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Trion's ArcheAge Community Q&A 28.03

Trion community Q&A News interview update western EU NA

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Scapes and Amary: 

ArcheAge Community Q&A and Alpha Invite Giveaway


   Greetings ArcheAge fans!

While we're reworking our livestream format, ArcheAge won't be featured on the Trion Worlds Twitch.tv channel this week. However, don't get to thinking we're ignoring you today! In lieu of a livestream, we've created this Q&A thread for you to ask your utmost burning ArcheAge question. Plus, participating will earn you a chance at an invitation to the ArcheAge alpha test! We'll be randomly giving away alpha invites to three lucky inquiring minds.

A few guidelines before we get started:

  • Please only include one question in your post as we want to let lots of voices chime in on what they're curious about.
  • Though some topics may have answers that are a little ways out yet, we'll respond to as many as we can.
  • Given the vast number of ArcheAge fans, it's likely we will not be able to answer everyone's question (at least not immediately).
  • Note that posting multiple times in the thread will not increase your chances so please don't do it.
  • The alpha invites will actually be granted when we get to that stage of testing.
  • This thread will be locked to new posts today at 3:00 PM Pacific. The winners and a repost of questions and answers will be published afterwards.
  • This won't be our only giveaway event or formal Q&A thread, we're just getting started!

With those caveats in mind, please tell us what you want to learn about ArcheAge and good luck!

EDIT: We're seeing a lot of repeats! Don't feel badly if your question doesn't get answered, we may have already answered it. We'll compile the questions and answers afterwards.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who joined us today! We'll collect the questions and answers, combining duplicates, and add it to a collective FAQ article. We'll continue to see which questions we missed but if we don't get to yours, don't fret: just means it was already asked or is a topic we aren't quite ready to address yet (but will).

RESULTS: Again, a big thank you to the ArcheAge community for a fantastic turnout! At more than 500 posts in two hours, it's stunning to already see transcriptions popping up. By way of random number generation, we'd like to publicly congratulate ZenakuOskar, and LogicGamingCorp on being our lucky alpha invitees! This is just the start of the alpha invite giveaways we have planned; be sure to keep a close eye on our website, forums, Twitter, and Facebook for the latest ArcheAge developments.

If you've just joined the forums, be sure to introduce yourself to the community! See you online! 




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Summary of the Q&A:



Scapes answers:


1. How much control do you guys have over the cash shop?

Lots, actually. We decide what's in it and at what price, simple as that.


2. Question: I saw in a video a while back that XLGames was working on costumes specific for the western audience. Is that still true and if so will there be a lot of NA/EU unique costumes on the cash shop or just a few?

We've been talking with XLGames about cosmetics as part of the game's westernization. That said, whether they'll be unique to our regions remains to be seen. That said...

3. Will there be any special items unique to the NA/EU release?
We'll have more on any specifically unique Trion Worlds additions closer to launch.


4. Will changes from player suggestions be applied to the western version after discussions between XLGames and Trion in the future?

We're paying a lot of attention to player feedback throughout our test phases. While one-to-one implementations of player suggestions may not be feasible, community input certainly is part of our discussions.


5. Is there a huge concern for Trion about bots/gold sellers and any tools or practices you guys have been brainstorming to help combat this? Cheers smile.png

We've been monitoring what's happening with other publishers but it isn't our place to comment on their services. With that in mind, we're definitely aware it's a concern.


6. My main question:.. Is Trion working towards creating a founders pack/premium access for Archeage?IF yes, Is it possible to give what it may or may not have and how it will affect the game especially for housing / claiming lands with scarecrows etc? Thanks!

Yes! We are working on pre-launch packages. We'll have specifics on the contents closer to when they are available.


7. How viable will it be to be solely a crafter in this release?

It's not only viable, we've had internal testers try it out.


8. Where you will host the EU Servers?
We will have North American and European server farms but it's policy to not specify where exactly.


9. How many test phases you are expecting to have until release?

While the actual number of test events hasn't been revealed yet, the test phase order is as follows:
Internal -> Friends & Family -> Alpha -> Closed Beta -> Open Beta -> Launch
While this may seem generic, the Alpha is currently set to continue through Closed Beta.


10. Can u allready confirm that Archeage will be awesome here in the west ?
Absolutely yes. Fully confirmed.


11. Do you intend to have language specific servers come launch? => A German server for the german community, etc. 
(I hope not, to be perfectly honest).

No, we do not plan to have language-specific servers.


12. As always my concern is with locked factions, I was curious if you had tested any unlocked-faction servers... or really if there is going to be multiple server types?

If by locked factions you mean having certain races as allies and foes of each other, we don't plan to change that at this time.


13. As a follow up to Westeller's question and to Amary's answer: Can the musical compositions be useful in ways outside of their immersion/fun factor? For example, as buffs, etc. Thank you kindly!

While musical instruments can be used for buffs and debuffs, I'm not certain if compositions can. Good question.


14. Can you build a house and farm anywhere in the world, or is there only certain land spots that you can use to build things?

There are set building zones where you can construct houses or farms. Most of them are on the map but some... aren't!


15. are there any hidden skill points, that i can unlock ?

None that we can think of, nope.


16. Are there plans for different ruleset servers such as open PVP, role-play, and other types?

No, we don't plan to have servers with specific rulesets.


17. Any info on blocking Russian IPs?

While our plans do not currently involve IP blocking, it's actually the developer's decision.


18. What is the "1" feature of the Sandbox gameplay that you enjoy the most and why?

Personally looking forward to building a ship with friends, seeing it launch, and then setting off to the horizon with every cannon manned.


19. If you get kicked out of your faction for committing a crime, is there any way to rejoin it?

Yes, you can rejoin your faction but it's a long, hard road from piracy back to being an upstanding citizen. Also, one crime does not a pirate make.


20. Here's my question: Will there be any "Add-ons"?
Like how WoW has the Curse Client?

We're considering add-ons but as a post-launch feature only.




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21. I know sieges have not yet been implemented into the game but I was wondering, would XLgames and TRION ever think of doing a siege castle near an ocean? So as to have a sea battle alongside gliders and land battles?
Your thoughts on this?

Actually, one of the castles we showcased in our GDC 2014 demo was by a body of water, allowing for ship-to-land attacks.


22. What are you're takes on the AH and how it effects player interaction?  ^_^

I'd say the Auction House is the beating heart of the game's economy. In a game built around crafting, that makes it very important to how players interact.


23. My only question is are you going to use the same balance build as the other reigns or can you adjust these? In pvp you can pretty much one shot people, having a little time to react would add very competitive play

Class balance is obviously important to us. While our early test phases will likely use what's already live, that doesn't necessarily mean we'll launch that way. Player feedback during testing will be important here!


24. But I want to question about the possibility to have PvP Servers, not only PvP zones.

Technically, all ArcheAge servers are PvP servers. You can attack your own faction if you're so inclined.


25. Will Fansites get Alpha Keys to giveaway? For Contributors?

Absolutely, yes.


26. Question: Can you keep dancing while attacking/engaging in combat? i know that you can move while dancing and it could be interesting to attack while dancing smile.png

I remember trying this during the livestream demo last week but can't recall the results. FireCait is testing it now... nope.

HOWEVER, you can definitely dance while moving in all directions which changes the dance moves. Same with swimming, different moves for different movements.


27. And what about loyal Rift streamers on Twitch who used to get stuff to give away and have been around for years? :-)

If they show interest in ArcheAge, yes.


28. Will there be character wipes between each testing phase? For example, between closed beta and open beta, or open beta and launch, etc.?

There will definitely be a wipe before launch. Wipes between test phases TBD.


29. what kind of things have changes from the westernization of acheage/

Beyond the more than 1,500,000 words of translated text and reinterpreted quests? We're also working with XL Games to adjust the item shop in the interest of making it so that the best equipment in the game is crafted.


30. Hi I am really intrigued and intrested in the house and farming aspect of the game.My question is: what will the farming really do for you in-game as a +? does your harvests give you boosts or something? or is it just a waste of time? ty for your time. smile.png I would have alot more questions but 1 is enough for now wink.png

Farming generates valuable resources which can be used for crafting or selling.


31. I saw a post on MMORPG.com that said the Russian version received an update that made the game a lot less like a true Sandbox-type MMO, limiting certain content. Will the North American team's updates follow the same, already existing path that the other team has followed? Or are you guys allowed to add your own special content to the mix?

We're committed to making ArcheAge a sandbox MMO experience in the west, as is XL Games. We're working with the developers toward that end.


32. Is this game have cinematic for the story quest !!?

Yes! There are quest cutscenes with localized voiceovers.


33. which will be the highest level?

Currently, the level cap will be 50 at launch.


34. Will we see other Races this Year maybe? Dwarf / Warborns?

Let's start with launching the game.


35. Previously Archeage was upgraded from Cryengine2 to Cryengine3. Does the developer have plans to upgrade to Cryengine4 in the future? This would make even more awesome graphics.

No plans to change engines at this time.


36. Will one sole player own a kingdom and be able to tax the players? Or will each player's home be their own seperate "kingdoms" and be charged tax by system itself?

Yes, the continent of Auroria will have territories upon which castles can be built by a player (or realistically a guild). All players who engage in activities on their land will pay taxes to that guild.


37. My Question is about the Customer support/Judgment system, find some one exploiting/hacking who do I report the issue to,the in game Judgment/Trial system or make a ticket? both would be cool IMO, a account suspension and then have to go to jail when you get back in would make people less likely to do the bad things. bonus question: what is the turn around time on trouble tickets?

Both! But be sure to report exploits to our Support Team (when we get to that stage).


38. Which equipments will be more worthy to get? The crafted ones or that we get in instances and raids?

Generally crafted equipment, but high-end group PvE drops are up there too.


39. will be possible to transfer character of Russian server to the American server?


No, characters and accounts are not transferable between publisher services.


40. I myself am looking forward to this game. I noticed you can have about three classes at one times. I was wondering if I decide to be a mage, will I be able to use swords and daggers?
One last question. Since it will be a F2P, would you always keep on a lookout about gold seller and such?


Yes and yes!


41. Question: Will there be a restriction for the amount of member for a guild?

Yes, the number is yet to be finalized.


42. Release date while i am still young?

ArcheAge is launching in the west in 2014.





Thanks to everyone who joined us today! We'll collect the questions and answers, combining duplicates, and add it to a collective FAQ document.



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Amary's answers:


1. Well, this is really only a small question, but.... As I've mentioned before, one of the friends I've been ranting to lately about ArcheAge was really interested in the game's composing system. There was a video shared about it awhile back that showed a bit of the skill and talked about the notes, but my friend noticed the sheet in the video was limited to 200 characters, and was very concerned about that. Is 200 characters the limit, or can it go higher?

The Composition system is attached to a skill much like Carpentry, Mining, etc. in ArcheAge. It can be leveled (by creating sheet music; compositions that can be played by yourself or sold/traded to other characters for them to use!) through the same skill tiers as other crafting skills.

At each skill tier for Composition, the length of the sheet music the player can write increases; in the 40-50,000 skill tier, the length of a composition maxes at 1,000 characters.

Bonus info: 
Playing these compositions also requires the skill. You cannot play sheet music of a higher composition skill than your own. Playing a composition made at an equal skill level to your own can result in missed notes, wrong notes, out of tune... Below your skill tier, one can expect perfect performances. 


2. I hope this isn't a stupid thing to ask... but what will be the cap on the max of Labor Points we can have on our player accounts?

The cap on Labor points actually increases as you use it. Also keep in mind the pool of points is shared between the characters on an account:

A brand-new account starts with a cap of 1000. The maximum Labor pool cap is 5000.

Labor point cap is increased by spending labor; for every 100 Labor you spend, the cap goes up by 10 until it reaches 5000.


3. As a follow up to Westeller's question and to Amary's answer: Can the musical compositions be useful in ways outside of their immersion/fun factor? For example, as buffs, etc. Thank you kindly!

Compositions do not have gameplay mechanic effects other than making you look/sound completely awesome and potentially destroying your enemies with how metal you are.


4. I don't really understand how Archeage's economy works. You guys said it was a player driven economy so does that mean that the players have to farm and do agriculture and sell it to other players and with trade ships/trade carts and will players be able to take them over and steal merchandice? Is there a limit on how much raw goods you can make/sell? Thanks

Let's see if I can get a decent summary within a reasonable post length... smile.png

It goes something like this:
Ultimately, the best gear in the game is crafted. So are a lot of other cool things, like fishing poles, or glider upgrades, or vehicles. Crafting is the sole source of many/most of these objects.

Subcomponents for the above objects that can only be obtained through crafting, require materials that cannot be bought from NPCs/vendors. They must be grown/harvested/gathered/farmed by players.

Player grown/obtained subcomponents go into player crafted items (that can only be gotten through crafting) which are then supplied to other players. smile.png

Trade packs are related. The packs are crafted from, again, materials that cannot be bought from NPCs. These packs can be transported and turned in for rewards, gold, etc. There is incentive for other players to want to take these from you and turn them in for the rewards themselves.

The only limit on the amount of raw goods you can make is the amount of labor you have available to make them with; crafting requires labor. The only limit on how much you can sell is the amount you can transport safely -- that said, if too many people are selling too many of the same items on a trade route, the NPC offered value for those items will decrease.


5. What is the "1" feature of the Sandbox gameplay that you enjoy the most and why?

Non instanced player housing. I like feeling like I "own" a real location in the game and that anyone passing through will see my house/farm and what I'm growing or how I've decorated. 


6. Hi! I was wondering if there's any information about changing classes in the game, after you have already selected the 3 of them.

There are Skill Manager NPCs in town who will allow you to swap out any or all of your class trees for another. Each tree gains levels separately, so keep this in mind: if you're level 50 and swap out one of your class trees, it'll be lower power than your other trees until you level it up! Trees that have been swapped out in favor of another will retain their levels.

Additionally, you can "respec" where your points are spent in a class tree at any time from the classes window.


7. Will the second and third classes you choose have any restrictions to them as compared to the first class you chose, as in higher cooldowns than normal, less damage, etc?

Nope, choosing additional classes just gives you more abilities (active and passive) to choose to spend points in. 


8. Is it possible for 1 toon to only master 3 classes, or can they learn more?

You can gain experience and level up any or all of the available class trees; when a tree is not active, they still retain their levels, so given the time and dedication you can definitely master all of them. 


9. Is there any chance Labor Points will be removed the game entirely and if not do you feel the set regen/total amount of LP you can get is enough to not feel restrictive in a sandbox environment?

Labor Points will stay, but we have been experimenting with labor regen values to find reasonable amounts that still feel fun.


10. will there be 24 hours support in first few month when Archeage NA/EU open so we can report Bug and any fault that they have in game or any help when you get stuck ect.rolleyes.png

Customer Support is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. smile.png

All characters also have an ability (with a variety of conditions on it) that will teleport them to the nearest respawn point if they get stuck. A similar one exists for pets stuck in terrain. 


11. Having watched this game from afar, and got really interested with every single youtube video, forum post and graphical imagery that my eyes gazed upon... How hard would it be to implement shared housing? 

I am going to be playing this with my Fiance and would love to mark my territory!

Housing and Farms can already be set to different access levels to include friends list, family (you can designate "family members), and guild members. The owning player will still need to pay the taxes, however, and can allow or disallow others from picking up decor. 


12. Will game-masters (GMs) be official Trion staff working out of a Trion office or possibly recruited from/by the community?

GMs are Trion employees working out of our Austin office. 


13. Will there be any class specific items ?

There are items that give bonuses to certain class abilities.

But someone slinging fireballs from the sorcery skill tree can do so while wearing plate armor or a 2-handed katana or no pants or full matched cloth set. Armor types (cloth/leather/plate) give set bonuses that benefit certain types of skills more or less depending on how many pieces you have equipped.


14. My question is:
Will be there any PvE naval battles, or battlegrounds including it?

The ocean is not instanced, and some PvE content does take place there -- the Kraken, for instance. Although... nothing stops another ship from showing up hunting the more humanoid population of the seas. 


15. What are 1 or 2 of the toughest (or maybe even most hilarious) things you ran into when translating to English? Any interesting “Donkey Kong” should have been named “Monkey King” type stories?

This is one of my best stories. The quest involved has actually changed in story since this happened, and had to be re-edited which makes me sad. frown.pngKeep in mind, the first step for loc editing is to get a rough bulk translation from Korean > English, and then have our editors revise it from there with in-game context, etc.

So I'm working on a zone.

This dude is all "hey I got this amazing business deal for you, trust me we are gonna make SO MUCH MONEY. I need you to bring me some of those ostrich feedbags."
Okay, that's cool, this guy wants bags of ostrich food. I can deal with this. Let's go find 'em.

... The game wants me to kill ostriches to obtain these feedbags. Why... How are the ostriches carrying bags of food? Are they like, around their necks? Okay... suspension of disbelief, I got this...

Kill ostriches. Obtain feedbags. Bring them back to the questgiver.

Dude is like "AWESOME, you are the best, check out this SWEET LUTE I just made from these!! We can sell it in the next town and get mega rich!" ... He just made a lute out of bags of ostrich food?

It took a good 10 minutes of trying to figure out how to edit this into something that made sense before I realized:

"Feedbag" > "Bag/Sack of Food" > "Stomach/Guts" > Using animal gut in the making of instruments.

I've got more stories like this, trust me. 





I also want to give a thumbs up to the community members who chimed in with answers on this thread. I love seeing that people who know and care about the game are interested in giving info and support to the people who are just now learning. smile.png Thank you!



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Awesome LlexX, thank you .... just wish the trion people would tell nekrage to stop loool



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Damn, you're quick!
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Damn, you're quick!

Well, i need to keep my folks updated ;)


Thanks for the Q&A btw, we learned a lot from it!



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Aww, Llexx didn't want any of my answers. ;)



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Aww, Llexx didn't want any of my answers. ;)

Actually, working on it, few minutes and they are ready :)


Sorry for slacking :P



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Thanks LlexX and Scapes. Really good questions with good answers.



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Awesome LlexX, thank you .... just wish the trion people would tell nekrage to stop loool

Thought to include his answer as well :P, but since you broke my "post reservation mechanics", i've decided not to :)



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Thought to include his answer as well :P, but since you broke my "post reservation mechanics", i've decided not to :)

lool my bad




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Great post LlexX. Seems like I missed a lot ;)

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Thank You Llex, Scapes and Amary. Good info (and lightning fast typing on Llex's part) :)



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Thanks Llexx, I work during the day, so I always miss out on these Q&A's, now I can catch up on what I missed. 



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Thanks LlexX.

Gratz Oskar!

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That was a good Q&A Scapes ! Thank you !



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  This is a good start for the new CM...not a lot to sink teeth into, but a lot of good communication, at least.


        Let's hope for some sort of schedule or specific dates soon.

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