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[NA] [OCEANIC] Darkness is Everywhere <DiE> has opened selective recruitment for Pirate faction on Kyrios

darkness is everywhere die pvp pirate na oceanic kyrios nz north american

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Darkness is Everywhere [DiE] has opened selective recruitment for Archeage


Established in 1999, DiE is a competitive PvP-focused guild looking for pvpers who share our passion for good fights, sometimes against all odds.  If your passion is crafting, we have a place for you too.  To learn more and to apply, visit us at http://dieguild.com.au


Who Are We?

As said above, Darkness is Everywhere [DiE] is a competitive PvP-focused guild launched in 1999 and has a glorious history in MMO Gaming.


We strive to have round the clock gaming coverage with our members from all around the world, we are predominately based in the Oceanic and North American regions.


Our emphasis when we approach any guild called game is to be as competitive and unpredictable as possible in open WvW/RvR/GvG structures and maintain a strict chain of command. We have a fun but bloodthirsty attitude on the battlefield and relish the 'good' fights when we get them. If your passion is all about smashing your enemies and being the best you can be, then DiE is the place for you!



1) Is there a required amount of playtime for members of the guild? Is it mainly hardcore or casual?

We are not super hardcore anymore but still take our gaming pretty seriously so we maximize our fun to playtime ratio. Having said that some of our members still play pretty hard.


2) What is your guild's play style?

We are predominately a PvP Guild and we like to be very strategic in our play style which has held us in good stead in the past. We will partake in PvE as a means to achieve optimal gear or as the game requires it.


3) What are the goals of the guild?

To be super competitive skill and strategy wise and continue our long standing tradition of structured game play.


4) How is the guild rank structure set up?

We have three GM's but ultimate guild leadership ends with the founder (Moon). The two other GM's act as equal 2ic's. We have most core as officers for squad command, Veterans as previous game members and regular members who have completed a 3+ month satisfactory initiation. New members are our recruit rank.


5) Is the guild currently recruiting? And if so, how can I join?

We are recruiting in Archeage with the goal of building and maintaining a dominant Pirate  community,  Any good players who can follow orders are welcome to apply. If you are not a team player or cannot follow orders do not bother applying.


6) Do I have to play a certain class once I'm accepted?

If the situation warranted it yes. However, prior to any launch of a game we usually conduct a voting poll and a self nomination period. This allows members to see how everyone is tracking and ensures we get a balanced representation.


Our Recent Activity

Currently in the final stages of running The Elder Scrolls Online. Where we switched  from an Oceanic based guild into International status.


Our Future

We have one main game on our radar: Camelot Unchained: A 3 faction based but still sandboxy game like AAO.


To Learn More

To read about our history and accomplishments visit [DiE] at http://dieguild.com.au/about


To Apply

Complete an application at: http://dieguild.com.au/recruitment







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Join us and have a great time!