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[NA][Kyrios East] Riskbreakers - Organized, Semi-hardcore, PvP, PvE, Trade, Alliance

recruitment kyrios guild semihardcore east pvp pve trade

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Riskbreakers on Kyrios (NA) is recruiting Eastern races (Harani and Firran) for Early Access and Launch.

We are a semi-hardcore guild that has a wide range of members. From students to those working in the real world, we respect real-world obligations and don't expect anyone to prioritize the game over their life. We pride ourselves on our organization and efficiency and our plan to maximize what we have to work with.


Ours is a leadership that is eager to push the envelope in determining the fringes of applicable tactics and gameplay strategies.


While we don't plan on becoming a "zerg" guild, recruitment is open at the moment and we have no restrictions on applications presently. Be you F2P or a patron, a pvper, raider, or a craftsman, everyone is welcome during our formative period, so long as you are a mature individual. We realize that some members may be inclined to specific types of gameplay - this is fine - we only ask that if the guild needs help with an activity that lies outside your normal purview that you at least consider making concessions to provide aid to the greater good.

We are a member of an alliance consisting of several other guilds that will be working together in any aspect of the game that allows for synergism. Currently, our plans are to hold co-op trade runs, aid one another in eventual castle sieges and defenses, as well as organized world pvp.


We have some members with alpha experience to give us an edge at launch as well as a dedicated management team (with room for more, if you are so inclined and fit the bill!) that does work to provide members with information on the forums, administer to our Mumble server (voice comms) and answer any questions you may have about ArcheAge. Our management also aims to coordinate class distributions so we can form well rounded raid groups. We expect people to be able to entertain themselves, but will be actively supporting group play at every tier of the game when possible, be it leveling parties, to grouping up for world bosses, to dungeon runs and naval ops. We will also require that people get on voice comms during large or risky group events (read: raids, naval and clandestine operations). Ideally you have a functioning mic, but you absolutely must be able to listen during these events, as coordination will be very important in a multitude of situations. To recall our aforementioned profile as regarding group play: our ability to work together as a cohesive, efficient unit is of paramount interest to us. Outside of organized events, you will often find us chilling on comms and would be more than happy for you to join us when performing more casual tasks or whenever.


And we listen to our membership! One of the benefits of being what is presently a small guild is that everyone's voice is heard. You have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor here with a community of people who have been playing together for years across a wide variety of MMOs and competitive online games (WoW, EVE, LoL, the list goes on). Our profile, such as what it is, also makes for a stable environment that is free of drama. If you have an idea, or a suggestion for change, make yourself heard and we will listen. We ask only that you use your head - employ reason, respect others, and put forth effort and you will receive equal in return.

Our early access plans consist of a detailed strategy for securing land for housing, farmland, and guild-accessible properties. If you possess a founder's pack and want to make the most of the head start with us, we suggest you roll a Harani character. Bear in mind this only applies to the early days of headstart and you are of course free to roll as either of the two Eastern races.


If you wish to apply, or just get in contact w/us, drop by our forums - http://riskbreakers.boards.net


Thank you for taking the time to read our ad.



--Risk Management