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<RUNIC GAMING> - [NA] [Aranzeb] [WEST] - Semi-Hardcore/Casual - Tight-Knit Legacy Gaming Guild - Top Level Performance, Less Time Commitment

runicrunic gaming semi-hardcore aranzeb west

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Hi Everyone,
Bold from Runic Gaming here to let you folks know we're recruiting for Archeage on Aranzeb. We're a small tight-knit legacy gaming guild that is compromised of former guild leaders and officers of some of the most successful guilds in MMOs released over the last 15 years. You may have seen us leading the PvP charges in Warhammer, dominating the dungeon content of Rift and WoW, or generally destroying arena battles in Guild Wars 2. We formed to fill in the semi-hardcore/casual space for long time MMO players who wish they could play all the time, but now have real-life commitments (jobs, families, social life etc,.) and want a more efficient guild/atmosphere.
We are looking for like-minded players who believe a guild tag means something, are willing to help others, uphold the highest standards of public integrity (while also understanding that integrity can sometimes be a relative thing in an Open PvP game like Archeage!), and want to be the best without having to deal with the massive time commitment. We still play often: after work most days and weekends, but recognize that real life priorities come first.
We're a PvX guild in that we'll be playing in both PvE and PvP environments. The majority of our Membership is about 7:30/8pm to 12am EST most nights and more on weekends. We are dedicated, call each other by our first names, and operate in a democratic fashion (1 person, 1 vote. No overbearing guild leaders). Most of all, however, we are trying to avoid the feeling of being in a zerg guild. While Archeage may promote the creation of massive guilds where there isn't much camaraderie, we know there are a lot of people like us around in-game that would prefer a tighter more cohesive atmosphere.
If this sounds like you and you are interested in joining a group of talented people that game together beyond just the flavor of the month, head over to our website at www.runicgaming.com[1]
Alliances To guilds on Aranzeb that fit our playstyle and attitude, we'd love to chat about an alliance as well. This is a game where friends make all the difference! Feel free to message Bold/Serif/Kserin in-game to discuss.