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PvP Caster Options Post Trion's 1.2 (Opinions Please)

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So right from the get go when we first got our hands on build calculator a few years ago, I had plans to go with what is now...






This was before I knew that they would end up being "cookie cutter" builds. Now post 1.2 both builds I hear will be pretty much obsolete. So now I'm looking at more options.  


So first things first, I love PvP. PvP is what keeps me coming back to play a game day after day, not PvE. So obviously I am looking for a decent PvP set up, however i do like to grind mobs occasionally to relax and make extra cash from drops etc. (hence the Cultist build). I really had my heart set on Reaper because it fit my play style so well, high burst/crit, kiting "glass cannon"  is what i love to play.


Typically I try to stay away from "cookie cutter" builds but, I really would love to make Reaper (and maybe the Cultist) work somehow even with me hearing rumors that it is bad now. So is Reaper (or Cultist) still viable or do I need to plan for something else?


As far as other options go, I was thinking maybe...






I really like the shadow mage concept but I can be flexible.





I would prefer responses from players who have had interaction with these builds in game, but any constructive criticisms/opinions/suggestions are encouraged!

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Spellbinder is a very popular build and for that reason alone I am hesitant to take it. In pvp it is all too easy to say "oh it's another x, I know how to counter that". I am going for a speed build even though it has been slightly nerfed in 1.2. With enough slows, stuns and fears built in I am really excited about my lamentor build. The build I chose requires a fair amount of skill and timing but with some practice it should be fun and that is what matters most to me. Since I am a caster I expect to go down fast once something pins me down but with my mates by my side I should be able to do a fair amount of damage before that happens. Even if a build is reported to be the best, if it doesn't match your play style you will likely suck at it any way. Play what you like and play what suits you because the flavor of the month always gets the nerf bat any way.