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what can this new cell phone technology help us

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Before you buy a cell phone jammer, you may want to know how the cell phone jammer works. It works by sending out signal that could overpower cell phone signal. The two signals collide and in that way they cancel each other – the result is ‘no service’ on the screen of your cell phone. It happens by transmitting the same frequency signal at a higher power. Cell phone jammers are helpful high tech devices. The fact is, most of the latest models of cell phones are designed to add some extra power even if they experience a very low level of interference.

To explain how the mobile phone jammer works, we must know that the mobile phones are devices that are full duplex. That means they use two separate frequencies – one is for talking and the other is for listening. It is quite enough even if your mobile phone blocker is jamming only one of the both frequencies. This would still disrupt the signal of the cell phone and it will stop working as well. Why? Because the phone is tricked to think that the area you are currently in has no service.

This is actually the way cell phone signal jammers are performing their “magic”. It is not much complicated, especially if you are interested in technology. I’m pretty sure that you can educate yourself quite well on the topic of mobile phone signal blockers. There is plenty of information on the internet.

Of course except pocket cell phone jammers you can buy high power cell phone blocker. Its only disadvantage is its size. Anyway, this is compensated by its functionality. Cellphone jammers can be purchased from internet because I haven’t seen a specialized general store for that kind of devices so far. There are plenty of sites that can offer you cellular phone jammers on regular prices so make sure you make a good research.

If you are already 100% sure that it is legal to own the best portable cell phone jammer in your country then you should know that all you need is actually a device that is broadcasting on the correct frequencies. Anyway, there are different cellular systems, and most of them transmit signals of different frequencies. The common thing between all of the cell phone towers is that they are processing radio signals that can be easily interrupted with the help of a cell phone blocker. The frequency range is between 800MHz and 1900MHz so when it is time to choose the best cell phone signal jammer you should look at its functions and be aware of the fact that it should block those frequencies. If not, then it might be pretty useless since most of the modern cell phones are operating on those frequencies.

Your are welcome to our shop, we offer all kinds of cell phone jammers. All our jammers will be double checked before sending out, you don't need to worry about our quality. As a leading supplier of jammer products, we have hundereds of customers from all over the world.