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A issue with the skill bar.


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While I know that at first it may seem to be more of a nascence than anything, I see anyone who encounters this getting really screwed over by this bug.


The issue: I can't move skills off of my skill bar, or onto it.


you see, the bug happened when I switched out my Battlerage specialization for the Archery specialization, turning me from a Darkrunner to a Primeval. so now, the Spin to Win attack is stuck on my skill bar and I can't use it. not only that, but while I can put skills onto my skill bar, I can't remove them or put them over other skills. so I'm stuck with my current layout. I hope you see how much of an issue this will be. whilst experimenting with this, I filled up 2 skill bars of skills all jumbled up. I looked in the options for anything that I did like locking the skill bar in place so that you don't move the skills on accident. I didn't see anything. I'm sure the answer is obvious, but I'm to much of a bloody moron to find it  <_<.....


I think it's worth noting that I can change my skills around on my other characters, the highest of which is level 16. also, I've changed skill sets before on the character with this bug, changing from sorcery to auromancy around level 23 or so and could swap skills normally. I'm currently at level 31, so I've still got quite a few skills to learn and utilize, and this really puts a damper on that. thank you for reading, and hopefully helping. the names "Thundramo" by the way, but mates call me Thunder.  ^_^



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That happens when you "lock" the skillbar.

Try unlocking it, bu clicking  on the padlock icon, it appears when you hower to the left side of the skillbar (left to where it's written "1" - "4").