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[Guide] DP's Super Duper Mega FAQ for Returning/New Players

FAQ Guiide

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Hi everyone,


After watching Archeage since the Korean release and after tuning into the NA livestreams since they started up, I’ve decided to write down the information that I’ve gleaned from observing and asking questions. I’d be extremely grateful if any community members with alpha access/more experience could correct me if I’ve gotten the wrong end of the stick on something. If you have a question that I have missed, also please do post it and I will do my best to answer as well as include it in the FAQ.


C&C is also welcomed. :)


I also plan to add to this as time goes on and I watch more live streams!


Thanks and enjoy!







1.0 Characters

2.0 Factions

3.0 PVP

4.0 Gliders

5.0 Housing

6.0 World Bosses

7.0 Farming

8.0 Class System

9.0 Tradeskills

10.0 Mounts

11.0 Boats

12.0 Vehicles

13.0 Underwater

14.0 Questions on Release & Access

15.0 General FAQ




1.0 ~ Characters

Q. How many characters can I have on one account?

A. This has yet to be determined by Trion as mentioned in their latest live stream.


Q. Am I able to create characters in both factions (East & West)?

A. Yes you are.


Q. Can my characters from different factions join the same guild?

A. No, it is currently not possible for a guild to be multi faction e.g. Eastern and Western continents


Q. Do all of my characters on one account share the same labour points?

A. Yes they do.


Q. What is the maximum level for characters?

A. Level 50


Q. Can I level in the game without doing quests?

A. You can, gathering/harvesting/exploring/crafting all gives experience points as an equivalent rate.


Q. What is this stuff saying my character is over-achieving?

A. On any quest, you can performed above and beyond what it asks you i.e. kill 20 rats instead of 10. This rewards you with additional experience and is recommended. You can also under-achieve if you don't like a particular quest.





2.0 ~ Factions

Q. Where can I find more information on the factions?

A. http://www.archeagegame.com/en/ under game and then races/factions.


Q. Are the differences between races cosmetic?

A. Nope! They each have 2 different racial abilities and different starter areas. More information can be found here; http://archeage.gamepedia.com/Races


Q. Is this race better than that race?

A. None are inherently better than others, it largely depends on your playstyle and what you plan to do in the game, as well as what you like the look of.


Q. I've heard about races such as Dwarves and Fairies, are these in the game?

A. Not currently or for the foreseeable future. They have yet to be released in Korea and the NA/EU version of Archeage will be behind their current version given the time it takes to translate and integrate.


Q. Do the factions have different structures?

A. They do; a western (Medieval) and eastern (Japanese) theme. However you are able to purchase either style in the mirage, regardless of your faction.




3.0 ~ PVP

Q. What is the PVP in this game like?

A. PVP largely revolves around naval combat (in the ocean between the landmasses) and in questing zones (as both factions share higher level areas). In addition the north continent hosts guild vs guild combat and sieges. Rest assured that if you are not a fan of PVP then you are able to avoid it for the most part.


Q. Are certain classes more over-powered that others?

A. According to rumour (not confirmed) melee characters seem to be at a disadvantage compared to ranged. There is still a long time to release and this is of course subject to change. In addition, player skill will also close such a gap if required i.e. landing stuns, avoiding AOE.


Q. Do players drop any items when they die?

A. Not currently; only if they are carrying a trade pack (this will be explored later).


Q. Where do you respawn on death?

A. Next to a shrine, you will receive protection while within its area, however watch out for knock backs.


Q. Can I toggle PVP on/off

A. Indeed you can, using a short cut key.


Q. Can I attack people of my own faction?

A. You can, however this will leave evidence (e.g. blood trails) which other players can report. Should your crime points reach high levels, upon death you will be teleported to a court room and judged by your peers. If found guilty you will be sent to prison for x number of minutes. You can escape, however you receive a debuff for the entirety of the sentence meaning you are unable to perform certain actions.


Q. From what I've seen I'm going to need a guild for PVP, is this always the case?

A. Of course not, PVP takes many forms and if you are careful you can be successful on your own or in a small group. Taking on larger groups or sieging a guild owned keep will be very difficult of course.




4.0 ~ Gliders

Q. Where do I get my first glider?

A. This can be found in your races respective starting zone. It is a quest which is fairly hidden and easy to miss. Failing that you can always gather the resources and craft one using a woodcutters workbench.


Q. How do I upgrade my glider?

A. Simply find a mirage portal and go to the tents near the entrance. Gliders can be found here; to purchase a pattern, simply approach the desired glider and click on it. It is worth noting that you need to craft the gliders in order of quality e.g. you can't jump from the first to the last. After you have these patterns (make sure you are the right level), simply un-equip your glider, approach a woodcutters workbench and craft the respective upgrade.


Q. What is the difference between glider types?

A. The upgrades have better stats e.g. faster speed, slower descent and also new abilities such as rise (pushs you up into the air a few metres).


Q. I have the ultimate glider, is that it?

A. Glider patterns can also come from world bosses and quests (explored later).


Q. Is the glider just for fun?

A. While extremely cool! The glider does have a lot of functions, it is useful in; PVP, boarding ships, looking for tradeskill resources, dodging monsters, getting around quickly, navigating difficult terrain and also finding places for hidden farms. Plus a lot more!





5.0 ~ Housing

Q. Can I build my house anywhere?

A. No; there are designated housing areas throughout the map. In addition there are also hidden places like islands and up in mountains. Keep trying! Finally, guilds which have control of the Northern continent can also allow their members to build houses on their lands and charge the appropriate taxes.


Q. Where do I buy houses?

A. In the mirage, simply buy the respective pattern for gilda stars (earned from trade runs), then find a location, right click the pattern and then place the construction frame down. You will then need to pay the tax (in gold) and gather materials e.g. wood in order to complete the construction. This must be done in the specified order e.g. wood then stone. You need 100 of the relevant resource for a trade pack (crafted using a machine with a merchant certificate; 50s each). These must then be delivered to the housing site and placed by right clicking on the construction. Watch out as trade packs can be stolen if left unattended or on your corpse!


Q. What sizes of house are there?

A. There are many, they can be found here; http://www.archeageg...sing-and-farms/ . In addition the bigger the house, the more initial cost and materials it requires.


Q. I've heard that we can make a family and share a house?

A. You can, however only the house owner can place/remove items.


Q. What are the benefits of owning a house?

A. They allow you to display trophies, store items in lockboxes, put down useful work-benchs e.g. an alchemy table and they have space around the outside for crops/trees/animals. In addition you can place a bed which you are able to sleep in which will regenerate your labour points more quickly than conventional methods.


Q. Do I need to pay real money for a house?

A. In order to claim land and secure a house you must be a Trion patron; this is like a subscription in other games. This can be paid for outside of game or by earning enough in-game currency to trade for one.


Q. What happens if I don't pay my rent?

A. Rent is due weekly in arrears, failure to pay will result in a notice through the mail. You may pay it (with a premium on top) within two weeks. After this, your house will not be protected anymore and other players may destroy it. Should this happen then you will be mailed back the plans.


Q. Can I purchase any style of house?

A. Yes you can, they are on respective sides of the Mirage.


Q. Can I furnish/decorate my house?

A. You can! Simply place an item from your inventory or visit the mirage where all items inside of a prop house are for sale. Keep in mind that each house has a maximum number of spaces. You can find this out by right clicking on your property.


Q. Can I have a guild house?

A. There are mansions in the game for just that. In addition you can also build a guild castle on the north continent.





6.0 ~ World Bosses

Q. Are world bosses in the game?

A. They are and include (as far as I know) the merciless Kraken (a giant water squid) and red dragon (a fearsome land beast). By grouping together (typically 40 players) you are able to vanquish them and claim their loot for your own.


Q. How do I find them?

A. The Kraken can be found near the Northern continent lurking beneath the depths and the dragon on land in the relevant zone.


Q. What level do I need to be?

A. Maximum level; which is level 50 in the NA/EU version currently.


Q. Are they difficult to kill?

A. They are and require great skill. In addition the combat is also an opportunity for members of the opposite faction to try and kill you.





7.0 ~ Farming

Q. Can I be a farmer in the game if I want to?

A. Yes you can; you are able to secure land using a small (8x8m) and large scarecrow (16x16m) which can be obtained by following the quest line of the Blue Salt Brotherhood. Any plants/trees/livestock that are placed within the protected area are immune to theft from other players.


Q. How many labour points does farming use?

A. This varies depending upon the activity and crop; but the more you farm, the more your proficiency increases and the less costlier it becomes in any activity.


Q. How long do things take to grow?

A. This varies from minutes to hours and is dependent upon the climate. This can be found on the map in the bottom right.


Q. Can you make money from farming?

A. You can make money from any of the professions, so yes!


Q. Can my friends help me farm?

A. Yes, you ca give them permission to work your farms.


Q. Watering all of my plants takes ages, can I get some help?

A. Yes, tractors are available for purchase in the mirage. These are able to water an area as well as transporting 4 trade packs (6 with an upgrade).


Q. Can I have multiple scarecrows?

A. According to Firecait on the last livestream, each character can have 1 large and 1 smallcrow. So theoretically you can have several characters with this. But keep in mind that the rent increase dramatically after 3 buildings/scarecrows.





8.0 ~ Class System

Q. Does the game have tanks, healers and damage dealers?

A. Yes it does! More info can be found here; http://www.archeageg...s-and-crafting/


Q. Do I pick my class at the beginning, when making my character?

A. You pick one of the 3 skill trees. The calculator can be found here; http://arche-base.com/builds/generator


Q. So is it possible to put any amount of points into those 3 trees?

A. Yes! It is entirely up to you.


Q. How do I know which armour I can wear as a result of the trees I chose?

A. You can wear any for each; keep in mind that each (Light, Medium & Heavy) has its advantages and disadvantages. These can be seen in the left of your screen when wearing a full set.


Q. On each of the trees, what are the lines of abilities?

A. In addition to the active skills on the left, these are passive abilities you can select. They are always active and need no interference.


Q. Can I reset my skills within the trees?

A. You can at any time and for free. However this may change before release.


Q. Can i change the actual trees or do I need to start a new character?

A. You can change the actual tree by visiting the relevant NPCs in cities. They will charge you a fee (which doesn't increase) in order to reselect your tree(s). However any new trees will start at a low level and need to be leveled back up. Any trees you have already used will retain their levels.


Q. Do certain trees have to use certain weapons?

A. Certain trees may work well with certain weapons, but it isn't a strict requirement, no.





9.0 ~ Tradeskills

Q. Does Archeage feature trade skills/professions?

A. It does and features a very in-depth system. More information can be found here and on the respective live stream. More info can be found here; http://www.archeageg...s-and-crafting/


Q. Can I just do trade skills?

A. You can, but this becomes difficult. You are allocated a number of points (labour points) on character creation. Each activity such as building something, gathering something or performing a trade based action costs a certain number of points. When these run out, you will be unable to do anything else trade related. These regenerate over time (slower if you don't have a premium/patron account). In addition sleeping in a bed, can also enhance the regeneration, better beds offer better rates.


Q. That sounds a bit of a restrictive system, I thought Archeage was a sandboxy game?

A. It is, but this way encourages you to explore other parts of the game, interact with other players or even secure some workforce.


Q. I just want to make some money! What is the best tradeskill for that?

A. Each have their benefits and usefulness, however currently it is alchemy gathering to make the most money. This may change before release of course!


Q. What is all of this talk about trade-packs?

A. When you have 100 of the relevant resource you can approach a machine and make it into a trade-pack if you have a merchant certificate. When completed you will receive a pack (almost like a rucksack on your back). This can be stolen by others players and should not be put down unless on your protected land or in a basket (on a ship or in a tractor). You will walk incredibly slowly while it is equipped and be unable to use your glider. A donkey (obtained from a Blue Salt Brotherhood quest) can increase your movement speed. You can carry this tradepack to a seller (either gold or gilda star), the further you go, the higher the pay off. However do keep in mind that if players keep giving the same tradepack to the same NPC then the price bought for will decrease.

Finally if you want to secure the ultimate payoff, then you can attempt to sell it as pirate island in the middle of the ocean. Keep in mind that this is cut-throat central and you will need some backup. But is the risk worth the reward? You decide!


Q. Can i craft the best gear in the game?

A. You can indeed, however world bosses such as the Kraken provide some of the materials required.





10.0 Mounts


A. Each race receives a quest to get one very early on in the game (before level 10). Just follow the main storyline


Q. I've heard you have to raise it, is this true?

A. You do! Simply follow the instructions and you will have a full grown mount in no time.


Q. Can I pick the colour?

A. You can; there are typically three options per mount.


Q. How fast does it go?

A. This varies upon the type of mount and what upgrades (mount items e.g. shoes, armour) you have purchased from the nearby vendor.


Q. Does the mount level up?

A. Like your character, if you keep the mount summoned it will earn experience points and level up.


Q. Are there any water mounts?

A. There are dolphins, however whether these exist in the current NA/EU version is unknown.


Q. Are there any flying mounts?

A. Not currently nope. It is doubtful that they will be ever added, this does not explode gliding mounts though...


Q. What is the benefit of leveling it up?

A. By leveling up your mount gains better attributes and new abilities.


Q. Can two people ride on a mount?

A. Yes, as far as I am aware, all race mounts can carry two people and there is no penalty for doing so. You can kick the second rider off at any time.


Q. If i'm x race, do I have to have their mount?

A. No! You can go to the mirage and buy any races mount for ten silver.


Q. How many mounts can I own?

A. As many as you like, as long as you have the inventory or space.


Q. Are there other mounts besides the racial ones?

A. There are; pure-breds are available in the mirage. In addition some mounts drop from creatures in the world or can be obtained from activities e.g. honour gained from kills in PVP.


Q. This donkey sounds interesting...tell me more...

A. The donkey is pretty slow compared to a normal mount, however you can ride it with a tradepack on your back. In addition as it levels you can dangle a carrot in front of it to secure a temporary speed boost (i'm serious!).


Q. I swear I have seen a cow being ridden, am I going crazy?

A. Good sir, you are not! Cows can be ridden and are a source of fertilizer, which is used to provide a speed-boost/fuel the tractor.


Q. Want to know a secret?

A. YES!!!!!!! You can also get pegasus'. (Dark Pegasus's) Although it is unknown if this is in the current version for NA/EU. It is in for the Korean version currently.


Q. Do I need to have a mount?

A. You do not, but they certainly help.


Q. What is the mount that looks like a bunny?

A. This is a Yata, it has the ability to jump up quite high.


Q. Can my mount die?

A. It cannot die as such but has health and can become un-useable when HP becomes low. You must seek out a relevant consumable in order to heal him/her.




11.0 ~ Boats

Q. Can you drive the boats?

A. Yes you can and can also own one.


Q. Can I own that big party boat in the Mirage sea?

A. Sadly, not currently as it is being rented by Chuck Norris. There are rumours that this will be available as an option in the distant future.


Q. Do I need to pay rent on boats?

A. You do not need to rent them no.


Q. How do I own a boat?

A. You will receive a rowing boat by following the main quests. In order to purchase additional boats, simply visit the mirage and purchase the patterns for Gilda stars. Much like with houses, you will place the construction down in the form of a dry dock. You will then need to bring tradepacks of wood and cloth (typically) in order to complete the construction. If you cannot complete it within 3 days then it will disappear.


Q. Can I steal someone elses boat?

A. You can, but it will despawn after 15 minutes.


Q. What happens if my boat gets destroyed when I have trade packs on it?

A. They will fall to the ocean floor and are retrievable by anybody.


Q. Can I destroy someone elses boat?

A. Yes you can through firing cannons. It will be sent back into their inventory and be unsummonable until repaired.


Q. How do i repair boats?

A. You need to procure the relevant hourglass in order to fix it.


Q. Are certain boats better for certain things?

A. Yes, currently there are boats for piracy, boats for trading/tradepacks, boats for speed and boats for fishing.


Q. Can my friends/allies/guild mates help with my boat?

A. Yes they can help you construct and steer it.





12.0 ~ Vehicles

Q. I thought this was supposed to be a fantasy world? Why are there vehicles?

A. The World of Archeage is steampunk - fantasy. Rest assured that they are in-keeping with the setting. You are currently able to purchase a car/tractor/mortar from the mirage.


Q. The race car looks awesome, but why does it go so slow?

A. This is because it can also carry two trade packs in the boot and because steam punk is not necessarily efficient.


Q. What is the mortar for?

A. This can be of a huge use when sieging guild keeps/castles.


Q. Can people steal my tractor?

A. When you are not onboard, you can lock it, but after 1 minute, 30 seconds it is fair game.




13.0 ~ Underwater

Q. Can you go underwater in the game?

A. Indeed your character can swim under water, however they have limited breath. This can be extended by crafting a underwater helm or using breathing equipment.


Q. I swim so slowly, can I increase the speed?

A. Yes you can, by crafting flippers, going for the Elven race or by purchasing a submarine from Mirage island (they are expensive).


Q. What are the benefits of going underwater?

A. You can find treasure, resources or even dropped tradepacks.


Q. Can I build an underwater farm?

A. Yes, like on land, you can. Simply visit the mirage and visit the docks near the submarines to purchase the underwater scarecrow equivalent.


Q. What can I grow on this farm?

A. Mainly coral and other things that are used to make dyes/rare dyes.


Q. Can I have a house underwater as well?

A. Not really underwater, however breezy bungalows (houses on stilts) are placeable in the water and nearby to your farm.





14.0 ~ Questions on Access & Release

Q. When is the game coming out?

A. It has been confirmed by Trion for 2014.


Q. Can I get into Closed Beta?

A. Yes you can, by purchasing founders packs for early access. These are said to be announced 'soon'.


Q. Where can I see more of the game?

A. By checking out the talented players on Twitch. I can personally recommend Bikeman, VoiceofKarnage, Docnation, Lirik, Cohhcarnage, mtd1982, MajinFreddy and Branwulf. They are very knowledgeable about the game and are happy to answer any questions.


Q. I heard Scapes has alpha invites, can I message him to get one?

A. Don't do this please! I can imagine he gets a lot of requests about this. Alpha is a closed test and only selected people are recruited. You may get lucky and win a key, make sure to watch the live streams, check out the website, sign up to beta on the website (http://www.archeagegame.com) and enter the caption contest. Failing that, just wait my friend, it won't be much longer now! :)


Q. Will there be a wipe before release?

A. Yes there will be, this has been confirmed on the live stream by Firecait.


Q. Will there be a closed/open beta?

A. Yes, both of those will take place.


Q. Will the game be free-to-play?

A. Yes it will be, with an optional sub using real world or in game currency.


Q. Where can I found out about the founders packs?

A. These are said to be announced 'soon.'


Q. Do these guarantee access?

A. Pure speculation on my part, but yes. Very likely closed beta and perhaps even alpha.


Q. How expensive are the founders packs going to be?

A. They will vary in price, but nothing has been confirmed yet.


Q. Will founders packs contain any perks/items?

A. Most certainly, but these have yet to be confirmed. Keeping checking the main Archeage site for more info.


Q. How many alpha servers are there?

A. Just the one, which is located in North America.





15.0 ~ General Questions

Q. Is this game like WoW?

A. While WoW is a great game, it is most certainly a theme park based game. Archeage has some theme park elements and similarities, however it is a very different game.


Q. Does this game have raids?

A. Not in the traditional sense, but players are required to band together for end game content such as sieges, world bosses etc.


Q. How many players are there in a party?

A. 5, but the group can be converted into a raid for more.


Q. What loot options does the game have?

A. The usual for an MMO, FFA, Need/Greed & Round Robin.


Q. Do the groups have a leader?

A. Yes they do, they have all of the typical powers e.g. kick/invite.


Q. Is there a guild system in the game?

A. There is, it is fully functional.


Q. Is there an alliance system in the game?

A. Not currently, but there is nothing to stop guilds from allying up.


Q. Do different factions speak different languages?

A. They do, there is a skill in game to level up in order to understand each-other.


Q. Can I dance in this game?

A. Yes you can, there are a variety of dancing styles and moves. In addition pressing a direction key will change the style. New styles can also be learned.


Q. I've heard you can compose music in the game, is that true?

A. It is; you can write your own sheet music and improve your skill to play them. The game of thrones theme tune and others have all been made.


Q. I have many choices for an MMO at the moment, should I play ESO, Wildstar or this?

A. They are all very different games, it all depends on what you prefer.


Q. There seem to be different currencies in the game? What are these?

A. Currently the translation/transition between versions is still taking place. The main currencies on release will be gilda stars (from trading) and gold/silver/bronze.


Q. Is money hard to get in the game?

A. You will easily get hundreds of gold as you level up to 50. Gilda stars are a little bit more difficult to acquire as they require trading, but after you become versed in the ways of a trader, you won't have a problem.


Q. I want to be a pirate, can I do this?

A. Indeed you can, however it is not reccomended. You will be kicked out of your own faction and have to get by on your own. In addition you will be a target for most players. But again it is up to you in terms of weighing up the risks vs. reward.


Q. Do you have any tips for new players?

A. Watch the live streams, participate on the forums, read the guides and just ask questions. The game is huge and this is the best way to start :).


Q. Does the game have an emotes system?

A. It certainly does and is your usual comprehensive system.


Q. Does the game have an extensive character creation system?

A. Absolutely! There are lots of videos on youtube that will give you an idea if you search 'Archeage character creation'.



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Do you want information based on what the game will be on launch (1.0) , or simply what the game currently is.


I think this is good, however the game will be going through lots of changes. if I knew what they were taking from 1.0 then this would be easier. but we will have to sit in the dark a little bit longer while Trion begins to look through 1.0 . if they were smart they would find eng. players who have played 1.0 and get their opinion on what should/shouldn't change.


Edit: Was reading, and Labor is what gives the AH meaning. everything has 2 costs instead of one. on one side you can buy the finished planks at an increased price, since this would save you labor. however you can buy the 300 logs before hand and craft it yourself costing labor. Labor basically keeps the economy flowing and balanced. IE when bots come into the mix and overflow the market with Leather, seen in RU its sends the prices flying down close to 1 gold a stack.


+just to add RNG at lvl44+ gear is what makes the gear so valuable, and makes crafting gear part of the game, rather than only being a side event. Many of the game mechanics that seem to limit the game, actually helps to keep the game thriving in so many ways.


-Raids hold up to 10 partys, which is 50 people :)

-Being a pirate is only worth doing, (3k criminial points pirate) when you have a large group/guild that can affect the seas. otherwise as a solo pirate you kinda outcast yourself from both nations, pretty much only roam around pirate, middle, and north island. There are NO benefits for being a pirate, its meant as a punishment not an award. btw everyone can get the black pearl. you don't have to be a pirate to own one (saw that in a few live streams)


-Tip for new players- try and play RU obt even if only to test out the classes, btw there is no OP class, only OP players (after 1.0 mages are balanced and no longer gods among men) every class has a role and is beneficial. its all about how a person plays the class. so I suggest go with what you enjoy, play the class that will make you happy.


-Cross faction guilds do exist, but only when the faction system is in place (have to own a plot in the north/Castle) , the guild must be invited by the king of the faction. This faction can determine who their enemys/allies are (east/west faction). But the enemy/ally status does not change invites to that factions guilds.