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In Topic: (Guide) Payment: How to obtain Jewls and gametime outside Japan

22 October 2013 - 04:13 AM

i turned off requiring a capcha on this computer, all i do now is log in but if i tried to log in on another comp, i would get a capcha, they are easy if you click until you find a kana one ^^ just a little inconvienence if u know japanese, besides why would u play JP AA without studying the language :P



Hello, i just setup account and brought 30 day game time :) . thanks for this guide :) . i just wanted to ask how can i do this what you described ? turning off captcha on my computer so it dont ask me if i login without vpn on ? 


Thanks for your help mate.


Allso, i am dowloading the game at the momment but speed is not what it should be ? Quite slow actualy, i have the vpn turned off for the download. but i wanted to ask when i launch the game should i enable my vpn everytime when playing so i get a decent ping ingame ? 


Allso will it ask for a captcha everytime i login if i need to use a different vpn ? i ask because the vpn i am using sometimes some of the vpns go down so i need to change it sometimes.


|Thanks again for any help given :) . can any reccomend a server that has a few english guilds on so i can join you :)


Or pm me you server and name ingame so i can send a tell/pm :) .


Thanks again.