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#31281 Korean Retail General News

Posted by KeksX on 02 July 2013 - 11:54 PM

Might just ve me but i dobt see any F2P info. And if thats right then thank god. Would hate to see a good game wasted with F2P :)

Anyhow all good updates from what i understand. Cant wait to get ingame again :)

Just to clarify:

These are completely different updates from what they promised. So it's actually really disappointing....



Also, some new videos:


Login Video


Kraken Kill Animation


Anthalon Kill Animation


Thanks to Dengel from ArcheAge-Online.de!


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#31032 ArcheAge In Japan - Closed Beta Report by Fido

Posted by KeksX on 01 July 2013 - 01:36 AM

Hello guys,

Fido made an Insider and a forum post on ArcheAge-Online.de.

Looking at the changes, it is pretty worthwile translating it as the japanese went crazy with some changes!


If you want, take a look at Fido's Insider first:




Here is the translations of the summary Fido posted:


Full "Pay to Play"

Boxed sales for 39 € and 1 month gametime.

Gametime around 20 US$/month


No Item Shop

Although it is unclear how UCC-Potions are made. (User created content)


Improved Client

"Unbelievable good FPS ingame"

"Performance strongly improved compared to KR"

"No desktop client; game starts via weblauncher"


Modified Trading

You don't get money from trading

Only delphi coins; but payment is the same as in korea.


Modified PvE

Mobs are really strong

Bossmobs are harder

Casting mobs (especially Elite) are really hard to kill

Really bad drop rates for Akhium


Comparison table 100 Lvl11 Horses in Lilyut Meadow with Lv13 Char:


Loot     Korea  -->   Japan
Total     100  -->   100
Money  68  -->   87
Sm Potion   9  -->   4
Sm M. Potion    8   -->  4
Gear(all rarity)    5  -->   3
Blue Akhium pwd.     5  -->   2
Green Akhium pwd.     3   -->  -
Red Akhium pwd.     2  -->   -

(sorry I don't know how to make tables)


According to a german player it's getting a little better on higher lvls.

Currently theres no Akhium in the AH(normal for beta)

If theres any, it gets bought within seconds.


Modified PvP
War system just as in Korea
1 hour of war; 4 hours peacetime.
In Japan, there IS peacetime on Liberty Island - 1 hours peace/1 hour war preparation rotating.


Modified prices on Mirage Island

General stuff has the same price, but more advanced things are more expensive:


Blueprint   Price Korea  -->  Price Japan


Underwater farm 14 coins --> 30 coins

Tractor      10 coins  --> 70 coins

Big house   500 coins --> 1000 coins

50 slot chest  30 coins -->  150 coins

Crafting station  20 coins --> 40 coins

Battleship        100 coins  --> 200 coins

Tradeship       50 coins   --> 200 coins

Guild mansion    1000 coins --> 2000 coins



Modified prices at NPCs

Same as above


Good   Price Korea --> Price Japan

Rank 2 Catalyst    12S --> 24S

Rank 3 Catalyst   24S  --> 72S

Ink                10 S --> 1G



Modified prices for character "services"

Resetting skilltree

Korea: 10S per skill in tree

Japan: 50S per skill in tree



Level 50 player with 15 skills in a tree

Price Korea: 1 Gold 50 Silver

Price Japan: 7 Gold 50 Silver


Changing skill tree

- tba -



NPC Merchants

No portal stones

No animal food(breeding)

No animal healing potion(for sick cows)

Farmers workbench available


Materials for portal stones

Stone (3 in KR / 5 in JP)

Powder (1 in KR / 3 in JP)


Without farmers workbench, no animal food.

So breeding is impossible in the beginning.




Partially completely new cutscenes

Quests adjusted to japan

Cutscenes full japanese synchro


Labour Points

No difference to Home Users in KR

5 LP every 5 minutes

At start max 1000 LP;  10 more max LP per 100 LP used


Status Quo

"Hard to tell"

Closed beta; level cap Lv35

Hell Swamp, Long Sand, Lokas Checkers, Steppe Belt, RoH and Hasla not walkeable as well as northern continent

Everything is there on the map though(will be opened for OBT probably)

Northern sea without islands on map

You can already lock your vehicles

Fishing, inscription crafting and composing is not implemented

No yata breeding

Partially changes to the game that were only recently introduced in KR; for example UI changes to see available crafting receipes.


This list is going to be updated the more Fido gets to know about ArcheAge in Japan.




Japan is in Closed Beta, there can be a lot of changes in the next couple of days.

The Open Beta starts next weekend and what will be in there will be the status of Release.











News about Japan release by Fido


ArcheAge is going to be released on Thursday, 2013-07-11 at  12:00 JPT(12 p.m. ;noon)




GameOn already noted that Pre-Order buyers can create their characters beforehand, starting 2013-07-05 17:00 JPT (5 p.m.) and ending 2013-07-08 17:00 JPT.

To play ArcheAge JP you will need a PMANG-ID. To distribute the game, GameOn relies on the stable system from Neowiz Games.



Players are further adviced not to delete their CBT clients because it is no problem to patch them up to the OBT client [which will be the release version].




There was a livestream yesterday, 2013-07-02 about the japanese release. It will work as an info dump about the following topics:


1) Basics of the game

2) Housing Areas - Everything about crating and farming

3) The challenge - Everything about instances

4) The Future - Updates after release


The stream can be seen here:


[Obviusly japanese so you don't understand much..]




As a little addition, there will be an ArcheAge guide in retail stores to help newcomers get a better start into the game. The book is full of illustrations and screenshots.




Content of the book:

Class System

Basics of PvE


Farming and Housing

All receipes at release state and material guide


Buying the book gives you some ingame items:


[Small Chest] - 10 slots chest(housing item)

[10x excellent potion] - Heals 2600 - 2800 HP

[XP Potion] - Gives 10k XP


Cost: 1260 Yen

ISBN: 978-4-04-729054-9



Together with ArcheAge JP there will also be the third book of the ArcheAge Saga by Jeon-Min Hee.

The title of the book is "The Snow Birds" and is about Kyprosas in the northern kingdom Meir.


So far the japanese version is only availalbe as an e-book for 350 Yen (e.g. Amazon Kindle Store).


With the release of ArcheAge in Japan we now have 2 regional releases for the game. Let's hope that Trion Worlds gives more information about ArcheAge in EU/NA soon. Let's wish GameOn and Neowiz Games a big success with their new title!

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#30121 [56k/Phone warning] Personal Review - What you should know about ArcheAge

Posted by KeksX on 21 June 2013 - 03:02 AM

Aah ok im on my phone so i cant see it :). Thank you, really appreciate it. The more people can see this review the better!
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#30117 [56k/Phone warning] Personal Review - What you should know about ArcheAge

Posted by KeksX on 21 June 2013 - 02:43 AM

Go ahead! Just a little note about this review somewhere would be nice! :D
Also what fansite? Im going to add a linklist soon :)
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#30010 [56k/Phone warning] Personal Review - What you should know about ArcheAge

Posted by KeksX on 20 June 2013 - 09:48 AM


I've started to edit it a bit:


1) Fixed the part about 1v1

2) Added more pictures such as mounts, maps and graphics

3) Started fixing the formatting~ by copying from .doc -> forums it kinda went crazy.

4) Added that there will be more areas on the northern continent in the future

5) Added Pantalai's guide to composer =)


To Do:

 - stuff like hasla tokens, naval battles and more stories will be added this weekend.

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#29879 ArcheAge KR Free To Play - How It Works

Posted by KeksX on 19 June 2013 - 07:15 AM

Hello guys,


after the news that ArcheAge is officially going Free To Play in July, here are the quick facts abut how the system works. Thanks for Fido for the awesome writeup - beat me to it, stupid work block!


The Free To Play Model in short


1) Free to play users...

 - can freely choose servers

 - can level up to 50

 - start with 50 labour points (remember that labour points are account-wide)


 - can NOT own houses or scarecrows

 - do NOT regenerate labour points

 - can NOT pay taxes (if you have houses you will lose them if your account goes F2P)


2) PC Bang Users without ArcheLife

 - Regenerate 15 labour points every 5 minutes while ONLINE

 - Regenerate 5 labour points every 5 minutes while offline

 - CAN own houses or scarecrows

 - CAN pay taxes

 - Get bonus honor

 - Get 3 lulu coins per hour playing


3) PC Bang Users with ArcheLife

 - Regenerate 15 labour points every 5 minutes while ONLINE

 - Regenerate 5 labour points every 5 minutes while offline

 - CAN own houses or scarecrows

 - CAN pay taxes

 - Get bonus honor

 - Get 10 Lulu Coins at first login daily

 - Get 6 lulu coins per hour playing


4) Home Users with ArcheLife 30

 - Regenerate 5 Labour Points every 5 minutes while online and offline

 - CAN own houses or scarecrows

 - Can pay taxes

 - Get bonus honor

 - Get 10 lulu coins at first login daily

 - Get 198 lulu coins at the end of the 30 days


5) Home Users with ArcheLife 90

 - 5 Labour Points every 5 minutes while online and offline

 - CAN own houses or scarecrows

 - Can pay taxes

 - Get bonus honor

 - Get 10 lulu coins at first login daily

 - Get 159 lulu coins after each 30 days as a bonus


As Fido already explained, PC Bangs in Korea are a huge thing within the gaming industry. Players have to pay around 1$~ to play and some of that many, probably about 20 cents for XLGames, goes directly to Publishers/Developers. That means publishers try to bring as many people as possible into the PC Bangs


Here's how you get lulu coins:


ArcheLife 30: 198 after 30 days

ArcheLife 90: 159 after 30 days, 477 total.

ArcheLife Abo 3/6/9: 198 after each 30 days


1 LP-Cake: 15 through coupon

6 LP-Cake: 85 through coupon

14 LP-Cake: 180 through coupon

35 LP-Cake: 450 through coupon

50 LP-Cake: 640 through coupon

5 Endless Fantasy(potion): 45 throuh coupon


Lulu coins are account-wide, too.




You can use lulu coins to craft specific things on Mirage Island.

You can either use lulu, life score, honor or delphinade stars to build many things that are yet to be announced. For the submarine we know that there will be 4 colors depending on what you spend on it.


Fido talked to the koreans in WNTC about that, if something changes he will update this.


He did not comment on this personally, and I won't either. It's just nothing comparable to our F"P Systems.


Now, for everyone still having gametime loaded on his account:



If you want to continue playing with ArcheLife, go to this site and your account will be changed to an ArcheLife acccount and you'll also get wings tht look like Aion wings(you cannot fly with them...)




So, this is it. This is ArcheAge Free To Play in Korea.




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#29781 [56k/Phone warning] Personal Review - What you should know about ArcheAge

Posted by KeksX on 18 June 2013 - 12:29 PM

This section is easy. I'll let the screenshots speak for themselves.
A positive example for housing
 The Problem with Free To Play in Korea


As of the 3rd of july, ArcheAg is free to play in korea. This means you can play without having any gametime, but there are some restrictions. If you want to read more details about this, check my post:



Generally, this is not much of a problem. If you want to regenerate and participate in the housing you have to pay a monthly fee, otherwise you only get to fight and buy stuff.

Botting will always be an issue, no matter what business model, so I don't dislike the system because of that.


What really bothers me is the high amount of pay to win in this game.

There is an item shop in which you can buy rice cakes for real money. Those rice cakes give you 500 labour points on a cooldown of one hour. So an additional 12k labour points a day. I won't even start to talk about problems like credit card fraud, this is not part of the game.


Part of the game, however, is this "luxury shop":


In this shop, you can buy goods with these rice cakes. Those goods are among other things cars, costumes with stats, mounts and gliders. Some of these, such as the gliders and mounts, can only be obtained through this item shop. The car and the costumes however an also be crafted ingame. And with the ricecakes being tradeable, you could actually try and get all of this without investing real money. But there is also another currency which I honestly don't know much about right now.


My point is: By buying rice cakes in the item shop you can buy everything, including castles if you manage your guild right. This does not even include ItemBay, a big korean site where players legally sell their equipment and ingame gold just like people sell their old couch on eBay.


All in all, the free to play system brought many bots, a pay to win system and a massive deflation of players. I am not the only one liking the system, and if you watched the player numbers in the past, you can see many koreans dislike it too.



 Useful Links and Sources
Closing Words
That's it. I tried to cover as many topics as possible to give you a really good perspective about the game. As I said multiple times now, I will try to keep this as updated as possible and hopefully not have any false information in this, as the goal of this review is to inform players as good as possible.
I would like to thank LlexX, supermoderator of ArcheAgeSource, for taking the time to proof-read the review and helping me out with many things. Also for his really awesome reviews which help a TON. He is a great asset to the community and I'm glad he helped me out.
Also a big shoutout to Fido and the german community in general. Not only are they all really passionate about the game but they also continue to amaze me ingame – keep it up guys!
Many thanks to Majiinfreddy, Indalecia and all the regular guys from their two streams. 
This includes Mahru, Frizzly, Roflcakes, Xarfay, Yarryarr and who knows who. Watching and talking to you guys made writing this review a whole lot easier and might be the main reason why it's so damn long.
Also thank you to InporylemQQ, LadyZENITH and all the other people that either create great ArcheAge content on YouTube, the forums or anywhere else. Really appreciate you guys.
I hope you enjoyed the read and now know everything you wanted to know - and if not I hope that you will ask questions that I can answer for you. Feel free to ask them in this topic.
This also counts for any additions or critizism. 

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#29780 [56k/Phone warning] Personal Review - What you should know about ArcheAge

Posted by KeksX on 18 June 2013 - 12:21 PM

So... Is it a sandbox?
It's not that simple, but it is no sandbox. If anything, it is a sandpark(term coined by Fido). What this means is that yes, you have sandbox elements. You can craft stuff, have  housing, destroy other player's stuff but it is really limited. Everything can be repaired and only the newest additions (high gear upgrading, cars) can really break.  The other big part of the game is made a thempark, where you can do it, but don't have to  do it and don't lose anything if you fail. You have your instances, dungeons and you never need to do any of the crafting or housing. You can complete the game with just rushing through quests and doing the instances: And you WILL have fun with that if you like themepark-games.
So, ArcheAge is a hybrid. It has major sandbox elements, major themepark elements and combines them into a new type of game. A sandpark.
Another big factor of how good or bad the game is, is obviously the community. The Korean community so far has been awesome. There's great loyalty, friendship and helpfulness all around. And even though koreans can be really friendly towards each other, they can also be pretty harsh. There's no grace in PvP and if you are trading or doing anything worthwhile they will have no mercy on you. They protect you if you are their ally and help them out too, but Koreans are really the best enemies you can have.
This is just generally speaking and personal experience, of course, but as you will read about in the story-section, koreans have a really special way of playing the game.
If the western community will just be a little bit like that, I have big hopes.
Stories from Korean ArcheAge
First a little about myself, to put some context into the stories. I currently have two Lv50 characters on the western continent the 10th server called "Ollo". I play with the german, now international(at least in KR) guild "West Nuia Trading Company" and have had lots of adventures with them. But there are also a lot of guys playing longer than me and they  also have more connections/stories to tell. So, besides my own stories, I will also write the  stories people tell me. I think this puts a good perspective on the game. I will try to be accurate as possible, but for the sake of excitement I will spice the wording up a bit.
Stories by me
In my short time playing I didn't have real epic stories, but I had my fair share of exciting moments.
"One good turn deserves another"
Just this friday, I decided to take Tikro and Beatrix, two guild colleagues, on a fast tour to liberty island. I crafted some strawberry packages out of the strawberries I harvested a few days earlier. Not too many, a few days of work(actualy time spent maybe an hour or two, but still). We loaded up the tradeship and began sailing. It was really late, so probably early in the morning for koreans. We thought we were safe and made a quick stop at the western outpost at liberty island. Beatrix got on the island, and it was safe. He got back and we sailed to the beach of the island.
We loaded up two tractors and got in the middle, and then we saw it: There were enemies, probably of the eastern faction, fighting with a small western group. Tikro and Beatrix, riding the tractors, tried to sell anyway. One red guy apparently saw where they were coming from and decided to pay me a visit. As I was trying to stay with the tradeship I  wasn't hard to find, and with this better gear I was no real threat to him. He killed me and tried to bring the packages to the island to sell them himself, confident his friends wouldclear it. But as it is, the western group actually managed to fight them back and they cleared out. Tikro and Beatrix took the chance and asked for help. 
Our allies understood and quickly followed them to my ship, which started moving because my killer realised his friends lost. A chase after him started, he managed to escape multiple times but once my ship respawned and the packages dropped, the western guys catched up. Now, they didn't just kill him and took the packages.
They kindly asked whether these were my packages and put them back on the safe part of the island. I offered them packages as thanks, but they refused. We talked for a bit and they left, but quickly after that I got a whisper that the island is safe now, we should try to sell the packages again. We loaded the tradeship and landed on the beach, going to the middle island. It was safe first, but then the eastern players tried attacking again. However our new allies stood inbetween and defended us so we could safely sell. 
After that, I saw a guy running against a group of four. He provoked them and got attacked pretty quickly, I immediately jumped in his direction and spammed my heal, he manages to survive and a few other friends catch up. Together we manage to deflect the attack again and we finally got rid of our enemies.
We exchanged a bit, but quickly left. I remember that one guy was called "ClvnKlein" or something like that, and he could write a decent bit of English.
"Battle of Hasla"
Just this thursday I was going hunting with my girlfriend, Caligo, to get some Hasla tokens.
I explained it in the review but long story short, there is a hunting ground in Hasla, a pvp zone in the south east area of the eastern continent, where you get tokes for killing monsters in a specific area.
And with these tokens you can get better gear, with other items you get there you can upgrade it.
(Hasla grinding)
Generally, as people just want to farm the tokens and be left alone, there is a gentlemen agreement that you leave everybody, including the enemy faction, alone. You don't disturb anybody while hunting and nobody disturbs you.
But sometimes people don't want to see enemies farm on these spots and so Caligo and me got jumped by two koreans that decided that they want to have this spot for them. Caligo died, I manage to defend myself pretty well but get knocked down finally and die too. However I managed to flee to a group of thre allies and as soon as they saw me attacking started chasing our killers. They were already on their mounts as they had the pvp mount which is pretty useful for aggroing monsters.
They immediately jump down and attack, Caligo and me respawn, heal ourselves and join them in the fight.
Meanwhile, our good friend Jangs, a korean player in our guild, came to the Hasla hunting ground as well. 
(We die :( )
He decides to fight back after we see the two players that attacked us before again. And it turns out that this was a good idea because they immediately jumped on us again, but this time we were prepared and I changed my skills beforehand. This time I was prepared for pvp and fought back as hard as I could,
I used mind control to take out their main damage dealer and Jangs got rid of the other player. Caligo helped him with that and together we got rid of them pretty easily.
screenshot0315jzjsr.jpg(Pushing them back)
This triggered everyone to attack as, but as the other western players joined us, we managed to defend.
We decide to take this hunting ground for ourselves - we didn't start the attack, we merely brought the consequences to those who attacked us. So we camp their respawn point to show them that we are superior and they should leave, but rather than running away they try to fight back for a really long time. But we also manage to kill their most important players and not lose anyone.
(We have the upper hand)
(Too late to run away!)
This changes after they alerted allies in the area chat. Slowly but surely more players got in and we started to lose more and more players. In a last attempt to break their lines we run away to try and split them, but this fails as they simply have more players available. We ask for help in guild and area chat, but it seems to late. We have to give up the hunting ground for a while and leave the easteners alone.
But next time... Next time Hasla is ours!
Stories by Fido
As you all know, Fido is doing a lot of work for the game and he has a TON of content. I will post some special moments videos by him.
"The great harbour blockade of Ynystere"
Around the end of february this year, there was a big blockade at Ynystere. Ynystere is the unofficial capital of the eastern continent: northern PvP zone, closest to liberty island and there is also a trading outpost, so as a western player you can make a lot of profit out of it without actually going further to liberty island.
Since the easterners knew that they decided to use their ships and players to block players out of that zone, so that only they could sell their packages.
Fido and his guild members, the few that they were, wanted to try it anyway. They set up their trading arrangements: Filled two tradeships with packages and took another tradeship, but placed only 3-4 packages on it. This was the decoy ship. After a long trip they finally arrived at Ynystere, only to see the eastern players still blocking out enemies.
The decoy ship got in first, and turned away as soon as the enemies saw them and started the chase. When they were out of range, the two full tradeships saw their chance: They sped up and went intot he Ynystere harbour to safely sell their packages – when the enemies got back, all they saw was already empty tradeships and a richer western guild.
"You are not welcome here. This is our island!", said the pirate captain.
I talked about liberty island before, but it is hard to capture the excitement around this island withou telling about actual player pirates.
After the pirate faction, which at the time consisted a few pirate families, said that they now will control liberty island and will attack ANYONE trying to bring and sell packages, they really didn't have that much respect. People tried anyway, and sometimes they failed, sometimes they were lucky.
Hermes, a big western korean guild, didn't take them seriously. They were confident that they could, without the help of other western guilds, sell many packages easily. And just to make it clear: They WERE offered help, it's not like they didn't have the chance to accept. 
They just refused to pay others to help them, even though it was cheaper than paying the pirates. Pirates wanted one third of your packages if you wanted to sell safely, which is a really high rate. 
With their decision made, they set up eight tradeships full of packages. Around fifty player were prepared to escort the ship, and the Hermes guild was confident. They started sailing in a convoy and in the first few moments, everything seemed fine.
Then the pirates attacked, and they attacked big. They had fewer players but had a really great combinations of better gear and better classes. 
The first two tradeships were destroyed before the last ship of the convoy could even start sailing. To minimize their losses, Hermes quickly returned to safezone, only to leave a grinning pirate faction making their point:
"This might be liberty island, but you have no liberty here. This is our place, and you need to buy yourself into it."
To put things a little bit more into perspective, eight tradeships are eight times twenty packages. Even if they sold only the cheapest packages, that would be a minimum of a thousand gold, with the sure loss of around twohundred and fifty gold. But they most likely had more expensive packages, so you can add one third to that number.
Other stories
"War between allies"
This is based on some events we could read about in the german forums. It's just a short 
I don't know too many details about this, but this is what I gathered from this:
We have another german guild called Impact and they play on the same server, just on the other continent(Shoutout to them – best rivals we have!). They had some players in their guild that decided to leave the guild to create a new one. It seems that there was some controversy about it, because when the new guild, called Atlantica, tried to arrange a guild  village Impact blocked their space with small scarecrows. This caused a war between those two guilds that seems to be still going on – who knows how this will end? 
To all KR Retail players or ArcheAge players in general: If you have a story you would like 
to share, please feel free to post it here or post a PM.
User Interface & AddOns
The general interface of ArcheAge is a plain and simple one. It's nothing fancy and also really handy. To be honest it doesn't make sense to explain it to you, just look at it:
With a TOS update in may, ArcheAge allowed players to create UI AddOns. So far, nothing came out of it so I can't really talk about it.

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#29779 [56k/Phone warning] Personal Review - What you should know about ArcheAge

Posted by KeksX on 18 June 2013 - 12:14 PM

A big part of the crafting is trading. Trading basically means that you farm and harvest materials that you later craft into packages. Then you bring those packages to a trading outpost in another region and make a profit based on distance and rarity. You can also trade in packages for gold coins, a currency used to buy stuff on mirage island.
If you pick up a trade package, you don't run anymore and walk instead.Even with your running skill you won't be much faster. You have to use a donkey, tractor or a tradeship to be faster and carry more packages at once. 
Trading routes are mostly safe inland, but they don't make the most profit. Those routes not on the land can be abused, however, and I talked about it in another thread before:
The most profit is bringing packages to the other continent or even liberty island, which brings me to my next point...
Piracy is a HUGE factor in ArcheAge. Since for many players trading is the main source of income, they will try to make the most profit by going out of safezones and making themselves attackable. Since you can attack players and steal their ships and with them packages to sell them yourself, piracy is a lucrative way of making money.
However, piracy is not easy. Pirating the enemy faction has no consequencens, but attacking and stealing from your own faction gives you crimepoints. These crimepoints will further lead you into jail and if you accumulate too many of them, you are getting flagged as "outlaw", a pirate. 
Once you are a pirate, both of the two starting npc factions will be hostile to you and you don't get crimepoints anymore for killing people.
Your new home will be pirate island, which is really close to liberty island and features a small housing zone, the big pirate boss, which is another PvE encounter, and a big pub.
On liberty island, you get the most profit out of everything. It's the most dangerous zone to be as there are not only a lot of pirates but also the enemy faction trying to make a profit.
Another shot of liberty island:
Pirates, at least on our server, made a quite clever system. They pretty much control the island, but for a small fee of 1/3 of your packages they will escort you to safely sell your packages.
Here is a VOD from my stream where you can see me and Adelia selling goods to pirates.
You can see how pirates on our server act and try to earn "respect"("I am good guy" etc). 
Housing in this game is simple but with many little features that make it a bit more complex. Leaving out the castles, you have scarecrows for general farming and many different types of houses. There are even underwater farms.
Unbuilt guild mansion
The housing system is really simple yet powerful. You can place your house, build it with resource packages and after you've finished it you can put furniture into it. Placing a bed, for example, is really good for your labour points. Every 22 hours you can sleep in it for 10 minutes and get an extra 80~100 labour points depending on the quality of the bed.
You buy new housing items on Mirage Island using gold coins and silver tear coins, in this picture you can see the different housing styles and what is to come:
For scarecrows, they are basically just for farming which I explained earlier. But there are also personal crating stations which you can use to craft more advanced stuff like fuel for the tractor and items higher than lvl40, since you can't craft high level equipment at NPC crafting stations.
The housing system is a really cool thing, but I think you can do a little too much with it. 
Too often you see players uploading pictures of (naked) people or other stuff which really 
dumbs down the atmosphere.
See for yourself:
Welcome to the Ollo Cinema!
Get some snacks in the entrance hall!
Todays program..
The actual cinema room
The second floor
While I like some aspects of the economy, such as everything is involved from pvp, crafting to pvm, I dislike the AH system together with the RNG system. The auction house is not only global but you also share the AH with 3 other servers(4 in a pool) at once creating an even bigger pool of players. Together with the RNG system this actually makes sense, because  you have a more chance to actually have a crafter having the item you need available, but in general I just wished for personal auction houses or at least regional ones as wel as an item decay.
The general system is just putting as much stuff into the AH as cheap as possible. There is no real interaction between players since basically all you interact with is the AH interface. 
Also, with the real big issue of botting in ArcheAge right now – especially since it's F2P(Homecoming Event and now the full change to F2P), prices for stuff like Akhium really gotten down. If you want to see more about the botting issue, check out this video: 
There is a massive deflation on some areas and a massive inflation in others.
However, there are so many updates incoming that its really hard to make a final 
judgement on the economy.
Conclusion: Housing and Trading
Piracy, Trading and Housing somehow all fit together. It all starts with you first house and scarecrow: You plant it down happily and start to plant and harvest flowers, strawberries or anything you would like. Once you've harvested enough of them you begin to perpare your first trades. They look good, you hop on your donkey and sell package by package. You make a profit and buy a tractor, increasing your gold/day rapidly. You buy a boat and with your new friends you made with all that money you start to look for bigger horizonts: the other continent.
You load your ship and prepare everything for the journey. The first few miles are okay, but then... a big black ship approaches! You see hostile players looking at you like vultures looking at a dead cow. You panic, but it is too late. The first few enemies jump on your ship, killing your friends instantly. You fall soon afterwards, and only the revive-screen rescues you from the horrible view of pirates destroying your ship, taking all your packages.......
This pretty much sums it up how I feel about this: It is all in all a really fun gameplay aspect. The limitied housing zones are tolerable considering they are adding more and more of them, and I would absolutely HATE to see every spot in the world filled with big houses. It makes sense, and thats okay.
Also, the UCC(User Created Content) goes too far, I think moderation is requried on that part. 
For Piracy, the problems I pointed out in the PvP section apply here as well, together with some stupid decisions made by XLGames, for example:
1) A non-pirate can build on pirate island
2) Pirates go to jail on northern continent and are pretty much out of the big game
PvM(PvE) Content
Simply put, I'm not a big fan of instanced content. But for the sake of integrity I will talk about it here.
There is currently one raid in the game and a few "leveling dungeons", even though XLGames will probably add more dungeons and/or raids.
Let me talk about the raid first as it is a more recent addition to the game.
The one raid there is is basically the movie "The Cube" coming to life in ArcheAge. You get bosses based on some riddles within the raid. Each "encounter" has different difficulties and so far (16th of June) I've heard of only two guilds that completed it. One of these is a korean guild with more than 600 members. You get T2, so the second-highest  tier, gear in the raid which is soulbound. That means even with the raid in the game, crafted gear is still the best gear.
If you want to read alittle more about the raid itself, check this post:
The leveling dungeons, or instances, are really tough. I've only played a few so far but even with Lvl50 you can fail hard at the Lvl35 instance. You get pet gear and some gear for yourself out of them which is, again, soulbound.
If you want to read more about the instance bosses, check this guide:
One pvm encounter I really like is the kraken. It is a huuge monster in the sea that gives you a lot of gold and packages to sell if you manage to kill it. For big guilds it is a major source of income and the money-giving mechanic for castle sieges.
I never actually managed to kill it myself, but from what I heard it takes about 40 fully geared guys about 20 minutes to kill it. And you also have to keep in mind that this all is in the open sea meaning that you can get attacked many times. This means that this is not only a big pvm encounter but also a really, really major PvP point.
You can read more about that here:

Some more pictures of an encounter with this monster:
Spoiler: We got attacked by other players and had to leave since our ships were destroyed...
Another fun part in the PvM are the Rifts. They are basically what you know from Rift: There is some kind of magical whirlwind that changes the atmosphere and loads of monsters spawn in different phases until there is a boss coming. Rifts are more or less random and they are really hard.
Here is a VOD of me seeing a rift being down by koreans. It was kinda early in my journey through ArcheAge so bear with me.
As a guy that is not playing pvm that much, I actully kinda like the pvm aspect of the game, which is mainly because there is a lot of the pvm happening in the actual world, which is huge to explore, as you will see in the next section.
Gliding, Exploring and Traveling
This is one of my favourite things to do in ArcheAge. Take out your glider and just fly around and look at the map. Gliding, or flying around, seems like the new thing to do for publishers. And even though it is not advertised as "the game with the best flying around" it is surprsingly well-made and really fun. Sometimes you meet new friends, such as the little brother of someone you know...
I'd even go as far as to say that the gliding is better than in Aion and similar games that tried it.
And if you look at the world map, theres enough to explore and no invisible barrier holding you back from climbing every mountain you see. 
This is not 100% confirmed information, but players already laid out the planet size and figured that there will be 7 continents and that the whole planet is to be completed ingame by 2018. So even if you manage to see every single place in ArcheAge, there will still be more to come!
All around there world there's "silver tear coins" to find, places to visit and little beautiful places to find. You get rewarded for losing yourself while gliding, sailing or just walking. 
Silver tear coins are, as I mentioned earlier, the currency for mirage island.
You can also craft many different gliders with different looks and abilities, here are some of them:
Another exploring candy is the underwater exploring and treasure hunting. Even though it is not that advertised, ArcheAge already has a huge underwater world with bosses, monsters, and the Kraken.
You have the chance to find underwater treasure maps and hunt for treasures with an actual sextant. Also, they recently added sunken tradeships that can be brought back up with balloons. Depending on how many people you bring a ghost spawns afterwards and gives you up to 20~ packages you can then sell at relict vendors in 3 different points of the  world. Again, this is in the open sea and within the pvp area, just as so many other different things.
Traveling in ArcheAge usually happens through mounts and ships, but you can also teleport. If you hit a teleport-point it will automatically get written into your teleport-book. 
You can open a portal to these points with the use of teleport-stones that are player-made.
They take a little bit of resources to make and you also use different teleport stones for further distance. A teleport fom north to south on a continent will take a up a standard teleport stone, but if you want to teleport from western to eastern continent you take up an intercontinental portal stone which is much more expensive.
There are sometimes fun little traveling systems like some cannons in Long Sand that blow you into the air
Exploring in ArcheAge is really awesome, whether it is on the opean sea, under the sea or on the land.


Also, here is a VOD from my stream where we explored the eastern continent with Fido:



Conclusion: PvE and general stuff


Although I am not the biggest fan of PvE, I have to admit that there are many fun things about it in ArcheAge. Many PvE encounters, for example the kraken, happen in the open world and encourage players to team up and they also force pvp.


Only the raids and dungeons are 100% PvE, and I am afraid that XLGames will add many more of them. The one big thing about ArcheAge that make it great is the open world, but in my opinion those instances take away from it and thus shouldn't be any more than they already are.


Players that like to only raid and farm the best gear won't be happy with the system either way, as the gear is mainly obtained through crafting. So you either have to build it yourself or farm money, which is done in the open world again.


I don't know what the plans are for XLGames, but I hope they don't involve more raids and instances(but they probably do). 

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#29778 [56k/Phone warning] Personal Review - What you should know about ArcheAge

Posted by KeksX on 18 June 2013 - 12:07 PM

Crafting in ArcheAge is a really controversial topic. In CBT3(or 4? I forgot.), the crafting was really different. There was great item decay, synthesis and all that funsie stuff for hardcore crafters. But because of exactly that,
Jake Song and his company decided to put it out. They replaced it with a system that has RNG and not that much item decay anymore, also the item synthesis is out.
Here's how the Item Synthesis in CBT4 worked:
There was a major item decay implemented and you could only repair your stuff through merging 2 items. If your item is destroyed, you had to craft a new one of the same type and rarity. So if your Lv50 helm of doom was destroyed, you crafted a new Lv50 helm. 
You then merged your old helm with the new one and got a new item with the stats of the old one and durability of the new one. 
There was no RNG involved and its actually a method against inflation since you're spending so many materials on managing your items. This is a unique system that was almost never done before.
And XLGames decided to take it out. 
Because it was only appealing to hardcore crafters.
The way crafting works now is that you craft an item on a level and upgrade this. 
So for instance, say you wanted to craft a level 50 orange cloth helmet of the "호수" (Lake) set, which gives stamina, intelligence and also more spell power as well as HP as a set bonus.
You start with the basic Lv20 item that only needs basic materials. Depending on your crafting level, this takes a lot of labour points. With my current crafting skill in this picture, which is around 29k, it takes only 20. Without any points, it would take me 25 points.
(Labour points, as I did not mention them earlier, are a virtual currency you accumulate over time. Every 5 minutes you regenerate 5 labour points and there are also items that give you points on use.)
After this, you craft the level 24, 30, 34 and lvl40 helmet which all need the helmet you crafted before plus materials, which get more expensive the higher the level.
Within each crafting process you have the chance of getting a higher rarity on the item. So from white it can turn to green, from green to blue, from blue to purple and so on.
Once you've crafted the lvl40 helmet you've dived into the RNG part of crafting. This time, you don't craft a higher level helmet, you craft a token.
This token, when using, can give you one part of a set on lv44. There are currently 7 sets, and only one of it can actually be upgraded to the next level token. So you have to craft this token until you finally have the right item to craft the next token.  You can see which set you need here:
Keep in mind that these tokens also have the rarity of the item you used to make it, resulting in the same rarity for the upcoming item.
When you do this 3 times, you finally have the T3 helmet. To get all the right procs and rarities, you will have to either
1) invest a lot of time, labour points and nerves
2) invest a lot of gold, labour points and nerves.
Because now, it does not stop. Now after you have got your T3 set, you can try and upgrade it with the scrolls of refinement. They are pretty straight forward, but LlexX's guide has it explained really well:
In the end, the gold cost is insanely high, but that system is just not the same. It's not unique and certainly no real item decay. While you do actually lose materials when you fail to upgrade your gear or get the wrong rarity, it is only a matter of time until people have so much that it simply won't matter.
Keep in mind however that Trion could STILL introduce the old crafting system if they want to. They technically have it and they only need to implement it!
Talking a bit more about gear in general, the best gear in the game, the third tier I mentioned earlier, is only available through crafting gear. Crafted items are not soulbound. Also, another way of upgrading your gear are Lunar Stones, those are stones you can put on your gear without any restrictions – you just need the stone.
If you want a detailed overview of how the crafting in ArcheAge works today, check out these guides by LlexX, he translated and explained it really well:
Guide to making endgame gear
Guide to crafting jewelry
Now to the more fun part of crafting, everything that is not armor- and weaponsmithing.
You have a total of 21 professions right now, imho most funs are fishing, composing and mining.
I will not cover every crafting profession, as it's sometimes not that different from other mmos. You have your alchemy, cooking and everything. But pretty much for every action out there, there's a crafting profession.
Involves everything with a rod: standard fishing, and deep sea fishing. This is a fun little mini-game where you have to first look out on the sea for a spot with a lot of seagulls flying around, throw in buckets of bait and then throw out your hook.
After you've got a fish, it starts to fight back. It will get debuffs over time you have to imitate: moving left, moving right and damage skills. After you've killed the fish you can pick it up, it lands on your back just like a trading package; only that you can't put it in package slots. 
Instead you have to put them in fish tanks that the fishing boat has. You can sell those fish just like trade pacakges at any trading outposts.
Mining is pretty standard in the game, but with a little extra. There are normal ore nodes that give you stone and iron ore. But sometimes, under these normal nodes, are special nodes that have a chance of having rare ore in it, like silver or gold or bronze.
Composing is really special. It was done before but it's still quite fun. You have the chance to make your own compositions and play them! They sound a lot like oldschool midi mobile ringtones, but still good enough. There's a handy editor and the better you get with the skill the more accurate do you play!
Here are some player made songs:
Again, thanks to Inpo.
Also, Pantalai from ArcheAge-RP.de made a guide about composing:
Trading, harvesting and construction
Since you can trade stuff, build stuff and harvest stuff there are also professions for that. 
They're basically self-explanatory, you get points for constructing, selling trade packages and harvesting.
All the other crafting professions are pretty straight-forward, but I will further go into them if the demand is there.
Also, you can level up the professions depending on how many labour points you spent on them. You get perks by leveling them up, such as higher chances for rare materials or just less labour point use. You can level up a crafting profession to 50k, which will make you a master in that profession. You can mine special ore, craft more stuff at once and have other useful perks.
In conjunction with the profession of the "writer", you can also learn languages. You use up a book to be able to talk to enemy races, but before I go into more details let me just link you to this wonderful guide:
Conclusion: Crafting, Farming and Professions 
There are many ways to spend your labour points on: learning a new language, crafting better gear, building your house or boat. All of them include interaction with the open world and/or other players. You rarely do it alone.
This is what I like most about those things: you have to actually think and interact. There are some "grindy" aspects of, for example harvesting a field is basically pressing W and F a few hundred times, depending on what you planted.
The big downside to all of this is the huge dependancy on labour points. I will talk about this in detail in the section "The Problem with Free To Play in Korea", but let me just say that the labour point system is a huge pay to win aspect.
Also, crafting gear is based around luck. There is no "skill" involved and not the player with the most effort is rewarded, but the player with the most luck and money. That is a really frustrating system in general and the ArcheAge that once had a unique crafting system now stands next to games like Aion when it comes to crafting gear, with the only thing holding strong being the fact that the best gear still comes out of the hands of crafters and not instances.
But who knows how long that will be the case? 

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#29776 [56k/Phone warning] Personal Review - What you should know about ArcheAge

Posted by KeksX on 18 June 2013 - 12:03 PM

Ships, Vehicles and Mounts
ArcheAge provides a big variety of mounts and vehicles.
Not only do you have the standard mounts like horses or lions, you also have cars, tractors, big ships and small ships. Even tanks, though they are only used for sieging or random fun activities.
Let me show you some of my favourites.
First, we have the tradeship which is a long ship that can hold 20 packages. I'll explain packages later, but just remember that they are used for making money. It also has a radar and 2 cannons. It is the only ship being actually viable for big traderuns.
The Radar
The smallest ship, and also the first you will probably get is the speed boat. It has nothing fancy, but there are two versions of. Either the eastern version with a cannon, or the western version with a harpoon that is used to follow ships
It is pretty fast and small, so a good ship for solo sailing or piracy.
The Galleon and Black Pearl are currently the biggest ships in the game. With decent speed (Black Pearl being the fastest), lots of cannons and a radar they are both battle ships being used in naval fights and escorting traderuns.
Keep in mind that even if you are not a pirate you can still have the black pearl!
Considering land vehicles, there is the tractor and the car. The tractor has a decent speed and you can put 4 packages on it, not counting the one you have on your back while driving. It can also be used to water your plants - the perfect addition to the tradeship for traders!
The car only has 2 slots and is really expensive(current cost in korea around 5000+ gold). It is faster than anything on land and really fun to drive around with.
I know  that there was a lot of controversy about it but the style really fits into the game. See more about the car here:  
The care has some neat physics! Which...can...be exploited, more or less.
You can also customize most ship sails and logos, here's an example made by 
Now to the mounts. There are many different types of mounts: The horses, yatas and lions, cows and panthers. Then there's the tare of the hariharan. For some mounts there are different type of mounts: standard horse, "Mirage Island Horse", black yata, brown yata, albino yata etc.
But they all have this in common:
You breed them. 
It's just a little gimmick and takes up only 5 minutes: you have to feed them, wash them and watch them grow up.
When you raised them, they start at a low lvl and can level up as you travel distances. They also gain XP while grinding. With rising level they gain new abilities you can use:
Some have sprints, some have attacks, some have jumps and some even have immunites(PvP/PvM Special mounts).
PvP Mount
The basic mounts are really easy to get: just follow your questline and you get it eventually.
You can buy a yata at a stable, but you can also try to breed a black or albino yata on your farm.
Theres also a special PvP and pvm mount which you get through Honor Points(PvP Currency, will talk about that later) and Silver Coins(PvM Mount). They even released evolutions for them. Once you have the first version on Lv50, you can try and get the second evolution which is even more powerful.
You can also buy special pet armor for your pet which is visible:
screenshot0289z6usr.jpgFerre lion without armor
screenshot02889zuzh.jpgFerre lion with armor
Mounts and vehicles are really fun in ArcheAge and there is a lot of variety. Mounted combat might not be as complex as in other games, but it is still decent enough for PvP.
Raising your mount, evolving it and equipping involves a lot of grinding but is really fun in my opinion and you can actually invest a lot if time into it.
Also, just as a sidenote:
Yes, submarines are coming into the game.
One thing I really dislike about the vehicles in the game is that everything is too cheap. The Japanese version actually fixed it, but in Korea you don't need a lot of gold for most vehicles. The car is really expensive, but with more time it will get cheaper and cheaper.
If your vehicle gets destroyed you can always repair it with an Hour Glass, which in most cases is not that expensive, so nobody actually ever loses his/her ship/vehicle.
Conclusion: Ships, Vehicles and Mounts
One of the biggest selling points are definitely the Ships. They work really well and give many opportunities for OpenPvP, exploring and just enjoying the world in general. 
It is simply stunning to see 3-4 fully loaded tradeships escorted by galleons sail over the ocean while the sun is rising in the back, and it is also stunning to those galleons being shot down by the Black Pearl!
The vehicles are nicely done, too. Big trade caravans are an eye candy and the car is a fun addition for rich players. It doesn't really serve a purpose from a PvPers point of view, but it certainly is a useful tool to get packages across the continent really fast.
The big downside to all of this is the how destroying and stealing ships/vehicles work. Yes, you can destroy ships and vehicles, but all it costs for a player is a few gold - at least later in the game. Crating the hour glass, the item needed to repair broken ships and vehicles, takes a lot of crafting skill but that will be non-issue after a few weeks. So you never feel the big "OOH SNAAP" moment when you destroy something, because 20 minutes later it will be back.
A system that would take more from you when you lose a ship would be much more satisfying, in my opinion. Just taking a look at EVE, where losing a big ship can really hurt a lot. 
Mounts have one big problem: they are all nice and shiny, but they are all pretty much useless compared to the big PvP/PvE Mount evolution. Those are much faster and useful than the others you get throughout the game. It is pretty hard to get them, but once you have them there is no reason to pick anything else.
Although some of the feature XLGames introduces could let you think otherwise, ArcheAge is a pvp heavy game. Next to openpvp and a battleground you have castle sieges, naval warfare and lots of other fun pvp elements such as a crime & trial system.
Let's start with the open pvp.
In general, all zones have some amount of pvp. The first few starting zones are safe for your own faction: you can not attack them and you can not be attacked by enemies. You can, however, attack the enemy faction if you want. The player you attack will be able to defend himself, but not his friends that are with him. This system creates some trouble which I will explain a little bit more detailed later.
The higher lvl zones starting at around level 30 are free for all pvp. This means you can attack the enemy faction and also your own. However, attacking your own faction will get you in trouble with the law, but I will talk about that later.
While on the northern continent and on the open sea you have open pvp all day, the two starting continents have a war and peace system. In general, the pvp zones on those two continents are flagged for pvp. If there is too much pvp going on, e.g. too many players get killed, a war starts. This means you get rewarded for killing the enemy faction. You get honor points for kills and assists and also for succesful participation in the fight.
A war lasts about an hour: It starts with 30 minutes of preparation which players use to gather; you can already get honor points here, but the real deal is the war that lasts an hour and comes straight after the war preparation. When the war is over, a peacetime starts that can be 1 hour or even 4 hours, depending on the importance of the zone. During a peacetime, there can be no pvp at all.
Regarding losses and gains in pvp, there is no loot in pvp since CBT. You don't lose any items or gold in pvp, you only gain honor points for participating in wars.
However, with the trading system, that allows you to craft packages and sell them elsewhere, there can actually still be a loss in pvp: If someone attacks and kills you, he can take your packages, even if you stored them on your tradeship. He simply has to destroy your tradeship and put the packages in his own.
Considering you get most of your money from trading, this is actually a really big thing and traderuns are generally not safe on the open sea.
You currently have to fear two enemies: The opposing faction(West <-> East) and the pirates.
Soon, the game will have player-made factions. You can read about it here:
And in my opinion, the current system definitely needs player-made factions to be more important than the NPC factions. The reason is simple: players focus too much on the NPC factions. If you don't like an ally for whatever reason, you are still not allowed to attack him whatsoever without getting in trouble with everyone else. Green players are always your allies, red players are always enemies.
The only politics that happen here are those imposed by the developers by deciding what race is in what faction.
Also, everything looks made to be for player factions. Let me show you why.
Liberty Island
On Liberty Island, the island in the middle of the northern sea, you have the most lucrative trading post for trade packages. You have the greatest distance and from all of the crafting places and you get the most profit for selling here.
The island is also near the pirate island and is always flagged for pvp, just as the sea around it. This means that generally it is the place to go if you want sea fights and piracy.
Because it is so close to the pirate island, it is under pirate control most of the time, at least on the server I play on. There is no way of getting safely to the island without getting attacked. You must be really lucky to catch a moment of silence, because when the pirates are not there to take your packages, there will be enemies that try to do the same.
This forces players of all guilds to work together and even creates some nice political gameplay aspects: The pirates, being the nice gentlemen they are, offer you a very lucrative deal. Just leave them 1/3 of your packages on the ground when you sell, and they will leave you alone. Of course, this deal will not make you any friends within your own faction. You can read a bit about this topic on the story section.
Another reason I think player-made factions will be healthy for ArcheAge is the northern continent. This is the area most interesting for guilds, or Expeditionary Forces, as they are called in ArcheAge.


Northern Continent


Currently, the northern continent consists of 6 areas with a total of 36 areas coming into the game.
Here's a map of the northern continent, or the "Land of Origin", as it is ingame right now.
mapnortherncontinentg1kyj.png(Grey areas are not released yet)
The 6 areas that are not greyed out can be claimed and besieged. When the game starts, it is all empty, and the big guilds have to fight for the giant swords that mark a territory claim point. The winning guild gets to build a castle and houses around the spot. The claiming guild is allowed a 350m radius around the middle of the castle to build everything they want: houses, farms etc.
After the claiming, there will be auctions for so called "war declaration" every week. These are server-controlled auctions you can only bid on and the starting bid is 500 gold. Whoever wins the auction gets to attack the castle. Keep in mind that this can also be the guild holding the castle, meaning no one can attack it, and that also means that there are fixed times for castle sieges.
UPDATE +++++ UPDATE +++++ UPDATE +++++
UPDATE +++++ UPDATE +++++ UPDATE +++++
On our server, war declarations don't go that high. It is a few thousand gold while on other servers, prices go up to 15k gold. For perspective: It takes a group of players a few weeks to get 1k gold. A big guild can make this amount of guild in a week by doing things like kraken raid, but this always involves openpvp as you can read further down this text in the PvE section.
(Two auctions that just started)
This is a nice feature, because it 
1) is a massive gold sink. If a guild really wants to attack, or another guild really wants to defend, they have to invest a ton of money which will be lost forever
2) allows trading-focused guilds to hold castles as well...
But it also creates a pay-to-win environment, because after you succesfully got a castle you can establish a system where you simply never lose the castle again by just making enough money. In a F2P game, like it is in korea, where you have a massive item shop, this is really easily done by investing real money. Let's hope Trion won't go down this path or a really big part of the game will be destroyed.
The actual sieges in the game are less than optimal.
While the siege is going on, the area you built in gets "phased" and you can have 80 players + 20 mercenaries on each side participating in a siege.
Everyone not participating gets killed with a DoT debuff after they enter the zone, and after a sucessful siege(meaning the defenders lost) the winners can destroy everything around the claim stone up to a certain(250m) radius. 
For example, this is a healthy castle:
This is a castle that looked very similar, only after an attack(the holders ran out of money after this attack, they lost their castle pretty easily the next week.)
The big problem with sieges is how they work:
Close to the castle there is a spawning point of the attackers, while the defenders spawn inside the castles. If you die, you can respawn instantly within your safezone. If you spawn a catapult, tank or whatever next to the attacker's safezone, you already have enough range to shoot at the castle.
This creates a "clusterf****" where you just bruteforce your way into the castle hoping to destroy it sooner as the timer runs out.
Some areas on the northern continent have special resources that can only be found in this particular area. The newer areas even have a system that allows the controlling guilds to influence these resources.
There are also battlegrounds in the game which are 5v5. You can only enter every 2 hours  for 1 hour since it's only available within a certain timeframe. 
While I personally don't like battlegrounds, I like the current system in ArcheAge for one  simple reason: 
It doesn't take away from the OpenPvP.
It's an addition that is fun for some people, but if you don't wanna play them you don't lose  anything. 
The honor you get is neglictible and the way the battleground works makes it really arcade-esque. The more kills you get, the more bonus buffs/skills you get. So in a way it's kind of like Call Of Duty, where you get rewarded for killstreaks.
As some of you may know, I once decided to "leave" ArcheAge during early development due to Battlegrounds being introduced. Turns out they aren't that bad. I won't play them too often but I don't mind them anymore.
Honor Points
Honor points are, to me, a little thorn in the eye. You get honor points through varous stuff: 
Grinding certain bossmonsters, playing the battleground and participating in wars. 
With honor points, you can purchase a special glider with PvP-Specific skills and also a special mount as well as equipment. Getting honor points though is a tough thing and most people focus on the glider and mount instead of the weapons. Most items bought with honor are not even soulbound.
The problem about the points is not really what you can purchase with them, it's more about how you get them: You get rewarded for farming players, this completely undermines the purpose of politics. 
If there's an enemy, you get honor points for killing him. 
And for you personally it is more worthwhile to attack everyone rather than to look at what the current state of politics are. If you have a truce with someone, so he is still flagged as an enemy but you are not allowed by your leaders to attack, you still want to and most of the players probably will simply because they get honor points. 
In Korea it's not that bad right now, pvp happens pretty regularly and not everyone is out there just farming players, there is actually real pvp happening especially with the piracy which I will talk about later.
Savezones and the problem with Open PvP
Open PvP is a dynamic experience. Everything from massive battles to lower-scale pvp to big sea fights can happen. But it also has something many people don't like: ganking of lower level players.
The ArcheAge solution is to put a big safezone around important zones, peacetimes in other ones and many, many respawn points around the world.
Big fights usually turn out to be camping of these respawn points, where one side just waits to have enough players to deflect the enemies. If this does not work, they will just wait in the safezone until enough players leave to attack. This is not only boring, but also a huge waste of time.
It also interferes with trading. When trading, players usually hide all their packages within a safezone where neither the players nor the tractors can get attacked. This results in borin mechanics where players just hope to see others leave the safezone, as seen in this screenshot:
Conclusion: PvP
To draw a conclusion on the PvP is really hard. If you would ask past-me about 6-7 months ago, I would tell you that ArcheAge will have the best PvP ever. Now, that I've played the game for quite a while and saw how things worked out, I have a dfiferent opinion.
The OpenPvP in general is one of the best I've seen in the past few years, but that does not mean anything at first:
There are many safezones and respawn points that take away from the fun, that are frustrating for both sides; winners and losers. There are problems when it comes to guard AI and NPC-based factions, and all in all it feels really medicore.
Sea-based PVP is simply awesome, combined with naval warfare and everything else this is simply thrilling. If the PvP on land would be more like that, it would be perfect.
Then come the factions and sieging:
Sieging itself is in my opinion a huge failure. First, only money decides who gets to attack, and after this luck and money decides who wins the fight. It is 100 vs 100, which seems fine in the first moment. But then the castles in the siege are completely pointless: They are only a timesink. They have no defensive purpose because you can jump over walls with gliders, and they are also not a strategical advantage since the attackers are really close the castle anyway.
Attacking guilds try to spawn as many catapults as possible and break down the walls, defenders try to destroy those catapults as fast as possible.
The faction system, which was supposed to fix the northern continent, didn't contribute much. They made matters even worse: Castle sieges only happen every 3 weeks and there are still only 6 continents.
PvP in ArcheAge is still one of the major gameplay points about the game, but in the current status it has a lot of issues.
For further research, look at these videos:
PvP video by Inpo
PvP video by Inpo
PvP Dont Worry Guild Movie – good naval action
Another Dont Worry Guild Movie
Funny siege video

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#29775 [56k/Phone warning] Personal Review - What you should know about ArcheAge

Posted by KeksX on 18 June 2013 - 11:55 AM

Since ArcheAge 1.0 (and actually already before that), this review is NOT ENTIRELY ACCURATE ANYMORE. Many things have changed, for better or for worse, and are not explained in the new detail in here.
This thread still gives a decent overview over most mechanics and gameplay aspects, but it ignores 1.0 changes.
Also, as I'm just a person, this has a lot of OPINIONS. If you disagree with those, just ignore them :)
ArcheAge Review 
What you should know about ArcheAge
Post 1:
 -> Combat
 -> Classes
 -> Conclusion: Classes and Combat
 -> Leveling
 -> Conclusion: Leveling
Post 2:
 -> Conclusion: Ships, Vehicles and Mounts
 -> PvP
 -> Factions
 -> Liberty Island
 -> Northern Continent
 -> Sieges
 -> Battlegrounds
 -> Honor Points
 -> OpenPvP Problems
 -> Conclusion: PvP
Post 3:
 -> Crafting then and now
 -> Fishing, Mining, Composing, Trading and Education
 -> Conclusion: Crafting, Farming and Professions 
Post 4:
 -> Piracy
 -> Housing: Starbox, Ollo Cinema
 -> Economy
 -> Conclusion: Housing and Trading
 -> PvE
 -> Kraken
 -> Gliding, Exploring and Traveling
 -> Conclusion: PvE and general stuff
Post 5:
 -> KR Community
 -> Stories from Korean ArcheAge
 -> User Interface & AddOns
 -> Graphics
 -> The Problem with Free To Play in Korea
 -> Link list
 -> Conclusion
 -> Closing Words
Hello guys,
after all the years I've been waiting for ArcheAge I finally got the chance to play it. I'm playing the game since about march and have had a lot of fun with it. Because Trion is now finally starting to get at least some information out, I decided to write a review about the game for all the new players that are becoming more and more interested into the game.
This is a try to get rid of all the misinformation about the game and to educate new community members. This is not a detailed guide about every gameplay aspect, it is meant for those who don't have a chance to play it but still want to know what this game is about.
I'm currently enjoying the game, even though it has flaws I'm going to point out, and that means that everything in this review will have a positive bias. Although this is a personal review, I will try to be as objective as possible, but as most of you know this is pretty hard, so please excuse me if there is anything wrong.
Also, as the game progresses and more updates are incoming, I will try to keep this review as updated as possible. Things can change and I will acknowledge that. Same goes for  commpleteness: I will update this review with more and more content and even re-write certain parts depending on feedback.
Another important point: I don't claim to know everything, I tend to make mistakes as any other human being. If you find any flaws, please point them out and I will change the review.


The ArcheAge World 
The endgame starts at level one
To give you some perspective about the game, let me tell you about what ArcheAge is about. 
Generally, ArcheAge is your typical MMORPG. You start the game, level up as you do quests, kill monsters and strengthen your character. You team up with friends and meet new, stronger enemies as you progress. And then you chill out in the cities and craft new stuff for you and your group. There is nothing really special about that.
However, in every gameplay aspect there's a little more depth in ArcheAge than in your usual MMO. You level up through different activities: crafting, grinding, questing and everything that is fun. Even while exploring you still get further in a way, even if it's just knowledge or gold.
You also don't just upgrade your character just as everyone else, you get to choose out of different trees and combine them to make your own class that best suits your playstyle. With a total of 120 combinations you really have the ability to pick what you like best. And even then, with limited skill points to spend and way more skills available, once you've chosen a combination of trees you still have to choose which skills to use, so the combination you use might be the same someone else uses, but you can still have different abilities.
When you've chosen your character's faith regarding his abilities, it's not written in stone. You can change your trees anytime and readjust skills as you wish. You don't lose any progress in your old trees and can go back anytime. So your friend that was the healer last time could be your tank tomorrow - after a lot of work of course.
There is also a big dynamic world out there that doesn't wait for you and moves on. While you craft your gear and gather goods to trade, other players prepare too. And not all of them want the best for you. Instead, they want your best. Your money.
There are other players, pirates or just an enemy faction, that don't care about how you just spent 2 hours planting the materials and harvesting them 10 hours later, now expecting some nice profit. They draw their weapons on you and force you to either defend yourself or lose your profit and investment.
After you've lost all your goods, you start to team up with more people. You form a guild, you start protecting yourself. Start seeing others getting attacked, and offer help. In return they pay you for defending them and you just founded a mercenary guild. 
That's a simple thing that can happen in ArcheAge and this is just a major "feature" that is not mentioned by XLGames explicitly. And that is what ArcheAge makes for me:
There are so many features and even though it is not a pure sandbox game, you are free to do whatever you want to do and you wil have fun with it.
To take this point a little bit more literally, the world of ArcheAge is best described as medival steampunk-fantasy. 
I know, this does not really make sense, but in a way it's the only way to describe the world. You have swords, magical fireballs and shining armors.
But you also got steampowered cars, tractors and casino slot machines.


The ArcheAge world: "Ark"



Combat System
The most criticized topic in ArcheAge is the combat. It is a simple tab-targetting combat system with no player aiming involved. Everything is pretty much standard, but combined with the class system which I will explain later it is a neat system. People say it's boring, stale and not state of the art anymore, but I don't agree with that.
While the combat system is indeed not very innovative, it has all the good stuff that you could think of and if you put some time into it, it is really enjoyable.
But lets take a quick look at the details:
You target via clicking/tabbing. You lock a target and begin to cast your spells. The melee range is pretty close, so you have to really take care of your movement. 
There's enough gap closers for you to take care of your mistakes though and a big variety of other skills can help you out in any situation.
There's also stealth in the game, but unlike in other games where you can not be seen by anyone if you stealth, you get revealed if you get too close to your target. The detection range is around 8 meters and gets higher or lower depending on the lvl difference between you and your enemy.
On the technical side it is also pretty advanced. You have not only a collision detection with players which enables neat things like body blocking, but there's also an obstacle detection for ranged which is pretty accurate for the most part. On ships though there are some annoying things; if you fight between package slots you can still hit ground-aoes while ranged skills won't work.
The combat system also heavily favors good movement. You have to face the target to attack and with proper movement and skill usage you can avoid dmg or break combos simply with being in a better position. Together with the synergy system which allows instant casts, extra damage etc through the use of specific combinations of skills, you have a really complex system that has yet to be fully understood.
You can also attack via glider(bombs, arrows), ships(cannons), tanks(cannons) and mounts(different depending on which mount you have). There are also combat pets you can use to support you in a fight! 
Considering the lag we have with our connection to Korea, the combat system feels okay. 
However, there are some things that need to change:
  • Skill lock. Once you've began casting a skill you don't stop if your target runs out of range.
  • Obstacle detection should be improved.
  • Ground-based AoEs ignore any kind of detectiion - they work even through houses.


Here are some video sources on the topic
Korean PvP video, shows general flow of fights
ArcheAge has a really simple class system that gets more and more complex the further you dive into it.
There are 10 trees of active and passive skills and in the beginning of the game you can pick 3 of them. The tree you pick at creating your character has to be a fighting tree, so that you actually have the ability to defend yourself.
The next trees at Lv5 and Lv10 are your choice completely, and after that you can change the trees or just reset the skills in a tree as often as you need - it only costs money!
There are no status points you can pick or level up, everything is based on character level and gear, which includes basic boni from gear, lunar stones and so on.


The character system actually gives you the opportunity to create a class that best fits your playstyle.

For example, if you like to tank, there's the Fortification tree which has powerful shield and self-support skills together with some CC. Combine that with Combat and you got a decent sword and board character. Now you only need to ask yourself: Do I need more damage or do I need more utility? This will decide what third tree you want.

But of course, this doesn't mean that everyone with Combat and Fortification is just a pure tank. The Predator, which is Combat, Calling and Fortification, is a powerful CC burst class with the ability to tank as well.


Some trees live up to their own and could potentially be good even if you don't use any other trees, but you will never use your full potential if you don't combine different skills. Heck, you could even combine a melee weapon tree with a magic tree. Just try it, I've seen it deal some massive damage.
If you have a tree selected, it gains XP just as your character does. Those 2 are different kind of levels: The level of the tree changes what skills you can pick and how strong they are, your character level changes what gear you have, what basic stats you have and so on.
Replacing a tree with a different one will not delete the progress you made on that tree. If you switch back again you will have the same tree level you had before.
10 different trees and you can have 3 active. There are no restrictions on what you choose meaning that theres a total of 120 combinations.
On first glance, this seems a bit too much. And sometimes I think it is. I think that there could very well be worthless combinations, but so far I didn't find any. Personally I have a Predator and my other charcater is an Apostle, which is Death / Devotion / Will. On this character I'm currently trying to get all my trees on Lv50, starting with Magic, Calling and Artistry. Just by doing this I get so many more combinations I can try. The Grim Reaper, the "Death March Performer" etc... all powerful classes.


To "stay on the carpet", as we Germans like to say: there are cookie cutter builds. As you can imagine, the Predator is a really popular class because of it's powerful CC and burst combo as well as the Grim Reaper, which has really high magic burst that is hard to avoid. You can do a lot with gear and proper skillpicking though. You can react to "the meta", however there will be always someone that has the perfect combination against you and you will end up dead.

But when this happens, groups come into play. The current system in ArcheAge heavily favours players that work together and build up so called synergies in their trees to get the best out of their combinations.
Synergies are extra effects, buffs or debuffs, that you get through using skills of different trees. A quick example:
The Will tree has magic shield that heals you everytime you receive magical damage. While you have the shield buff, you can instantly cast the first skill of Devotion, which is either a healing skill or a magical damage skill, depending on whether the target(including yourself) is friendly or not.
There are a lot of synergy effects in the game and if you know how to utilize them, you can create powerful classes that are stronger than most others - but don't let yourself be fooled: Just because there is a synergy in a class you don't have to use it. When in a group, you can build powerful combinations even without using most synergies.
If you want a detailed topic about synergies, please refer to Rip's Guide I linked to at the end of this section.
The combat system together with the class system has the potential to be something really, really fun. I'm enjoying it in Korea very much now that I found out how to properly build gear and a build, and I highly recommend you to play around with the things you have once you get your hands on the game.
However, there are some things I want to point out:

The combat in pvp is really gear dependant. If you are Lvl50 and face another Lv50 that has better gear than you, it feels like you are Lv1 again. This can be very frustrating for players not in a guild or dedicated group, but personally I don't have a problem with this. The real problem is how hard it is to get to that gear, but I will talk about that later.

You could also argue that you are forced to play specific combinations or pick specific skills to be able to survive in pvp/pve, so when you want to do some serious pvp/pve you are much more restricted in the class you want.
But this is only a possibility, I have yet to see someone asking for your spec or anything like that, however I can see that being a big problem in EU/NA. I'm talking about things like DPS meter or stuff like that. The game itself allows for really different combinations, but it's up to the community to handle it properly.



Conclusion: Classes and Combat System


The class system definitely has the possibility to become one of the best we've seen in the past few years. There are some issues still, such as the cookie cutter builds that take away from the feeling that you can truly do anything, but that is only a minor problem in my opinion. With the current combat system, you really have the opportunity to make many things work that look weird or even bad on paper.


The gear dependancy can be seen as either bad or good. In my opinion, it is okay, but it is way too hard to get highest tier gear. For more information on getting gear, see the crafting section



With synergies and the heavy focus on group play, we have a nice system that rewards players thinking for themselves, doing things that are not just standard and general smart play. Tab-Targetting doesn't hurt the game at all, as with the current featureset(collision detection etc) it feels advancade and it works pretty well in any situation.


Both systems are definitely a strong point about ArcheAge.

For more detailed views on classes, check out those links:
(Outdated skills, still useful to get an idea of the skilltrees.)
(General character status information)
(ArcheAge english skill calculator – thanks to the german Impact guild!)
(Synergy list by Rip)
Good example of the stun lock Predator (keep in mind that this is a grim reaper, the perfect example of a glass cannon.
Nice pvp video
Don't Worry PvP Guild Movie - Really good Naval Warfare!
Leveling is really quest-heavy in ArcheAge, there's no doubt about that.  
However, with so many other things involved in the game such as crafting, exploring and  the obvious grinding, it's hard to ever only do quests.  If you're not a hardcore-thempark player, you will find yourself doing so many other things: Chopping down trees, farming ore and stone and refining them, craft packages and sell  them, craft constructions etc. 
All that stuff gives you XP and lets you forget about leveling for a while, while still giving  you a nice reward for your work. 
If you don't want to do that, you get rewarded for grinding as well: there are kill streak quests that give you bonus XP and some potions that make you stronger for a while(can  only be used up to a certain level, not exploitable).
As someone that hates questing, I really dislike the fact that without doing them, I don't  stand a chance to catch up with the guys doing it. Yes, grinding is rewarded, but not as  much as questing is. With quests you can easily grind a little bit to still get the grinding rewards and the amount of money and xp you get from each quest is insane. 
Although the quests are quite fun sometimes, the majority of them involves running around, pressing F and killing monsters. No other game does it differently, however I just wish the alternative, grabbing some friends and grind the *§$%&/%! out of some monsters was just as worthwhile.
But talking about the positive aspects of questing: The story of ArcheAge, and thus the quests and storylines, are based on a famous korean novel by Jeon-Min Hee, that means that even if gameplay-wise the quests might not be wonderful, if you are into lore there is a lot of stuff to read and explore. There are currently 2 books about ArcheAge and many short stories about the lore – so it's not your typical MMO without a soul. 
While leveling, you will also have the possibility to go through several dungeons that are, I have to admit, a fun relief compared to the open world that is sometimes lackluster. You also use those dungeons later on to farm pet or mount gear.


The difficulty of leveling is in general pretty low. The record to Lv50 is currently 12 hrs 34 mins(source: Fido). It is much harder to get all trees on Lvl50 for the simple reason that you have fewer quests available.

When you make a new character, you also get a lot of help from the game such as better Lvl20 gear and Adventurer's Potions that really boost your overall efficiency. You don't have all that in high lvl and thus have to work hard for every bit of XP, making Lvl50 something not really worthwhile if you don't aim for "high end content" straight away. The real deal is getting all trees on max level.




Conclusion: Leveling


Leveling in ArcheAge is nothing unique, but it is also not bad. You have plenty of stuff to do. Whether it is crafting, sailing or simply just grinding on a spot that looks lovely: you will rarely get bored in the open world. However, the same old quests that are absolutely needed to do can get boring if you are not interested in crafting or doing anything else. Dungeons are a nice change for those players, but I would rather see a better open world questing system.


If you are like me, someone who enjoys the open world much more than the instanced world, you will have fun as long as you try to take everything ArcheAge gives you. Take your time crafting, farming and participating in the open world and you will have a blast leveling. Rush through the game and you will be burnt out pretty quick if you don't know how to level to 50 in <24 hrs.

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#28292 Korean Retail General News

Posted by KeksX on 29 May 2013 - 08:03 AM



Updates from liveserver! Credits go to Fido as always



1) Balance Patch 

Note: I don't have official translations yet so I use placeholders for skillnames or the ones I find over here: http://archeagesourc...s-cbt5-english/




 - Combo points/Bloodthirst can only stack up 20 times. Before: 40 times.


[Shadow Stab] 

- Target gets knockdowned no matter what weapon type(Dual Wield, 1 hand, 2 hand)

- Duration of knockdown now: 2.5 seconds. Before: depending on weapon type up to 3 seconds.

- stunned targets receive 33% more damage (excluding combo-dmg)



- Stun duration now 2.3 secconds. Before: 3 seconds

- Knockdown now 3 seconds. Before: 3.5 seconds

- Changes in combo-chain (unsure how)


[Rabbit Punch]

- Now does 350% damage. Before: 230%

- Adds 6 combo points. Before: 5


[Quick Strike]

- Chance of combopoints now 100% if hit.



2) 5vs5 BG


The battlegrounds is now open from 4p.m. to 10p.m. ingame time.

Application location western continent: Marianople

Application location eastern continent: Maha Devi

Application location pirate faction: Pirate Island




The battleground is made for 5vs5 so it feels more like an Arena than an actual battelground.

One match lasts 15 minutes and requires Lv40. You get points for for kills.




Heres an overview of skills you get the longer you live:



A kill gives you 3 points, an assist only 1.



More on battelgrounds soon!


3) Professions


Crafting gets easier - at least for those who mastered their profession.


You now find options in the crafting tab where you can craft multiple stacks of common materials(stone, wood, iron) at once to save time. This way you don't get bonus XP from your skill though.




Four additional colors for your t-shirt and longsleeves(new!) designs were added, making for a total of 7.




4) New title


The new race car is required for a new title which gives +3 agility.

Players above (or on) lvl47 will now be able to do a timed quest on Loka's Checkers.



You have 1:30 minutes to get from checkpoint to checkpoint without getting hindered by monsters or players. If you bring your friends to aid you, don't forget that more weight means a more sluggish behaviour of the car!




5) The composer


With the composer we will have 21 professions and players already have the chance to practice until the real benefits and crafts will be added to the live server.


Depending on the skill the length of a title is now 200-400-600-800-1000 instead of 50-100-300-500-1000.



You can get the required music sheets from the inscription vendor. You can edit the composition via a comfortable editor!




6) The Black Arrow - PvE Mount Evo 2




We already have the PvP Mount Evo 2 and now XLGames added the PvE equivalent as well! You can get the approriate quest at the zoo on Mirage Island.



You don't need Lifescore-Points, like it's PvP equivalent "Rolling Thunder", but the 30 Silver Tear Coins-Mount on Lv50 and 500 gold - simple as that!


10.5m/s basic speed.



Fear immunity for a short duration

Stun/Kockdown immunity for a short duration

HP Regen Skill

Sprint(with lance; you need to build it)





The internal auction house structure changed and the implementation of different servers is now more flexible. The UI was updated and there are new handy functions.



The new server pools for the auction house:


Pool 1


타양,진,아란제비아 (Russians),올로 (Ollo),카페르나움,베나레사스,트레파세스,페란



Secret Quests changed (Grinding quests)


The killstreak quests now give you not only bonus XP, but also bonus honor, potions and even equipment!


05 SQ Rewards: 05 reinforcement potions

10 SQ Rewards: 07 reinforcement potions + Adventurer's Suite

15 SQ Rewards: 10 reinforcement potions + The White Fox (Battle pet!)

20 SQ Rewards: 15 reinforcement potions + Adventurer's Weapon Set (Epic Lvl20 weapons with sick stats[note by Fido])





Note: The cloak gives 20% bonus XP!


Changes in set boni of armor types



3% Attack Speed

Knockdown duration -20%



Max HP +5% (instead of 3%)

Knockdown duraiton -20%




Thanks to inven for letting ArcheAge-Online use the images =)

독일에서 재고, Inven, 감사합니다!






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#27941 Korean Retail PTR News

Posted by KeksX on 18 May 2013 - 01:02 AM

New pictures!



New mount:




Battleground Map:




Upcoming Raid (Nachashgar)








Mine on Northern Continent









Original Posting:






new small trailer for upcoming update:


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