heavens, empowering you in return for your service; or choose to resurrect one of the old gods and set out on quests to discover how to raise them from their eternal grave!
Dozens of professions
Decide whether to specialize in a single profession or instead spread your efforts across many, ranging from crafting, farming, gathering, alchemy, engineering, and many more!



[spoiler='The Vision <-Interesting!']As Forsaken Studios creative director, I have the honor of helping focus the team’s efforts and influencing the overall design of our game and its mechanics and systems. No small task, nor is it one I take lightly, but it is one that I believe warrants an introduction of myself to the community, and a briefing on the goals and aim of the project, as well as what I will do to help ensure this game is the one that so many of us have been waiting for..

You probably noticed I said ‘us’. That is because I myself am a long-time gamer, having spent more than 15 years of my life playing MMOs of all kinds. Theme-park, sandbox, PvE, PvP; you name it, I've probably tried it. I have been in dozens of guilds and clans, and led my share of them. I've been a fairly quiet, mostly positive presence in many game communities over the years, and if I were to tell you my screen names many of you would probably recognize one or two of them, particularly those of you from some of the newer games out there. But I digress; my point is that I am, and have been for quite some time, one of you. I have been up well into the morning and late to work because of games that I fell in love with, and communities that demanded my response to that one last post before I ran out the door. Most importantly though, I am a father of three children, and I have a life that demands my attention outside of my monitor from time to time. That gives me an understanding of what ‘casual’ gamers are looking for and need, no matter how 'hard-core' a gamer I might want to be. All of that combined gives me an excellent perspective for understanding where the players – you guys – are coming from when you discuss what it is you want from a game. I plan to put that experience with the games and the communities to good use and help develop a game that you will love, even as you curse us for making you late to work or miss hours of sleep.

Let me add that these are the goals and intended end results that I am shooting for, not necessarily a promise that the game will be like this. Rather, this is my personal promise to you all that I will do everything I can to guide the project towards these and other similar goals, and how I envision it in my mind. However, we have a long road ahead of us, and there are obstacles and technical limitations that we cannot predict waiting for us around every corner. I ask for your support, understanding, constructive criticism, and, most importantly, your suggestions to help us make the game better for everyone.

First and foremost, I want to belay any fears or concerns that we, like many open PvP sandbox-style games out there, will be focused solely on combat. Combat is great, but we are well aware it is not the only element of great games. It is, of course, an important feature of the game, and we are absolutely going to do our best to ensure that it is smooth, intuitive, and fun. However, harbor no doubts; it will not be all our game has to offer. You will not be playing a game that is built around combat, where the entire point and purpose of playing is to either battle or support battles, and endless or pointless wars.

It is my goal to provide players with a rich and fulfilling economy in which every item is created or handled by players. That massive economy will play a part not only in players’ personal adventures, but also player-founded cities and NPC cities. I intend for it to feel like, finally, the NPCs are living in your world, and not the other way around. When we say we're giving you the sand and tools to make what you want of the world, we're not kidding, and your fellow players and the NPCs will be affected by what you do with those tools. Even if it means a city’s population starves or emigrates to somewhere that will better meet their and their families’ needs, leaving a veritable ghost town behind. The crafting system we have planned is one of the most daunting tasks we have ahead of us, and not just because we made a single profession have tens of thousands of options that result in only a handful of items actually being useful. Instead, it is because we are taking our time to ensure that every item has a purpose, a value, and is actually useful. Say goodbye to lists of filler crafting items to increase your profession’s skills to get to the useful items at the bottom of the list, and say hello to professions that, from beginning to end, are useful, needed, and not only a viable play-style, but a deep and fulfilling one. Whether your calling is to be a shipbuilder, an engineer, architect, doctor, apothecary, alchemist, miner, forester, hunter, farmer, brewer, tailor, jeweler, smith, fisherman, chef, or carpenter, you will find your profession is as important to the game world as the next. Everyone will have a purpose and role to fill that is kept in demand by a well-balanced economy and realistic world. That, to me, is how a player-driven economy should be.

Territory and politics are not forgotten either, and are some of the most commonly discussed topics within the team. I am personally working on territory systems that I hope will not only give players the ability to stake and shape their claim on the world, but build it into a kingdom or remain as a small city-state that keeps to itself at their leisure. No more 3 a.m. alarm clock raids on enemies’ territories to take advantage of time zone differences. The territory system has features planned to ensure that wars are not won in an odd-hour raid, but through tactics, attrition, and skill, with the needed support of strong economies and logistics. Expand your borders by force, trade, or political dealings, and defend your own with walls, defensive towers, outposts, keeps, castles and fortresses and NPC guards patrolling under your orders. Enlist player-run mercenary guilds to serve in your guard forces, militia, or army, if you can afford them. Set and enforce every law as you wish in your land instead of abiding by laws set by the NPCs. Raise taxes to make your coffers swell in preparation for war or expeditions into the unknown, or lower them to promote growth and try to steal citizens from your neighbors. Bear your land’s heraldry on your shields, cloaks, and flags, identifying yourself as a defender of your liege’s honor or raise a rebellion and fly your own flag as you vie for control of the capitol. Enter into negotiations for peaceful terms and trade agreements or enact embargoes and close your borders to your neighbor under the penalty of death. These are just some of the choices, the options, the possibilities that I hope to bring to you. War and endless PvP need not be the only answer, not when we offer so many tools for you to make the world what you want – and, I assure you, that is just a glimpse of my goals.

What if the mundane is not for you? What if you don't fancy yourself a farmer or a warrior? Well, perhaps exploration suits you, and we have you covered there as well. With a massive world planned, multiple continents each serve as a unique environment in their own right. They are separated by unforgiving oceans that hide countless islands, with uncharted areas that you could find yourself lost in due to navigational errors or relentless storms. More of a scholar? No problem! Hidden throughout the entire world we will have relics of the old world for you to search for, gather, and study. It's not just an egg hunt though, as items you find may change the course of the world, unlock new skills or recipes for crafting, reveal details to help you find lost areas of the world, or explain how to defeat a legendary beast that is ravaging your homeland. And all of this in a unique language that you have to collect pieces of and use your brain to decipher. Don't bother with Google though – it’s not a real world language, nor does it draw influence from one! You never know, you might uncover the secret to a new magic spell in some lost ruin that might bring you riches you’ve only dreamed of on the player-controlled market. Be cautious however; you never know when that simple cave you're wandering into might turn out to be the home of an ancient evil.

So the bit about magic caught your attention did it? The magic system we'd like to unleash is something that I have never seen in my MMOing ‘career’ before. It brings to light the fact that magic is useful for more than just roasting opponents. Utility and versatility is a magi's bread and butter. Make no mistake though: a magi is not to be trifled with. They have the ability to build and customize their own spells with the components that they gather and keep in their spell books. This allows them to create truly devastating spells that are so powerful they are as likely to rip the magi apart as turn you into a pile of ash... or just light the candle next to you and laugh as you pee your pants. They are not all powerful however. They have limits, and magi sometimes face hardships beyond what the average person could imagine as a punishment for what disciples see as blasphemy.

What's a disciple? Well, don't worry, it's not a class. I would never dare ruin such a dream by boxing players into set roles and skill sets. It's just one more path a player can choose to walk down. In this path, players devote their lives to the worship of a deity in return for gifts and aid – often in the form of magic which the disciple can call down to aid them or others, or smite the wicked... or the pesky good guys. However, the deities have all vanished from the heavens somewhere in the midst of the main plot and it will take incredible determination, dedication, a lot of followers – and likely some good old fashioned sacrifices – to summon an old god back to their rightful place where they can look down over us pitiful mortals. Players also will have the ability to create their own religions and attempt to gain enough support from others to actually will a new god into existence. Deities are fickle though, and disciples will need to work to earn their newly-summoned god’s favor. You, after all, don't control the deities’ actions, so be careful what you wish for, especially if your newly-summoned deity has a twisted sense of humor.

About that plot. Just because this is a sandbox style game doesn't mean there is no main storyline. In fact, the entire world is the way it is because of a story that stretches over thousands of years that all lead up to the point in time when you enter the world and help decide the course of the story from there on. Will you be a hero, a villain, or maybe just the farmer in the middle of nowhere, tending your crops? Better pray that group of adventurers that just ran by doesn't stir up more trouble for your harvest! The main story is just one single piece of the massive puzzle, as there are countless off-shoots of lore and history in the works for you to enjoy and partake of, as well as dynamic events planned to occur randomly, based on certain requirements being met, or by the discretion of a team dedicated solely to making the world seem alive and forever changing.

Speaking of the world being alive, let’s not forget the creatures of the world, from the simple critters scurrying past your feet to hide beneath a bush, to the herbivores struggling to survive and migrating to find food and water. Even the predators that follow and track their prey will seem real – especially if it is you they are hunting. There is, after all, a reason fences and walls were invented. Just because you are in your village doesn't mean you're safe from the hungry hunter. I haven't even mentioned the multitude of legendary creatures, but there will be a variety. Some will lie in wait, hidden away from the world except for when they need to eat, or breed... Others may actively hunt other creatures, or even players, attack villages and possibly even castles. Someone really should track that beast down that keeps destroying your neighbor’s farm, but are you going to do it without an army? Maybe it's better to just post it on the tavern’s notice-board and see if some group of heroes is up to the challenge. Might want to do something about it soon though, as the population of NPCs in the city is dwindling, they're all scared and leaving for safer pastures. Yep, that's right – I even want the NPCs to react to the world around them, and ask for your help if they have nowhere else to turn. Don't worry though – no exclamation or question marks over their heads. You will actually have to socialize, if that's your thing, to find out if someone needs help or has a task that needs doing. Just don't take too long getting back to your estate. You know what they say about the mice when the cat’s away. Someone needs to keep those slaves, servants, and hirelings in line. You did remember to restock their food and water stores, make sure they had the materials and tools they needed before you left to drag your gladiator off to the city arena to try to make some gold off his blood, right? Let’s hope the new guards do better at keeping vermin and beasts out of your mine this time. It took days to clear them out and clean up the blood and bones of the last work force you lost. Ah... the simple joys of a game world that seemingly lives and breathes.

I honestly could go on for several more paragraphs, but I think it's best to leave some things for later. Having said all that, this is my vision, my take on that game I and so many others have been looking for. It may take a while yet, but you have my word: it will be worth the wait, especially if I have anything to say about it. So if you share my interest in the game that I just described, if you enjoyed the bits of my vision of what this game should be, then you have found the right place. Just don't blame me when you're losing sleep or are late to work!

I certainly hope this little post gave you a bit of insight into my vision and the sort of goals that I have set for the team. Most importantly, I hope that it helped clear up any assumptions or rumors about what we're intending or what the game is all about. I look forward to seeing this community develop with your help and support, and please, spread the word about what we're trying to accomplish here.

Rob Steele - Creative Director



[spoiler='Blog for Magic in EoC']

By Lorenzo Asselman, Game Designer

Hello there, I'm Lorenzo Asselman, a game designer for Forsaken Studios. Primarily I work on the magic systems in the game. In today's blog I will give you a brief overview of the different magic systems we have planned for Embers of Caerus.

I know many of you are eagerly awaiting information about the magic system, so let me start by saying, 'In a world of embers, where magic is feared and oft shunned, it brings unique and great powers to those that dare seek to control it despite the condemnation from many.'

Magic in EoC is intended to be powerful, fun, dangerous and, above all, meaningful. To achieve this we started by abandoning the traditional magic system which you find in nearly every other MMO out there. We've created something I personally feel is awesome and very unique.

This blog is my attempt to share a general overview of what the various magic systems will be like in EoC; however don't expect intricate details. And so, without further ado... I give you Disciple, Magi, and Ritual magic.


The Disciple System

Disciples are most akin to clerics in other games. They gain their power directly from their deities and often seek to bring new followers to their religion. What methods they use to bring new worshipers into their religion is largely up to the player controlling the disciple; however it comes as no surprise that a deity of Water and Life would prefer peaceful methods, while one of Death and Fire would not be against using force.

As you might expect, disciple magic is fully tied into the religion system and is heavily influenced by the prosperity of the character’s religion. The specifics of that system I will leave for another day, as this blog will be long enough without all the tie-ins. 

A disciple's life is much simpler and safer than the path of a Magi. This is because disciples do not weave the threads of the universe themselves, but rather call down aid from their deity. Naturally, the spells available to them are restricted to their deities’ own abilities and power. Because disciples do not cast spells themselves, the power that they can call down can sometimes exceed that which a magi could ever hope to command and, in addition, the disciple does not face the trouble that is drawn to a magi. It is for this reason that disciples are largely more accepted by society and considered safer to have around. However, the power disciples can call on is affected by their deities’ strength as well as their own faith. The more followers and sites dedicated to a deity, the more powerful they become, which increases not only the potency of their magic, but allows for a wider variety of spells available to a worthy disciple.


The Magi System


Magi are considered to be among the most powerful beings that roam the face of Caerus. They can wield destructive or creative powers beyond what most can fathom, but many consider their power as much of a curse as a blessing and cite the undeniable danger that follows in their wake. Additionally, the more powerful a magi grows the more dangerous they are to themselves and those around them, in more ways than one.

Magi are known to attract unwanted attention and trouble simply by being present, and the act of casting spells typically only makes things worse. In most cases the darkness that comes for them seeks only to consume the magi, but in rare cases it has been known to destroy anyone or anything that stands in the way. It is these instances that fuel many people’s fear of magi, as even a magi with the best intentionscan bring doom to a village. Because of this, magi are often hated, shunned, and even hunted by many inhabitants of Caerus. Magi devote their lives to the study of the weave, the very fabric of the universe, comprised of the eight threads.

While disciples only have access to the two threads that their deity controls, a magi can command all of them. Weaving their spells together by manipulating the threads, they can create a blazing inferno or light a single candle. Of course with all of the threads at their disposal, destruction is not all they are capable of, however I will leave you to speculate on the rest for now.



The Rituals System

While both magi and disciples can perform rituals, it is important to note the differences caused by the different methods of spell casting. The disciple asks, even begs, his patron deity for aid. The magis however, take matters into their own hands and manipulate the weave themselves. They do share a few core similarities which I will reveal today. The more in-depth details, however, will be left for another blog.

Rituals must be discovered by magi, often by searching for and deciphering ancient tomes, while in the case of disciples the methods to perform particular rituals are often gifted to them by their deity if they have proven themselves worthy.To begin a ritual, a magical site is required. For magis this would be a magical circle or other powerful marking, often at a specific location of power. In the case of disciples, this is a place of worship where the deity is venerated by the disciples and where the request is to be answered. 

Rituals are meant to be cooperative events achieved only through the combined effort of either magi or disciples. Because of the fundamental differences between the two types of casters, and deities’ general dislike for magi, they are not able to assist each other in rituals. Through the combined effort of disciples or magi, rituals are able to perform mind blowing feats of epic proportions... if they are successful. If they fail however... well let’s just say that failed rituals have epic consequences.

That’s it for today’s blog and I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing about this interesting feature of our game.

Embers of Caerus is a game in development. Any feature mentioned above is subject to review and testing, and may change between now and launch. We at Forsaken Studios believe in bringing a complete and fully polished game, and therefore changes may be deemed necessary at times. We are listening to your feedback, and will continue to make improvements where necessary.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to your comments,

Lorenzo Asselman
Game Designer 
Embers of Caerus



Well there are many more to read from the official site.

Btw u can check some videos from their site HERE.


Well it looks a promising sandbox MMORPG  BUT it's too soon to know if they can finaly do most of the things they would like to. Plus for now the graphics isnt something that appeals me much but its really too soon to know the final product.

PS: I was thinking of making a topic here(gaming section) summarizing some upcoming mmorpgs that looks interesting, for example:( Revival,Embers of Caerus,Bless,EverQuest Next,Greed Monger,Pathfinder,Black Dessert,,Archage (well its not in west market yet so its an upcoming mmorpg for most of us :P ) etc etc )
Not sure if i can achieve much by making such a topic since bigger titles has already their own topic, i was mostly thinking of making a topic with the titles, the possible release date if we got even a piece of information about it,some core features or something like that.

If u think its a good idea i can try doing it one of these days, and u can help me make it better if needed.


Edit: Updated some infos about Magic in the game



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Release in 2016, i will come back to this thread later :)

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Kickstarted this one a while ago. Development is looking a bit troubled at the moment so I wouldn't be surprised if this one tanks sadly.



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The Single-Player Exploration demo is now live

"It is still very early/rough, but we hope you enjoy it!"