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Looking for input viable PvP tank build

Tank PvP

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Questionable Influence

Questionable Influence

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So I've just started up with Archeage and have a core group of about

8 friends who I'm playing with and will be with for a good deal of time.

We all intend to group pvp, and group open world pvp. Most of whom

will be playing ranged caster classes. My thought, since I really really

like tanking is to utilize a viable tanking build for pvp. I have read that

tanks are a no go in pvp especially group pvp. Am curious however.

Upon reading I've found a build that seems potentially quite viable

and very effective given my circumstances as having a core group

to group pvp with. The build is called Tombwarden on the US and EU

servers. The build is Auramancy-Defense-Songcraft. 

My thoughts are that any build in pvp, generally, that can survive

burst damage and make it to the other group, is potentially viable.

The abilities of the 3 tree's seem to have good synergy and appear 

to play off of one another specifically Auramancy and Songcraft.

The CC and Mass debuff/battleflow seems very useful especially 

with a barrage of incoming spells and aoe damage from the supporting

group. The defense is essentially thrown in for surviveability in making

it through that first series of  burst dps to the "front lines". 


Any thoughts/feedback? I am undecided on plate or light armor.
I'm leaning toward light armor for more spell resistance as I assume

most people will be playing caster classes.