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A Bit About Arch Age

Help Arch Age Introduction Info Guide

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A intro to Arch Age



Arch Age is a Sandbox MMORPG Massively Multiplayer game it is a great game for people who enjoy Sandbox building games and People who enjoy WOW or GW2.


There are so many Activities and adventures to have in ArchAge such as getting mounts

new armour weapons houses etc but a the thing that i and some others enjoy the most is the little things like growing your mount from the a baby to a ridable companion or mabye just getting new gear to show of to your freinds its all part of the game now lets talk a little about the social elements of the game.


Arch Age has many diffrent ways of interacting with other players and freinds so lets talk about them.A guild is the highest form of social club it allows players from a faction to team up and talk do activities and become a higher rank in your guild the activities include seige ing castles defeating the craken making enemys and alliances wars and anything else that you can think of,Guilds can have custom capes t-shirts ship sales and a few more and thats the guild system.The Family System is more like a freind only guild where you can interact with your freinds or familys farms houses chest if given permission to do so you can also make a chat tap dedicated to just your familys text.Partys are one of the lowest forms of social but have some neat perks they allow you to see your party members hp manor and what there doing and where they are on the map and yo can also do the same thing as you can do with the familys in chat.


Quests and over completing and under completing

Quest are one of the main things in the game they teach you stuff reward you and give you xp so you can level up your character.There are two thing to do in quest you can over complete or under complete when you under complete somthing it means you dont get as much xp for example say i had a quest to kill 10 bandits if i killed five i would e under completing and if i were to kill 15 bandits i would over complete which would give me extra xp.


Ways of getting around

there are many ways of getting around there are your mount airships carts boats gliders submarines which are a fish like boat that is powered by a gas mabye.

theres not realy that much to say about transportation so that concludes that.


Any way that the first part f my guide to arch age next part will be coming soon so please give me some feed back on what you want next and tell what to approve on because this is my first post thankyou and buy.


By Roan Davies AKA RoanCoolFTW