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#24093 Wanderer's Doodles

Posted by Wanderer on 15 February 2013 - 04:34 PM

New one with my favorite lady! -hides from Miya and Sera-



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#23377 [Lore] Aranzeb

Posted by Wanderer on 06 February 2013 - 06:09 PM





The Noble Hermit,

And Master Mage,

Standing Blindly on the Hills of Sacrifice.







Aranzeb was born to the Ar clan. He was born in the land of Enoa, which was widely regarded for its paradisaical beauty. His father, Irenmar, was a mage who by all rights could have taken taken a position of high standing among his clan as their Master Mage, but he was instead content to live a quiet life.


Enoa was ruled by a single kingdom, but the land was dotted with various separate clans. Each of these clans were autonomous, governed by their own members who served in varying positions of importance, but among those positions, a Mage was the most influential. A mage could act on the kingdom's Senate if he or she so desired.

At a time of strife between the clans, each hoped to raise the children of that generation to be Mages. Among that generation was Aranzeb. Irenmar, however, dis not agree that children should be forced to learn magic simply to take a seat on the Senate, regardless of what his clan wanted. He therefore deliberately refused to instruct his son, allowing him instead to play about freely.


The young Aranzeb went exploring alone. He roamed the oceans, lakes and sea until he lost his way, staking out in a small cave to spend the night.

When he awoke, he found himself in an unfamiliar forest clearing.

He was too young to recognize this as a magical vision.


Notice: Massive amounts of errors.



In this, the little Elf Aranzeb lost his way in the dark forest, when a girl appeared between the trees. She was resting upon the fallen leaves, appearing spellbound or asleep as Aranzeb curiously approached her. She was she girl of Aranzeb's dreams. Hand in hand, the two explored the forest. Then, she brought him to a cave where an elderly bearded man emerged. Because the sight of an elderly Elf was so very rare, he stared and stared at him. The man reached out his hands as he approached, and said

"Seek me, and leave the rest behind. Take up the staff."


Aranzeb awoke with a start. Before him appeared a path that hadn't been there before, yet felt as though it really always had been. He leaped to his feet and followed the path. At the path's end, there was a very familiar sight; that of the very cave he dreamed of. He hesitated at the mouth of the cave, expecting a chance emergence as had occurred in his dream. This time around, it was a young man who came forth, rather than an older man. His face was riddled with puzzlement rather than the sage wisdom he seemed to carry himself with in the dream, and he spoke.

"Are you looking for something?"

Aranzeb began to explain the dream to the man, who then turned his head and called in to the cave, "Ninelle!"

She was not a dream.

"Was this the young girl in your dream?"


Aranzeb nodded, then the young man turned to Ninelle and asked, "Did you use Dream Magic on this boy?" Ninelle huffed and made a face, "On an amateur who can't even recognize magic? You must be joking." The young man rebuked her and apologized to Aranzeb. Aranzeb nodded, but didn't seem to completely endure the insult.

"Yeah. Tell her about the dream in which I appeared as an old man. Ninelle, are you sure you didn't project yourself in to this dream?"


Aranzeb retold the story of his dream while the young man listened again carefully, nodding as it was slowly reiterated. Elves tended to repeat the things they wished to memorize. The young man spoke.

"Well, darling. I'm Alexander of the Er clan. This is Ninelle, my niece. Ninelle has talent working in the unconscious. In any case, the girl in your dream wasn't as rude as the real Ninelle, which suggests that the details of your dream might have been inaccurate--filled in by your own subconscious. In other words, the important part of your dream is really only the prophetic aspect.


I still don't know what your dream really means. In fact, I may not know until I'm an old man, but you and I are somehow connected."


Alexander told Aranzeb to regularly come to him in secret. He would teach him magic. Alexander had been among the best of Enoa's mages for many years. When he left his clan, the Er clan was left at a severe disadvantage in the senate. Aranzeb began stealing away to Alexander's cave regularly for instruction in magic, and gradually, he and Ninelle began to treat one another like brother and sister. Ninelle had lost her parents, and previously knew only the forests and her uncle, but having Aranzeb around so often, she developed a crush, and later on, she and Aranzeb fell in love.


Alexander was embarrassed when the two asked permission to marry. By then, they were both only a little over twenty years old each, and to Elves, 20 year olds were still thought of as children. Regardless of their physical maturity, they were children. Above all considerations, however, Alexander wanted to keep Aranzeb close.

Finally, Alexander took the two children to Irenmar. Irenmar was shocked to see Alexander, whose whereabouts had been a mystery for a very long time. As his son showed aptitude in magic, it was expected that he would marry within his own clan. But Irenmar detested sch unnecessary customs. He and Alexander discussed Aranzeb's magical talent, and soon, the two children were married.


It was a bizarre marriage. They were the youngest married couple in all of Enoa. They drew considerably attention, and many compared them to children playing house. They thought the couple spent time picking flowers, rolling through hills, tickling each other, and playing tag. In truth, such things didn't happen. Their neighbor, a mother named Aribel asked, "Can children even hope to have children of their own?"


Notice: Guesswork over...



They did. Some decades later, the two youngsters had a child they named Aranyn, while they themselves were still considered children.

They were an eccentric family trio. But they were still like any loving family.


The prodigal family went on many adventures with Alexander. It wasn't clear which clan Aranyn belonged to, because Aranzeb and Ninelle belonged to two separate clans, so they dubbed their daughter the first member of the Arany clan. This was seen as scandalous, but the couple was young and unafraid of the public opinion. The peace and quiet of their own home was like a paradise.


For the next 100 years, they all lived out happy childhoods. They were practically peers, the three of them, wandering through the woods and pathfinding together. Aranzeb in particular had become very well acquainted with the woods and he pointed out the unseen forces flowing through a nearby creek. Aranzeb taught Aranyn how nature was amplified with magic. Now that he was an adult, Aranzeb didn't laugh in delight at the observation as he had as a child, but instead observed calmly and thoughtfully. Aranyn was growing under her father's instruction on the mysteries of magic.


Around this time, Alexander announced that he had to depart for Delphinad, but the couple and their daughter were so in love with the forest that they stayed behind. Meanwhile, the Ar clan had chosen Aranzeb to represent them as their Master Mage, and the Er clan had developed a rivalry with them, bothered by his presence. As some of the external clan strife began to subside, other clans banded together behind either of the two clans. This seemed alright at first, but in time, the Ar clan insisted that Ninelle should leave the Er clan as it was shameful for her and the superior mage Aranzeb to have conflicting loyalties at a time of division between the two clans.

Though they were both competent mages, Aranzeb was stronger and more influentiel, and so, with great remorse, he swore to cease using magic and never use it again.

But one cannot simply stop once one has begun.


Vengeance came like a spring storm. While she was pathfinding, Aranyn was kidnapped my a troop of armed men who belonged to the Er clan. News reached them quickly that Aranyn was forced to betroth one of their young men. The public, not understanding the whole of the situation, were elated at the news.

Since Aranzeb vowed never to use magic again, he took his daughter's husband to court. He accused the husband of marrying his daughter to disrupt the bloodline.  The court didn't accept his argument that she was too young and unwilling to marry, however. This was because Aranzeb himself was married when he was even younger.


The trial was dismissed and Aranyn was sent back to her husband, but by morning, her throat was slit and her husband claimed it was suicide. Even if there had been witnesses, the husband had a favorable public opinion and was automatically presumed innocent.

Aranzeb and Ninelle were devastated. There was no trial, as though it was a matter of no real importance. That was the day when Ninelle officially left the Er clan.

They both lived in seclusion for a very long time,

religiously honoring the spirits.

Without each other, the passage of time would be difficult to bear.


Another hundred years passed. Aranzeb and Ninelle retained the Arany clan name, just the two of them. Eventually, another child was born to them. In their long lives, these two Elves only had two or three children, but it was no surprise considering how deep their heartache ran.

They asked their Ar clan relatives to act as godparents. Both were pleased by and accepted the name suggestion of Aranzebia. They both loved Aranzebia dearly, and hoped she would fill the void Aranyn had left behind. But that was too much to hope for.


Since the death of Aranyn, Ninelle had a difficult time connecting with Aranzeb. Her behavior swung backg and forth as she was calm most days, but thrashed at night and sometimes hugged the clothes that once belonged to Aranyn. She would attack and abuse Aranzeb, who was also hurting because of the loss of his daughter. Every time she did this, he simply held her until she stopped. He never spoke of it to anyone.


It was another very long hundred years. Ninelle had more frequently begun to wander the forest. Aranzeb normally followed after her, but one day she smiled at him and said she wanted to be alone. Aranzeb thought she might feel better after coming back from a solitary walk, so he did not stop her. He would regret this decision until his death.

That day, Ninelle stepped on a viper during her walk through he woods. Though she'd been bitten, she took no action to purge the poison from herself. Aranzeb only saw Ninelle's blackened foot when that night, she fell limp in his arms. There was a juniper tree that had been broken a year prior, and was dusted with yellow moss. The color of the moss was reminiscent of the blonde hair of a young Elf.


Already slipping away, Ninelle could no longer recognize Aranzeb. She couldn't hear his final goodbye. Finally, hugging herself against the tree trunk, she whispered. "Lovely Aranyn. Ah, my innocent baby. Mommy's coming."


The next day, Aranzeb was more like a statue than a man. Without food or rest, he repeatedly walked the paths he'd explored with Ninelle and Aranyn. Elves are creatures who feel such great sorrow, that it's common for them to pass away shortly after a great tragedy, however, after a few months he was still not dead, because the Elves of the forest, as well as the spirits of Ninelle and Aranyn, were watching over him.


The following yer, news of Aranzeb reached Alexander, and he returned to Enoa. Alexander took him to Delphinad against his will. When he came to, he thrice called out for Ninelle. Alexander remembered the moment when he finally calmed down. He then held out to the other man what Alexander had spent an eternity looking for.

"If you die, the Arany clan dies with you.

So live on, forever."


Notice: Afterword



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#22906 Wanderer's Doodles

Posted by Wanderer on 02 February 2013 - 11:48 AM

Wanderer Doodle





Wanderer Colored





Tigress Doodle





Amae Doodle





Inporylem Doodle





Questing Doodle





Chibi Wandy Doodle





Mast Latch Doodle





Tiggy Jail Doodle





YOLO Doodle





New Cloak Design... One Day




Impact Valentine's Doodle





Tiggy's Driving Doodle





Just Noticing How American Tiggy and Wanderer Are





Wanderer's Speedboat Sail Design





Tigress's Trade Ship Sail Design


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#21053 Hello from Washington~!

Posted by Wanderer on 11 January 2013 - 06:54 PM

You said the R-word! Hooray!

Welcome to the community. It is nice to see the occasional American about who isn't just here to go "HARF DARF HOW 2 GETTING OBT PLZ BYE!!!" Washington's a nice place to visit! Not sure about living there, but I enjoyed my trip to Seattle. I got to hunt down the building NCsoft's Aion team works out of, and I tried my darndest to throw rocks up that high. Alas, I have a terrible throwing arm.

Anywho, welcome again, and not to totally distract you, but the RP community is also forming up on a forum of its own. The link is in my signature. We're small for the time being since most RPers haven't even gotten to try the game out yet, but once NA release draws near, things will probably be plenty busy.
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#21046 How do you repair in archeage?

Posted by Wanderer on 11 January 2013 - 06:18 PM

Go to a blacksmith NPC and pick the hammer option. Then you can open up your character sheet and click on the pieces of gear that are in need of repair.
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#20530 How can i play the Open Beta

Posted by Wanderer on 05 January 2013 - 10:30 PM

wtb Korean spouse.
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#10318 [Lore] Kyprosa Daeior

Posted by Wanderer on 09 March 2012 - 12:36 PM

Updated to reflect that Orchidna is female. :X
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#10315 ArcheAge Book Pictures

Posted by Wanderer on 09 March 2012 - 12:11 PM


...They wrote a guide to the language in ArcheAge. Holy friggen crap, I want this! Thanks so much for linking the pics though. They also include what I'll now assume the canon English spellings of the 12 figures' names. I think I have to go back and change some stuff in my translations!
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#8095 [Lore] Kyprosa Daeior

Posted by Wanderer on 02 February 2012 - 08:49 AM

Kyprosa Daeior
Daughter of the Winter Fir; The Nearest to the Mother; Keeper of the Garden

Posted Image


The official Korean ArcheAge website, over time, has been posting stories and biographies concerned with notable historical figures in ArcheAge's universe. Thus far, the character biographies that have appeared have all been about characters who appear in The First Expeditionary Force. The first to appear on the Korean website was Kyprosa Daeior, "Gatekeeper of the Garden." As far as it's understood, she also makes an appearance in the novel "The Fir and the Hawk," which is probably not surprising considering that the following biographical story describes Kyprosa as the "Daughter of the Fir," and pinpoints her origins in a thick fir forest. Once more, I've approached this translation as carefully as possible, but I do not speak any Korean. My methodology for "translating" these stories relies on Google translations, Babylon & Babelfish translators, and Hangul-to-Romanized Korean applications (for locating names / proper nouns / foreign words).

I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this translation, but I hope that it is close enough that it will give everyone a little sneak peak in to ArcheAge's lore, before we are given official translations. My "translations" also do include a little bit of narrative embellishment, as Korean and English literary styles are somewhat different.

Please note that I have already posted this information to ArcheAgeRoleplay.com!
I strongly encourage people who are interested in lore and/or roleplay to visit the site, sign up, and watch for updates there. I will continue to "translate" the stories of the important historical characters as they appear on the Korean website. It's not certain how long it will take me to cross-post to ArcheAge Source. They will appear on AARP first!


Link to the Official Korean site, and the biographical story of Kyprosa Daeior Posted Image


Ki-peu-ro-ja De-i-eo1 Kyprosa Daeior

The tall castle tower overlooked a vast expanse of pine forest. It was a radiant sight among the frigid, untamed wilds. The lord of this castle was also known as "King of the Fir". He had innumerable riches, ample land, numerous subjects, and great influence, but among his court, there was no one fit to be his heir. In fact, by now they were sworn in to allegiance of the Northern territories as a simple provincial kingdom. Although, at the same time, the lord of the castle was counted among the kingdom's elite.

The King of the Fir and his wife, Rosia2 of Devotion, had three sons, but each of them had come to vanish or fall from favor. As time drew on, Rosia became old, and all that remained of her bloodline was one granddaughter. The granddaughter was named in the tradition of the King of the Fir and was also strong in Devotion.

She was named after the crest of the tree; Kyprosa Daeior.
The crest was a symbol of the grave, death, and eternal torment.

There were strange rumors circulating among the people of the fir. That Kyprosa's life was even worse than the meaning of her name. Her father had lost himself to madness, and her mother brought her to her husband's parents' doorstep and left. Her grandmother hated her, and forced her in to servitude for her family, to be raised in the kitchens.

That was when she met Orchidna3, her uncle's bastard infant daughter who had been discarded in anger by Rosia. In the middle of the night, she snuck out of the halls. She found the baby abandoned in the woods, but soon realized that she herself was lost. She kept walking, but couldn't find so much as a hunter's cabin. She tried to follow the stars to any shelter possible, but found herself at the edge of a cliff, stopping in her tracks. She had gone the wrong way. Kyprosa stubbornly clung to the infant to try to keep it warm, even if she in turn would freeze to death.

Kyprosa decided to press forward and carefully crawl down the cliff. In the distance, she saw the form of a man, disappearing in to an old looking shack. She approached and saw that the interior of the shack was rotting and broken, and empty, but it was still a shelter from the harsh, cold winds outside, so Kyprosa entered. The entrance was narrow, but there was some space on the left, around a fallen table, to sit and shield them from the winds.

Kyprosa imagined the sight of lights.
She lost consciousness then
and dreamt of dying; or was it a dream?

She wasn't sure how, but she found herself in a round hall. Lanterns were hung along the walls of the cave. Kyprosa stood and ventured along the hall until she found another passageway. Down the hall, she discovered a room, which startled her. It was her bedroom. Venturing inside, she found that the bedroom was lavish, in stark contrast to the walls just outside of it. The fire in the fireplace warmed the room, and the goose-feather bed looked incredibly cozy. On the covers, there was a blue velvet dress awaiting its owner.

Kyprosa timidly touched the dress on the bed, when there was a knock at the door. She stiffened, horrified that she would be seen and thought to be a thief. It wasn't certain which came first. He entered and stood by Kyprosa's side.

"What are you doing all the way over here, Rosa. If you get lost in the cold for so long, you'll be in big trouble."

Who was this man? Why was he speaking in such a friendly and comfortable manner to her?

Kyprosa examined his face closely. Then she recognized him from a portrait on the wall. Her great grandfather painted many portraits that looked just like it, before he died. Speechless, Kyprosa simply stared at him, but he blinked back to her. This man looked like her great grandfather's portrait of her father, Leibon4.

When Kyprosa's father had left the castle, where had he gone? She couldn't be sure, but she felt at ease, and so she relaxed. He chuckled, patting her on the shoulder affectionately, then looked down at the dress on the bed.

"Not too shabby for a grown man to sew in little time. Would you like to try it on?"

Kyprosa quickly shook her head. Such splendid clothing didn't suit her at all, and she was afraid she was too awkward and clumsy that it would tear apart; above all else, this was still probably a dream. Even if it was all just a dream, she didn't want to do it. 5 Eventually, he took his daughter's hand and led her downstairs. Her hand felt like it was in an oven, all the way down the stairs. His hand was strangely warm, and she tearfully clung to his hand throughout the descent.

She was surprised to descend again. She didn't expect there to be two flights of stairs. She was led to sit in a chair, and her hair was tied back. Three families sat there, and each of her long dead uncles were present, even though Kyprosa was born after the death of some of them. Rosia, Kyprosa's grandmother, took a seat next to her and smiled at her.

"My granddaughter is here."

It was like the other side of the same coin--the fir forest she knew, but where everything happened differently. Her father and uncle spoke, planning a hunting trip for tomorrow, and then her uncle made a joke at her grandfather's expense, winking to her to back him up. Kyprosa didn't know her grandfather, but she soon chuckled.
Kyprosa laughed often that day. It was in that moment that she realized where she was. The was the place. The Shadow Castle6. She had no doubt that this was the place her mad father had written about.

It was a castle, deep in the forest, that contradicted historical reality. In this world, her grandfather was there, and her father hadn't left, and he uncles hadn't died. And Kyprosa was loved by everyone here. She wished it wasn't too good to be true. This was so good for her, that if it kept on, she would forget her real life, awful though it may have been. Then, the door swung open, and the food was brought in.

She knew the people who came through the door. Her aunt Elma7. But there was a baby in her arms. Her uncle Theodoric8 stood and went to take the baby, and Elma handed him over. "Everyone was upset you weren't here. Papa wanted to see you."

This baby had been born because her uncle hadn't left. She watched the baby, but felt that something had been lost. But what.
Of course, she thought. Kyprosa smiled to her father. "Papa, is that Orchidna?"

Leibon tilted his head at her. With his head still tilted slightly, he said.

"Orchidna? Who is that?"

She slowly came to realization. She slapped her hands down on to the table.
Kyprosa lost her appetite and stood.

She slowly pushed her chair away from the table. She didn't quite know what she was doing, but her feet took her quickly to the front entrance of the building.

Kyprosa had read about the Shadow Castle in her father's journal, and how he had to find it. He studied this magical place feverishly, even when other people doubted him. Maybe he had somehow called Kyprosa to him here. Then where had her father gone to in the real world?

Did her father come to see this place, just as she had? Was it so happy that it brought about his madness? Why did he not stay here? Was this why he left Kyprosa alone?

Where then had he really gone?

She understood her father wanted to find the Shadow Castle. It's Kyprosa may have seemed real to him. Perhaps his father was too busy ruling the Forest, and he and his mother Rosia had come to mutually resent each other? If Kyprosa were to really walk among him, Leibon couldn't tell the difference between the fake and real Kyprosa.

The Shadow Castle was not real.
Everything that happened here, never really happened after all.

In the Shadow Castle, Orchidna was never born. His father had never met his mother. However, if Kyprosa was really here, then she had abandoned Orchidna alone in the woods to die. She risked her life last night to find her. She had to find Orchidna. It was a simple decision to make.

It wasn't hard to leave the Shadow Castle. The fir trees were in the exact same places from the castle as they were in the real world. Kyprosa had awoken in the cave to find a blue velvet dress on the bed before. Would she still be wearing those clothes? Would she be where she lost consciousness, in the clothes that the alternate version of herself enjoyed?

New snow had painted the forest white. Kyprosa tried to follow the direction she wandered yesterday, where she had gotten lost, and she heard a baby cry. From a distance, she also heard a wolf howl. This startled her. She continued at a brisk pace, hoping to find the baby in a basket. She ran. Her cape snagged on fir branches, causing snow to crumble from the top of the trees. She hadn't frozen to death. She prayed she was alive.


I left the Korean pronunciation here because the original Korean version of this story has both her Hangul name and her English name. If anything, this can help with the pronunciation of her name. It should be Key-Pro-Zah Day-Ore.

2 "Rosia" is the localized name I decided upon for the name "Ro-ji-a."

3 "Orchidna" as mentioned in The First Expeditionary Force, is the localized name I chose for "O-ki-deu-na." It was hard to determine her relation to Kyprosa. It seems she might be her cousin. She was introduced in a messy translation involving fathers, brothers, and uncles.

4 "Leibon" was my choice for localization of the name Re-i-beun. It's more than likely completely off base, but it's the best guess I could muster.

5 Later in the story, the blue dress is brought up again. I can't quite tell if she's wearing it or just talking about it as though it was worn by Shadow Castle Kyprosa, but I assumed she was wearing it. That means that at this point, she may or may not have actually put the dress on, before her father led her downstairs.

6 The Shadow Castle or Castle of Shade is basically a shadow realm. The localization might name this something cooler, but Shadow Castle seemed to do for now.

7 "Elma" is a localization guess. The Korean is El-ma. Google research on the name came up with results for an "Elma Inn" and "Hotel Elma."

8 "Theodoric" is a localization guess. The Korean is Si-eo-deu-rig. Google research came up with Theodoric. I kind of wanted to guess Cedric, before that.

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#7452 [Lore] The First Expeditionary Force

Posted by Wanderer on 26 January 2012 - 01:09 PM

The First Expeditionary Force
The Tale of 12 Important Figures, Thousands of Years Ago

Posted Image


For some time, the official Korean ArcheAge website has been posting more and more content under the "worldview" section of the site. This information has not yet been brought over to the English mirror. Out of impossible curiosity, I embarked on a bit of a quest to try to make sense of the stories beyond that of simple Google translations. Bear in mind, that as I do this, I don't speak any Korean. My methodology for "translating" these stories, so to speak, lies in cross-referencing both Babylon translations, and Yahoo!'s Babelfish translators. I am also using several references for Hangul-to-Romanized Korean to locate proper nouns and refrain from jumbling them in to some kind of jumbled sentence (though I admit I might have slipped up and missed a few).

The "translation" I'm providing here may not be entirely accurate, but it will at least, hopefully, give you an early glimpse in to some of ArcheAge's Lore. If anyone here does speak a substantial amount of Korean, I very much welcome your corrections and will edit accordingly. My "translations" do include some literary embellishment that might not accurately reflect the original Korean text, just to give the story a little bit of a narrative flow.

Please note that I have already posted this information to ArcheAgeRolePlay.
I strongly encourage people who are interested in lore and/or roleplay to visit the site, sign up, and watch for updates there. I will continue to "translate" the stories of the important historical characters as they appear on the Korean website. It's not certain how long it will take me to cross-post to ArcheAge Source.


Link to the Official Korean site, and the story of the First Expeditionary Force Posted Image


The First Expeditionary Force

A strong gust of wind surged forth from the cavern in the ground. Dust and pebbles were kicked up by its sudden force. In to the vast and infinite sky they drifted, then vanished. Everyone looked up. Then they looked down... Just how deep was this cavern?


Gene spoke without meaning to, realizing too late that Tahyang had overheard him. He sheepishly rubbed his neck.

"If you say that out loud, it only becomes more true."

"Never in Delfinad1 have I heard such nonsense. You'll make him faint."

Lucius said, approaching the edge of the sudden steep decline in to the deep cavern. This startled Eanna in to reaching for his collar and yanking him back, fearing he would fall in. At this, Aranzebia laughed loudly.

"And here we have the fearless poet."

"I wouldn't say fearless, per se. He was like this in Delfinad."

Eanna let go of his collar, then slowly swung a mock-punch up at Lucius's jaw. Lucius fell, playing dead, then Tahyang asked.

"What did you see?"

"'See,' my ass. There's fog everywhere."

Just then, Gene picked up a stone and threw it in to the cavern. They listened, but heard nothing. Gene blinked, then Tahyang began to pick up stones and throw them with incredible force. Despite the strength of the Ferre's arm, there was still no sound. Gene said.

"I'd guess it's deeper than two-hundred meters."

Gene understood the strength of his friend. As the colleagues spoke, they moved on to a narrow ledge around the inner edge of the cavern--a bridge, leading down in to its depths. Aranzebia cried out in bewilderment.

"Where are you going?"

There was no answer, then Aranzeb stepped forward and silently nodded to the rest of the force to follow along down the path.

"To measure the uneven width of the ledge."

Kyprosa, who, until then, had been lost in thought, lifted her gaze.

"Are you trying to figure out the radius of the entire cavern? Go a little further if possible."

They set off to pinpoint two positions along the curvature of the cavern's walls, so they could measure its radius, in order to calculate its circumference, as they had learned in Delfinad. Aranzeb then grinned.

"Of course, there is no guarantee, but."

"No. This rough circular cavern. Are we at the center of the world?"2

Both of the mages present understood what he was saying, but it seemed the others did not. Kyprosa didn't say anything but looked to the two men. She took hold of Lucius's hand and shook it.

"Mages have a general understanding of the cipher. Let's continue moving. Do we happen to know how to make the lift emerge?"

"Isn't there a handle for the lift?"

Olot said and Lucius laughed loudly.

"Indeed! Perhaps we'll let the girls lead."

The twelve adventurers soon began their expedition further in to the cavern, along the ledges. To their right was an endless wilderness. To their left, the infinite darkness of the cavern, captivating them with such contrast, emanating in their hearts. The simple fact that they were present here now, was nothing short of miraculous. The world had many hidden secrets, and they had to be revealed someday.

Finally, they happened upon something. It wasn't a lift, but floating stone stairs. They could use them like stepping stones. One step at a time, descending further in to the cavern.

"Oh boy."

Eanna was pressing on, admirably, but she continued to glance down with fear. She looked to Melisara when the latter said.

"It cuts off."

Melisara had amazing eyesight. She was peering down at the stairs, overlapping in some places, but clearly broken in others. Having even better eyesight, Tahyang came to her side and also peered down.

"No. It joins back together towards the bottom."

Ferre eyesight was more than twice as strong as human eyesight. What Tahyang saw was invisible to everyone else. Ollo stroked his beard, looking uneasy.

"Is there anywhere from here to go but down?"

"If you're worried, I'll let you hold on to my skirt and you can follow me."

Aranzebia teased. The female elf didn't seem to be in the least bit worried about the stairs.

"How will you get down there? It's blacker than night, you don't even know if there's a floor there. You might not be able to come back up."

"Even so, will you not go?"

It was the first time anyone heard Inoch speak since beginning the expedition. His tone was almost excited. His voice was always so calm, it was strange to hear it crack a bit with excitement. Then Aranzeb spoke.

"I'm going."

All eyes turned on to him. Lucius nodded and muttered.

"I don't know if we'll ever return from this. Hell, my world's been turned upside down just by the mere proof of the existence of this place. I want to experience it, for future generations."

Anyone who was that concerned for their own well-being wouldn't have come so far. Suddenly, Gene gave the rock he was leaning against a friendly pat.

"Want to leave our names? Carve them right here?"

That was a strange day. No one argued further about different opinions for where to go, moved by the child-like proposal of carving their names in to a rock, never to be forgotten. Aranzeb bent down and picked up a stone from the floor, casting a spell on to it.

"This should do."

The stone was glowing on one end. Kyprosa was the first to take up the glowing rock, and carve her name in to the wall. It carved through the wall with ease, like drawing in the sand on a beach. She handed it to Orchidna, who sloppily and lopsidedly added her name, then handed it to Tahyang as the Ferre laughed.

"Let's see."

Tahyang awkwardly scribed his name in the official language, like everyone else, simply to make it collaborative, he claimed. Gene wrote his name with some difficulty. Gene handed the stone to Melisara. Melisara hesitated for a moment, looking a bit detached. It seemed that Gene, somehow, had never heard Melisara's name before."

"Come on, I'm next."

Lucius was growing impatient with Melisara and eventually snatched the stone out of her hand and wrote. Then Eanna. She wrote her name neatly, then handed the stone to Aranzeb, who said.

"Teacher's turn."

Aranzeb wrote, then passed the stone to Aranzebia, who also wrote before passing it to Ollo, and he too wrote. Inoch's had a short name to write, then turned around.

"I will write a name for you."

Naima didn't speak the language. She couldn't write.

In the beginning, the Mother created the twelve ancestors, and future generations returned to the place they discovered. They walked a long road back to that world, to the Hill Forgotten3.

The carvings in the rock were left for thousands of years. Since then, those who come across this rock will see this.

Kyprosa Daeior


Tahyang Kahlzit

Gene Evernight

Melisara Livolla

Lucius Quinto6

Eanna Nimush







"Delfinad" is my bad guess at the romanization for the term "Delpinadeu," which was the name of the capitol city on the Continent of Origin / Lost Continent, where all races lived together in harmony 2,000 years ago, before the great Nuiyan / Hariharan schism.

2 "The center of the world" will more than likely be named something unique upon localization. It seems like the mages in this story regard it as something significant enough to where they have commonly studied it.

3 "Hill Forgotten" is a translation I'm completely unsure of. I think that there's a proper noun in there somewhere. If I recall correctly, there are ruins on a hill on the Lost Continent that apparently play a big role in ArcheAge's lore. I'd bet that this is supposed to be the name of that location. But, again, I can only speculate.

4 "Orchidna" is my rough guess of what "okideuna" will translate in to upon localization. Okideu does translate to "Orchid," so this is a somewhat educated guess. I don't know if Orchidna is a male or female. I've referred to this character in the story as a male but it is unconfirmed. EDIT: Orchinda confirmed as canon name.

5 Tahyang's first name is spelled differently in two locations on the official English site. I used "Tahyang," arbitrarily. The last name in Korean is Kaljiteu, which I've guessed is just "Kaljit." This website makes the same guess, denoting it, of course, as just a guess. EDIT: Tahyang Kahlzit confirmed as canon name.

6 Lucius Quinto is a fairly educated guess on the romanization of Rukiuseu Kwinto. Researched separately, the Hangul "Rukiuseu" brings up articles on men named Lucius, and "Kwinto" brings up results about people with the name Quinto, each in their roman spellings. This website again makes the same guess. EDIT: Lucius Quinto confirmed canon localized name.

7 "Anna" may be incorrect, but I went with it for ease. Since simple names like "Gene" also make an appearance, I thought this might not be a huge stretch. "Nimos" was derived by separately researching the Hangul for "Nimuswe." Her name in Korean phonetics is "Eanna Nimuswe." This website once again also has a guess, but it's different than mine. This author guesses her name will be Eanna Nimush. EDIT: The author was right. Canon name confirmed as Eanna Nimush

8 The Korean phonetic for Olot is "Ollo." I did independent research on the Hangul for his name and found references to a city named Olot. This character is assumed to be a male because, if the translation was right, he was described as bearded. Possibly means he's a Dwarf too. No idea. EDIT: Canon name confirmed to be Ollo, and he is a dwarf.

9 Naima is the Korean phonetic of this name. It's hard to tell how they might localize it. Naima is a Western name, as is Nayma, and other similar names. The scene where Inoch writes for her suggests this child doesn't speak the common language. It's possible she's some kind of other race... or maybe she's a fairy, and Inoch wrote for her since she was so small. EDIT: Name confirmed to be Naima. Not sure if she's a fairy still.

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Still amused that their one available dance right now isn't a K-pop dance or anything of the sort... But LMFAO's Rock Party Anthem... So very amused.

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