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[EAST] [EU Kyprosa] Death Path - PvP legends - Recruiting now!

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Greetings! The Death Path is searching new chosen ones to dominate the battleground.

About us

We are a group of founders of Death Path guild from TERA. Our players had a high regard in the guild landscape and all of them were in the global top 100 list of best PvP player ratings. In Archeage Death Path is a PvP focused guild, too that is aiming to be again in the toplist of the best PvP guilds on the server. Because of our previous knowledge we already have experience in running a guild in every aspect.

Our guild values are teamwork and friendship. We are not trying to make a mass guild (zerg) where 90% of players don't know anything about the others. The quality of the cooperation with each other is more value to us than the simple numbers. In TERA this concept was very successful and we mastered outnumbered situations with good teamwork. Additionally we are not thinking only about the game but to spend a good time with players from all around Europe.


Why choosing Death Path?

We know exactly what we want, and we will try to get this as much as we can. We love PvP in any available way and we always try to improve ourselves. Therefore we are trying to learn from ours and our enemies’ mistakes and thus our maxim is: “Never back up never surrender!”


Additional information

Beta server we are playing on: [EU] Kyprosa
Continent: Haranya (Firrans, Harani)

Guild website: http://www.deathpath.com


Currently we are recruiting active PvP focused players from all over Europe. We have some simple principles which are preconditions for a successful application:



1.    Your English skills need to be adequate enough to ensure a good communication.
2.    You need to be at least 20 years old
3.    Teamspeak usage while ingame and a working microphone are absolutely required.
4.    Always try to be respectful and calm while representing the guild.
5.    Follow the instructions of the Guild Lead and the Guild Officers.
6.    Support other guild members as good as you can.
7.    Inform the Guild Lead or Officers about absences longer than 5+ days (otherwise you will be kicked out of the guild).
8.    The use of bots / exploits or hacks is illegal for the good name of the guild. Players caught on using those kind of programs will be kicked out of the guild.
9.    Guild meetings are there to inform about events, important news and changes to the guild. You should attend them.
10.    While being member at Death Path you are not allowed to play in or with other guilds.
11.     Use the same nickname in teamspeak, the forum and ingame.
12.    Always think about your guild mates in teamspeak. Dont scream, use too many insults or be rude (This also applies to the global / guild chat ingame).

To apply please use the forum at our website posted above.

Closing statement

Thank you for your time! We appreciate every application and will answer very fast. And after all even if we are not getting brothers in arms we will see each other on the sea when we are boarding your ship or besiege your castle.

Death Path - Never back up! Never surrender!



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Updated the server to EU Kyprosa ! :)


We are still recruiting skilled PvP players from all over Europe.


Im looking forward to your applications!


Best regards,




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 How many members +/- you are trying to get ?