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Any Sandbox MMORPGs similar to CU?

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I like Camelot Unchained's no auction house feature and their hardcore/ "Popcorn crafting" split is a cool idea. What I do not like is that there will be no PVE content......a MMORPG without atleast some PVE? I understand that getting rid of monster drop items automatically cuts botting, but come on!  



I like that Archeage has the continents separated by water which requires players to set sail (with a ship they built) in order to explore other lands.  And the trade pack system is awsome. What I don't like is the auction house, the theme park feel of half the game; the wimpy low risk PvP and the RNG crafting.




I have looked alittle bit for a modern swords and magic Sandbox MMORPG with PvP and Camelot Unchained is just not quite what I want (Plus I do not know how PvP works exactly in this game but from what I read players just kill each other for xp not loot).



Any suggestions? Thanks



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Hm, the way you're describing it sounds awesome, pretty much EVE but fantasy instead(with a little less pve) only trouble I can see is at the very beginning but if they can group same level people to pvp at those levels it'll be fine and for some reason all I can think about when thinking of a MMORPG without any PVE is something like titanfall a FPS without solo campaign, gonna go check this out.