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So, a new guy looking for a little help/information

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Hello guys, after seeing stream in twitch.tv about Archeage I could not just stand there and do nothing. I just must try this game so I am currently downloading the game client (russian one) while creating this topic. I hope you can help me and answer few questions.


Don't get me wrong. I am not lazy guy, I am currently reading every single guide topic to gather as much isformation as possible before starting this game, but I think that it would be much faster if someone could answer few questions where I am really interested at the moment.



1. Class system. As I understand there is 10 available options and you are allowed to select 3 classes to make your own buildpath. So how I can do it? If I understand correctly, by making character you already choose 1 out of 3 classes of your character and to unlock other, you just need to fit requirements which in this situation is level? So at level 10 I will be able to have all those 3 classes?


2. Leveling. As I understand, leveling system here is heavily based on quests. Do you really need to do those quests to get levels and not to be punished? Is grinding also a viable choice to get level and not get punished hardly?


3. Equipment. What is the best option to get best equipment? Doing quests? Monsters/Boss drops? Or maybe crafting?


4. PVP. Have levels a huge impact for your pvp power? For exmaple in TERA even 1 level difference had a huge inpact which makes game unbalanced.


5. Which Russian server have the highest international community? Or maybe is there a clan/guild which could invite a newcomer?


6. Is there any working English patch for Russian servers?


7. Can you help me to select classes to fit my playing style. What build I should take if I want to have at least mediacore damage in both pve/pvp, have decent cc/debuff and not be oneshooted? I mostly like to play something like disruptor role, to be as annoying as possible with debuffs and have sustained DPS.


EDIT: I found answers already.