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A few ideas for the game

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Hello i just started to play archeage a few days ago and i got to the farming quest so i finished that quest the went on to do the other quest then i got to the trade quest and thats where my problem began as i began to find a space for my scarecrow there was nothing open so after 45 min os searching i finaly got a spot to drop it and i thought to my self it would be cool if they (the devs) would set a limit to how many houses and farms a person could use like it was done in star wars galaxies.
in swg we had 10 slots to put a house and any farming equipment we had to use. A small house would use 1 slot a medium would use 2 slots and a large would use 5 slots the same would go for equipment small stuff would use 1 slot and larger stuff would use 2 slots.
i think that would help out greatly in this game so that everyone who plays can enjoy every aspect of this game also i think more islands and larger continents are needed to help with the whole farming and housing aspects again so that all players can enjoy all aspects of this awesome game. So in closing a limit on how may houses and farms any 1 player can set would be nice maybe like a 5 slot minimum would be nice.
My second idea was player ran cities i think that would add a fun aspect to this game aswell. I thank you for reading this have a nice day to all who read it



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Hey tier, welcome to ArcheAge Source. While we like seeing new faces here, your suggestions stand a higher chance of being seen on the official ArcheAge forums. :)